Can You Show up Fashionably Late For a Baby Shower?

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Sometimes in life it is difficult to keep to time. Things crop us that throw us off all of the time.

Some things can not be helped. If you are going to be late, it is common courtesy to inform the hostess or host in advance, so they know when to expect you. Most people will be understanding.

But failing to inform people of you are going to be late when they are expecting you can cause friction not only among yourself and the host, but other guests too. It is favorable to be on time as you have been invited as someone who that person deems important to share their celebrations with.

Never assume that it is OK to be late as it may not be. Especially if you know it is someone’s pet hate!

Do your best to be on time and set alarms for earlier than you need to give yourself the best chance of being on time if you struggle with time management.

If you are also responsible for a certain part of the baby shower, for example bringing food, drinks, or managing the games, being late may ruin the schedule of the day, so it is important to be aware of plans and other guests to avoid friction and everyone then has a day that runs smoothly. Being late can cause added stress to the host or hostess which they may not be grateful for. 

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How can I manage my time to avoid being late? 

Good ways to manage your time is to keep a diary of where and when you should be and check it regularly. You could also have a calendar at home on a wall they you can check each morning and each night to help you remember what you are supposed to be doing and when.

Another way is to set alarms on your phone to get ready earlier than you need so if you do start to run late, you have a chance. Prioritising your tasks in a day is key to managing your time to ensure you are on time for other things.

If people are relying on you, lateness can be really frustrating for the other person. 

What is a baby shower? 

A baby shower is a celebration held before a new baby is born. Typically around six or either weeks before the baby is born so the mother can enjoy it.

Guests are invited and bring gifts for the baby and mother to be. It is also typically held later when it is confirmed that the baby is well and all is well with the pregnancy.

Baby showers have taken place since the Ancient Greek and Roman times and have evolved exponentially. Parents invite close friends and family who they want to share the celebrations with.

They may also have a gift registry to give you ideas of what to buy for them, so they receive gifts they actually need and want. It is common to have food, drinks and games.

It is becoming more popular for dads to attend as well. Historically, the celebration was more female focused, but the celebration has now evolved to accept males as well.

Guests often divide the responsibilities of the baby shower among each other. If you have a role at the baby shower and you are late it may upset the parents or the hosts. 

What if I don’t want to go to the baby shower? 

If you have been invited to a baby shower, the host or hostess may really want you to attend. Being invited to a baby shower is a sign of how much that person values their relations with you, and wants you to be involved in their special celebrations.

But if you feel a baby shower isn’t your thing, you don’t have to go. But that doesn’t mean to say that you can’t turn up without any communication prior. It is good manners and respectful to let the host or hostess know you are not going to attend.

If you feel you wouldn’t enjoy being present at a baby shower, you could offer the host or hostess an alternative way to spend time with you, such as taking them out for a meal, or coming over another day.

It may be a good idea to try and go to the baby shower, even for a short while because you are important to the hosts and they would like to spend time with you and share their celebrations with you. 

What gifts shall I bring to the baby shower? 

Quite often the parent will have a gift registry open with a store which will specify gifts that they need or want. It’s always a good idea to ask the parents what they would like to receive.

If you know some of the guests who are attending, it may be wise to also ask them what they are bringing to the baby shower to avoid duplicate gifts given to the parents. If you are struggling to decide what to buy for the baby, you could always buy something for the parents instead.

Such as, an Amazon gift card, a store gift card, a meal out, or a spa day. It is nice for parents to receive gifts as well as the baby.

Here are some gift ideas for you if the parents don’t have a gift registry open.

  • Diapers – Whilst diapers are often a welcome gift, be careful with which sizes you buy. Often new born diapers don’t actually fit new born babies, especially if they are born larger. Babies also grow very quickly so a certain size diaper may not last for very long at all. If you are going to gift diapers, gift bigger sizes so the parents don’t end up with excess diapers of the wrong size. 
  • Baby grows – Similar to the diaper situation, babies can grow very quickly and the baby grow or baby clothes you have bought may not last long. It may be a better idea to buy an outfit for when they are slightly bigger. 
  • Baby clothes – As mentioned previously, bear in mind that babies grow quickly when buying clothes or outfits. 
  • Pacifiers – Check with other guests to see if they know If the parents are happy to have pacifiers. Not all parents like pacifiers.
  • Baby teething toys
  • Baby bath equipment – This gift could consist of baby bubble bath, a baby bath, towels, and bath toys. 
  • Pack and play – There are many different pack and plays on the market ranging from different prices. They also have ones that are suitable for different ages. Pack and plays can also double up as an area for the baby to sleep in so they are very useful for parents. 
  • Baby formula 
  • Sterliser
  • Milk bottles
  • Baby cutlery 
  • Books – There are lots of great baby books available. Some of the include sounds or textured pages for the baby to touch and feel. You could get activity books, educational books or story books. 
  • Play mat
  • Baby mobiles
  • Crib 
  • Baby blankets 
  • Muslins 
  • Baby lotions – Whenever buying any creams or lotions, always check the packaging to make sure it is safe for babies to use. Babies skin is very sensitive. 
  • Baby food – If you are going to buy baby food, make sure it has a good sell by date on the packaging as babies will be drinking milk for months to come. 
  • Changing mat 
  • Baby bag
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Do I have to bring a gift to a baby shower? 

There is no law that you have to bring a gift to the baby shower. People can feel very pressured to buy gifts or buy expensive gifts, but you don’t need to.

There are lots of baby items you can get very cheaply. You could even buy some second hand clothes providing they are in good condition.

If you are on a budget, people will understand why you haven’t brought a gift with you. If you just simply don’t want to buy a gift, you don’t have to.

Most people will be happy that you have attended and to spend time with you. 

How long do baby showers go on for? 

The length of a baby shower varies on the host. Some people will prefer to have baby showers that last a couple of hours, and some will prefer them to last all afternoon or all evening.

It also depends on the scale of the baby shower too. If it is a relaxed baby shower that is just more of a gathering, the length of time you spend at the baby shower may be shorter than if a hall has been hired out for example.

It also depends if games are being played, how many games are being played, and the length of time games are being played for. Also if food and drink are present it may go on for longer.

If you don’t want to stay for the full duration, you don’t have to. But make sure you let the host and the other guests know you are leaving.

If you already know you are unable to stay for the full length of the baby shower because of other engagements, or the host know before the baby shower so they know when to expect you and for how long. 

Do I have to dress up for a baby shower? 

You don’t need to dress smartly for a baby shower. You can just wear casual clothes.

However, you may need to dress up if they baby shower has a theme to it. Baby showers will quite often have a theme to them as it helps to plan the day slightly easier and choose activities.

The invitation may stipulate that you come wearing a certain color, a certain item, or in fancy dress. If you aren’t comfortable with fancy dress, let the host know that you will be attending, but not in fancy dress.

Dressing up as a character isn’t for everyone. Sometimes parents will ask you to wear blue if the baby is a boy, or pink if it is a girl as part of the celebrations.

If the parents do not know the sex of the baby yet then they may not include this within the theme. 

Is it rude to simply not turn up to a baby shower? 

If you have let the host know when you have had your invitation to the baby shower that you will not be attending, that is not rude. The host will be grateful for your RSVP so they know exactly how many to plan for.

However, if you simply do not turn up to the baby shower, without informing the host then this is classed as rude. It is common courtesy to inform the host of you will be attending the baby shower or not.

If you originally planned to attend the celebrations but then are not able to go for whatever reason, ensure to let the host know you now won’t be coming to avoid any unnecessary friction between yourself, the host, and the other guests.

The host may also find it upsetting that you haven’t informed them of your intentions not to attend the baby shower.