Are You Supposed To Pay For Your Baby Shower?

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Being a new mother or parent is stressful, whether you are carrying your baby to term yourself, using a surrogate, or adopting a child. That is because the stress of having a baby is not solely physical, but economical: parents face a lot of upfront costs and expenses when having a child.

Likewise, paying for a baby shower can be expensive too. Can parents ask friends and family for financial help?

Are guests expected to donate to help with costs? Do organizers have to pay?

In general, the new parents-to-be are expected to foot the costs of paying for it, but there is no one way to host a baby shower. Some parents may ask for donations, some may pay themselves, and others may have their families pay for it and “surprise” them with the event.

It is about the new parents and their new child, whether they are on the way or they have already arrived.

It varies from person to person; if you are attending a baby shower, ask whoever is in charge about donations. You might be able to find a phone number on your invitation card (be careful not to ruin the surprise if the parents do not know).

If you are hosting your baby shower, it can be a good idea to budget and see if the shower is affordable. If it seems too expensive for you to host a party for yourself, you should consider asking for donations, or asking friends to see what they think of the idea.

Your family may be able to pitch in too.

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Who pays for a baby shower?

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Generally, it is customary for the new parents to pay for the baby shower, or their families if they are the planners. The family of the new parent or parents may plan the baby shower so that it can be a surprise, without inconveniencing the potentially stressed-out parents-to-be: they may pay as well.

This is because baby showers are supposed to be about the new parents and their new baby.

This ranges from the theming of the baby shower, which should be about creating an exciting and relaxing day for the parent or parents, to the timing of it. Nobody wants to attend even fun events at a stressful time.

When planned by the family, the baby shower may also be hosted at home or the home of a relative, which means tired moms, dads, and parents, in general, can be in a friendly environment to relax and have fun.

How can I host a baby shower for cheap?

One thing to keep in mind is that baby showers can be expensive. You might have to set a budget and ask for help from friends and family to ensure everything goes smoothly.

If you are planning to pay for the baby shower yourself, you will need to allow an appropriate amount of time to save up the capital required. The best way to decide whether or not to pay for a shower is to consider how much you can afford to spend.

If you are paying for the baby shower yourself, you will want to consider the expense of having the shower. Of course, that money can be used for your general expenses toward having a child.

If you do not have a lot of spare room in your finances, you may be better off saving your money for the baby’s other needs. This does not mean you cannot ask for gifts for your baby from friends and family: asking for second-hand goods is particularly thrifty.

A lower budget is no reason to have a lesser event. If you are having trouble affording decorations, you can work with friends and family to create look-alike products at home similar to those on Pinterest, from wall hangings to snacks and cakes to eat on the day.

It is a fun bonding activity to do with family and friends, and it will help the event come together.

If you do decide to pay for the baby shower, bearing in mind budget as you go is a good idea. Many people in the United States request to friends and family that the shower to be potluck style, with everybody bringing their own home-cooked dish.

You can request a theme to these as well, so the aesthetic of the baby shower can be maintained as well.

Some people host baby showers at venues at cost, but it is not unusual at all for it to be hosted in the parents’ home or the home of a friend or family member. This will be easier financially, and it can be less stressful too.

Although many gifts are oriented towards the parents-to-be, some gifts will help fill a need for the baby, such as cribs, car seats, bottles, and more. Asking friends and family for gifts that you need such as these is economical and useful too.

Being discerning with the guest list will also help cut costs. Every extra attendee needs to be fed, and lots of baby showers are more personal affairs: consider trimming your guest list to save money on the event.

Local charity organizations may offer donations if you do not have any friends or family to help with these costs, so look up organizations near you that offer financial assistance. Some religious organizations can provide these services as well.

Can I ask for donations for my baby shower?

In the case where you cannot afford to pay for the baby shower, you could ask friends and family to pay for it, or pitch in money towards food and drink. This can be done sensitively, with a suggestion for donations and an amount in dollars on the letters to RSVP. 

It could be a good idea to ask for donations towards the shower with smaller gifts from friends and family. However, if the family feels that it would be difficult for the parents to pay for the baby shower, they can choose to pay for the event outright.

The parents may also help with planning, provided they are able to do so.

If you are the parent hosting the event, and you do not have a lot of friends or family to help you with financial help for your baby shower, check in with local religious organizations and charities.  That you can ask for financial help for your baby shower, check with your local religious organizations.

Some people may feel self-conscious asking for donations towards an event like a baby shower. In these cases, a good idea can be to tell the guests that they should not buy gifts first-hand but instead donate any items they already have, like old unused cribs, clothes, and baby changing facilities.

Many of these items are perfectly good, as they are used for a short period of time in a child’s life, but may not be used again by many parents. Guests may be happy to part with them, and they also reduce the financial impact on your attendees, meaning that the request for donations to fund the baby shower may feel more reasonable.

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How expensive should a baby shower be?

Baby showers can come before or after the baby is born; in the United States, childbirth itself can be expensive. But even in the run-up to a child, parents will face several additional costs.

This ranges from a crib, childproofing, strollers, car seats, and baby-changing equipment, to everyday costs like diapers, clothes, toys, and baby food. Whether the baby is being carried by the parent or not, baby showers are not a small expense on top of everything else.

Baby showers can be a costly event for new parents, so it can be worth considering whether to ask for donations towards the event beforehand.

Baby showers can be potentially expensive depending on the size of the venue and the guest list. The average cost of a baby shower in the United States is about $200, but it can range to $500 or more.

Some people spend thousands of dollars on their baby showers, with baby shower planners helping to coordinate many aspects of this. Because potential parents often plan their baby showers at least in part, they often foot the costs of paying for it.

But as mentioned earlier, it is acceptable in the United States to ask for donations towards the shower if necessary. Guest lists are a crucial component of an expensive budget: the less people you invite, the cheaper the event, so consider if everybody on your list is somebody you want there.

If your budget is tight, try to keep expenditures in total to under $5 per person. A good way to keep this low is by following a theme – this ensures the event is entertaining without draining your pocket.

Should I pay for my friend’s baby shower?

For the guests, as per baby shower traditions in the United States, they are not expected to pay for the shower. Family members may still want to show their support for the new family by contributing to costs.

Another reason for friends and family to pay for and host the baby shower is to allow the new parents to enjoy the experience without the expense.

When new parents are involved in the planning of the shower, that does not mean family and friends may not contribute to the costs. Particularly in smaller communities, it is often common for them to pitch in and help regardless. 

Likewise, if attendees insist on paying for the shower, it is considered gracious to let them. But make sure that if you are going to be paying for the baby shower, you will not foot the bill for the gifts.

It is also customary for the baby shower to be a gift for the new parents rather than a gift for the baby, which may surprise those who do not know the custom of baby showers.

If the guests or family are planning the baby shower, they are going to be the ones to buy presents and pay for the invitations, decorations, and food.

However, if the family feels that it would be a hardship for the parents to pay for the baby shower, they can choose to pay for the event. Under these circumstances, the parents may choose to make a separate baby shower present and help with planning, provided they are in a position to do so.

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Do families pay for a baby shower?

Often, a family may pay for a baby shower. This is because the day is oriented toward the new parents-to-be, and so planning may be left in the hands of the family who will often foot the bill.

If you are having a baby yourself or attending a baby shower, it can be confusing whether this event is supposed to be a surprise paid for by friends, family, or both, or something planned and paid for by the parents-to-be and attended by everyone.

It can be impolite to ask outright, so the topic can be difficult to navigate. The reality is that it varies depending on the culture and the family.

Paying for a baby shower is not just expensive, but mentally and physically demanding. The organization of the baby shower months in advance requires booking, reservations, and time that many aspiring parents just do not have in the run-up to their new baby.

In these cases, sometimes the family takes over to organize a party. Generally, parents are expected to foot the costs of paying for it, but in these cases where a family is organizing, the family would instead.

Although it can be expensive and stressful, a baby shower is an exciting and great way to celebrate the arrival of a baby and their parents’ journey into parenthood. With just a little planning, budgeting, and DIY, even a pretty and detailed baby shower can be affordable.

No matter what you decide to do, remember that the most important component of a baby shower is supporting the parents-to-be, and everybody having a good time.