A Review Of The 20 Best Organic Clothing Brands For Babies

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As parents become more eco-conscious, buying organic clothes that are kind to both babies and our planet is more important than ever. While buying organic baby clothes was once a luxury there is now an abundance of brands providing eco-friendly clothing for varying budgets. 

Organic clothing is toxin-free, kinder to the skin, and, generally, has less environmental impact than mass-produced children’s wear. Investing in good quality organic baby clothing means that you need to buy less often and, as the materials are very durable, you can pass them on to others or keep them for your next baby.

We take a look at the best organic baby clothing brands on the market, looking at the main benefits of buying sustainable clothes for your baby. 

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1. Pact

Pact is a popular organic clothing brand that uses no toxins or synthetic dyes. It is important to look at the website information on some sites that claim to be organic as some only carry partially organic products.

With Pact you can ensure that you are buying 100% organic. As well as selling organic clothing, this company uses sustainable materials and follows fair-trade practices (their manufacturing process saves over 12 gallons of water for each item of clothing) so that you know your money is being ethically spent.

Parents love high-quality materials that are durable and cost-effective. They have a particularly popular range of onesies which are great gifts to give to new parents. 

2. Mini Rodini

Set up by Cassandra Rhodin with the aim to create fun children’s clothes that are sustainable, this fun Swedish brand is popular around the world. The brand uses organic cotton and other sustainable materials in over 99% of its products.

We love the vibrant patterns and colorful nature of Mini Rodini products, such as slogan sweatshirts, comfy sweatpants, and everyday tees that enable movement while playing. This brand is more expensive than some organic brands but is worth the investment due to the durability of their products. 

3. Burt’s Bees Baby

Burt’s Bees prides itself on selling affordable organic clothing and sustainable apparel for babies and children. The brand is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) which ensures that the clothes you are buying for your baby are sustainable.

There are lots of items that can be mixed and matched which saves on both money and clothing waste. Feedback from some parents says that the clothing can come in small so you may need to size up.

It is best to read the reviews on individual products. 

4. Hanna Andersson

This premium children’s brand carries organic and fair trade items such as cute pajamas and brightly colored hoodies that are made to last. While the cost of these clothes is more than average you can be assured that your baby is wearing comfortable and relaxed clothing that is kind to the skin.

You can also buy matching adult garments for a fun element!

5. Mori

Mori has a beautiful stock of organic clothing and sleeping bags for children and babies. The clothes they make are produced from 70% natural bamboo and 30% organic cotton that gives a super soft feel which is just what you want for your baby.

You can pick up value for money bundles that consist of all your baby essentials and look very stylish.

6. Monica and Andy

Founded by a mom for parents who want the best materials for their baby’s skin. when, while still in the delivery room, a mother wanted nothing more than to know that what touched her newborn daughter’s skin would be the most trustworthy fabric available.

Another brand that has a GOTS certificate and produces limited-run prints for a unique outfit for your baby. The clothes last very well and colors do not fade even when washed regularly.

7. Milkbarn Kids

A premium organic children’s wear brand that sells clothes and accessories, such as blankets and bedding Milkbarn Kids is a firm favorite when it comes to sustainable clothing. This brand has lots of different styles of clothing and is big in patterns, which always look great on kids.

To add a personal touch, Milkbarn’s creator uses her daughter’s sketches for many of the fabrics the clothes are made out of. 

8. L’oved Baby

L’oved Baby was founded by mom Sharon Oved who wanted to create her own breastfeeding covers and then went on to create accessories and baby clothes. The highlight of their clothing range is the matching mom and child pajamas that look cute and are of great quality.

You can also stock up on a value for money basic range to get your baby’s wardrobe started. 

9. H&M

While H&M is not solely organic you can find a few bargain baby and child items. They so a Conscious range which consists of organic and sustainable materials that are good quality for a low price.

The brand has committed to making more sustainable clothes so you should be able to shop here more and more for clothes that are kind to your little ones. 

10. Finn and Emma

This brand is 100% certified organic cotton that carries trendy and colorful apparel made with eco-friendly dye. If you love quirky prints you will love Finn and Emma.

These clothes wash really well which is music to any parent’s ears and, while on the expensive style, they are very durable. A brand to use when you want something a little more special than the everyday basics. 

11. Honest Baby Clothing 

Honest Baby sells reusable diapers with fun and colorful patterns and is very popular among eco-conscious parents. They have since moved into the baby clothing market and have made a colorful bang.

We particularly like the rainbow vests—you can buy a pack so you have a different color every day! Impressive quality clothes for a great price. 

12. Estella

You can visit the store in New York or buy online. As well as beautiful organic clothes for babies and children you can buy wooden toys that are eco-friendly.

We love the great range of feminist clothing for babies, for parents and babies who want to send out a positive message! Less affordable than some organic clothing brands but lots of one-off items for special occasions or to mix and match with more affordable basics. 

13. SoftBaby

If you are looking for adorable rompers with super cute prints, such as foxes, unicorns, and pugs, then SoftBaby is the brand for you. The quality of the fabric does exactly what it says on the tine with a super soft 100% organic cotton. 

14. Under the Nile

A well-established organic clothing brand that has been around for a while. They were actually the first brand to get GOTS status and leas the way in sustainable textiles for babies.

Their range of Under Egyptian cotton produced on a biodynamic farm gives parents another option when it comes to buying blankets, swaddles, bedding, and clothing that is good for babies’ skin. 

15. Touched by Nature

Touched by Nature is a popular organic baby clothing line that can be found in a lot of online retailers, including Amazon, as well as their own website. They do a particularly good selection of organic clothes for premature babies and we like how well the material works with the toughest of stains

16. Boden

Boden is a brand for all of the family and, while all products are not organic, they have a large selection of sustainable products. Boden actively works to reduce modern slavery by sourcing their textiles ethically meaning that the extra cash you pay for their clothes is worthwhile.

17. Oeuf

Another popular NYC-based brand Oeuf that sells everything from modern furniture to organic toys and baby clothes. From cool sweaters and hoodies to luxury wool jumpers and cozy cotton rompers, Oeuf has everything you need.

A great place to find a unique high-end gift. 

18. Baby Soy

Baby Soy products are manufactured Azlon—a fiber made up of a soybean-based protein. Azlon is naturally soft and Baby Soy keeps it this way by using toxin-free dyes and eco-friendly coloring.

Other items from Baby Soy are made from organic cotton and bamboo. As well as feeling nice on your baby’s skin you can rest assured that you are contributing to ethical farming.

We like how this brand has really thought about the practicalities of dressing babies, with particularly good use of zips and poppers for diaper changes

19. Cat and Dogma

Cat and Dogma have a mission to reduce their carbon footprint and produce sustainable clothing. Their clothes have GOTS verification and are chemical-free as well as using over 98% less water than most clothing manufacturers—pretty impressive.

A brand to impress eco-lovers if you are gifting a baby item.

20. Colored Organics

A favorite ethical brand that prides itself on paying fair wages to staff and producers. They go out of their way to source ethical textiles that make up their range of baby and toddler organic clothing.

Every item in the collection is hypoallergenic meaning that it is a popular brand for children with sensitivities or allergies