How Big Is An Average Baby Shower?

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A baby shower when you first think of it might seem like the easiest thing to plan. However, it actually takes a lot of time and energy.

It can also be the most exciting time in your pregnancy, and it’s a great opportunity to celebrate the mom-to-be and the new bundle of joy. 

It can be quite difficult to know how many people you should be inviting to your baby shower. You begin planning and you might find that your current guest list is too big, or too small.

If you have too many people, then it will become overwhelming, and too little might mean that you don’t see the point in throwing a baby shower at all. 

The average number of people to invite to a baby shower is usually between 25 and 30. However, it depends on the style and type of baby shower you want so anything from 5 to 50 people is okay. 

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How many people should be invited to a baby shower? 

25-30 people are the average number of people that attend a baby shower. This number isn’t too overwhelming and has a sense of celebration.

Realistically, the number of guests that you invite should all depend on the size of the venue you’re going to be using, as well as what you feel most comfortable with. 

Your guest list should reflect the personal event that a baby shower is. There are many things to consider, such as the mom-to-be, the size of the venue, mom-to-be’s needs and wants and of course, the guests. 

The more guests you have doesn’t mean that you’re going to have a better party because of it. It’s better for you to fit your guests into which venue you’ve chosen, otherwise, it will become overcrowded and cause stress. 

You will be able to invite as many guests as you want if you’re throwing your own baby shower. However, if the baby shower is more of a surprise, hosted by a friend or family member, then it makes it slightly harder to know how many guests you’re going to have until you show up on the day. 

If you’ve been to a baby shower that has a lot of guests, there is no need to feel pressured by expectation. It is entirely up to you and what you are able to handle. 

Factors that influence the size of a baby shower 

There are a few factors that will be considered when you’re planning your baby shower and the average size it will turn out to be. 

The circle of friends and family 

This goes without saying. If you have a bigger family or circle of friends, then the size of your baby shower is going to be bigger. Whereas, if your circle and family is smaller, so will your baby shower. 

With a bigger family, it can be more difficult to limit the numbers. However, you should never feel guilty for inviting or not inviting certain people over others if you really want to keep within a limit. 

The host of the baby shower 

If someone you trust is hosting your baby shower, then it’s in their hands with the size of it. Even though they might have a budget that they have to stick to, this might keep them in line a bit more rather than going overboard with the invites, it can still be tough. 

It will depend on that budget as to how many guests and invited and attend. 

The venue of the shower 

baby shower in the garden

Whether you’re hosting your baby shower within your home or at a venue, there will most likely be a limit on the number of guests you could have and fit comfortably. 

Within a house, depending on the size of it, you could comfortably fit an average of 30 guests. If you’re using your garden for the shower as well, this number could increase.

However, if you’re throwing the baby shower in a venue, then it’s best to find out as soon as you book how many guests you’re able to have. 

Most venues will give you a number of guests they’re able to accommodate. There are places that charge by head too, so if you have a higher budget, you could invite as many people as your heart desires.

Who to invite to a baby shower 

It’s important to think carefully about the people you’d like to invite before you delve deeper into the planning process for the baby shower. This will also give you a rough idea of the size of the baby shower that you’ll need. 

Your guest list should be the priority at the very beginning and not the last minute. Having a smaller guest list means that you’re going to easily see who is invited.

The mom of the mom-to-be is obviously considered a must. She’ll definitely want to be there but if there is anything to be done urgently, she can be of assistance. 

Other obvious invites are other family members such as siblings and grandparents. If you’re hoping for a larger baby shower then you can go further into the family tree and invite cousins, aunts and other relatives. 

pastel coloured balloons

Once you’ve thought of the family members you’re inviting, it’s time to think of the friends you’d like to be there. Close friends are a must, as the mom-to-be will definitely want this memory shared with them.

The friends that are invited should give support during the celebration and be excited for the new baby. 

Many mom-in-law relationships are tricky. Although, you might get on amazingly with your mom-in-law.

If this is the case, then add them to the list too. However, if you have a strained relationship with the mom-in-law, then you might want to discuss this with your partner.

You might even want to get some mediation before the shower, and especially before the new baby is born. This would relieve the stress from both of you.

If things don’t work out though, you shouldn’t feel obliged to invite her. 

As your mom is most likely invited, she may try to twist your arm into letting her invite some of her friends. A lot of mom’s friends may have known you since you were little, so having them there might give everyone a bit more sentiment.

It is completely okay if you’re happy with this and it fits within your budget. However, if you’re unable to, you can politely decline.

Remember that the day is for you and your baby, so you should be surrounded by those that are closest to you.

A lot of us spend more time at work than we do anywhere else, so you’re bound to create some close work relationships. This doesn’t mean that you need to invite every person within your office.

Just carefully select the ones that you think would enjoy it more and be willing to celebrate your baby. 

How long should a baby shower last? 

Again, this is entirely up to you and how much you’re able to handle. However, the most common length of time for a baby shower is 2-3 hours.

This is usually enough time to interact and spend time with everyone, play games and eat food if that’s the plan. 

Who is in charge of the baby shower guest list? 

Regardless of who is hosting the baby shower, unless it is a surprise, the mom-to-be should have the final say on who and who isn’t invited. 

However, if the baby shower is a surprise, then the person who is hosting will have to work very closely with someone that knows the mom-to-be very well to ensure that those that are invited are ones that would be positive. Otherwise, there could be some unpleasant experiences on the day. 

Whoever hosts is the person who is responsible for the expenses, so because of this, it is ultimately their decision how long the guest list is. 

What if the guest list exceeds the expectation 

multiple cakes laid out on the table

When your guest list exceeds what you’re expecting, or what the venue allows, it can become very stressful.

This isn’t something easy to handle, and unless you can extend your budget or even speak to the venue (if they have a guest limit) then you have no other option but to sit down and spend some time on removing some people from the list. 

It can be worrying, as it’s hard to say how people will react, but you might come across some who might be thankful they are no longer invited as they won’t have to buy a present. You could also choose to have separate baby showers for those who weren’t able to be invited.

This isn’t uncommon and can actually, in some ways, be a good thing for certain people. 

You might like to have one for family, one for friends, one for co-workers and then another for the dad-to-be’s family. It all depends on your budget with how far you can truly go with baby showers


A baby shower is one of the most wonderful times during pregnancy. It brings people together to celebrate and appreciate the mom-to-be and their new bundle of joy. 

It’s special to have the nearest and dearest around you to share some magical moments of the day. It’s important for you to tackle the guest list very early on when planning a baby shower to prevent disappointment and unnecessary stress.