Can a baby shower be held at 37 weeks?

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You’re in the third trimester of your pregnancy. When it comes to the baby shower, you thought you would wait until you hit the 37-week mark. 

Yet, when you tell some of your friends when the baby shower is, you get a few looks of surprise. Now you wonder, is 37 weeks too late to have your baby shower?

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It’s all a matter of opinion

baby shower in their backyard

People always have opinions. When it comes to the timing of baby showers, some people say you should have it earlier than 37 weeks. Yet, others will tell you there is no problem with having a shower so close to the due date. 

Typically, the preference for a baby shower is between weeks 32 to 35, but this isn’t a strict rule. It just covers your bases in case your baby decides to be born early.

What to think about

Let’s look at the reasons why many recommend having the baby shower earlier in the third trimester. 

Congratulations, it’s a…

By this stage of the pregnancy, you definitely will know if you’re going to have a boy or girl. That’s unless you want to wait until the birth and surprise yourself.

Knowing what gender the child is can allow you to customize the baby shower registry. Now your friends and family will know if they should buy blue blankets or pink ones.

Or something more gender-neutral if you don’t know the sex of the child.

What do you need to buy?

The shower’s over and you go through the gifts that you received. Then you get a sinking feeling, there are a lot of things that you still need to purchase.

Talk about stress! The baby is due any day now and you are nowhere near ready.

That’s the possibility of leaving your baby shower until the 37th week: Having to go shopping for those necessities for your baby. 

If you go into labor before you finish buying what you need…uh-oh. Sure your significant other can help, but he’s busy looking after you.

Also, you might not have the energy to run around from shop to shop at that stage of your pregnancy. 

So much work still to do

After the baby shower, you may have a lot of clothes, blankets, and other items that need washing and sorting. On top of that, the baby room may still need its final touches. 

That’s some work that you have to do. Having your shower towards the end of the third trimester can equate to you not having time. Again, you start to stress (which isn’t good for the baby or you).

Depending on your pregnancy, you may feel that even doing small things is a mission. How much more when you have a load or more of laundry to do, the baby room to complete, and your hospital bag to pack.

Oh…and then there are the thank-you cards that need to be written.

You aren’t the life of the party

By the 37th week, you may be as big as a house. You could be feeling drained and uncomfortable. 

Your family and friends have come to celebrate the big event, but you just sit. People are understanding and empathize.

They bring the gifts to you and you unwrap them from where you are sitting. But perhaps you don’t like being fussed over.

That makes for a less than enjoyable shower for you. 

The baby is coming

baby girl shower decor

Statistically, you have a good chance of your baby staying put inside you at 37 weeks

According to, just over 57% of babies are born between the 39th and 49th week. At 37 weeks, 26% of babies decide it’s time to come out. 

That doesn’t mean that its not possible for a baby to decide to be born before week 37. If that’s the case (which is true in 7% of births), then you run the risk of having your child attend its own baby shower. There’s nothing wrong with that. 

Another possibility is that you go into labor during the shower. That’s a show-stopper right there. But not a terrible one!

You miss the shower

When it comes to baby showers, they are organized by a family member or friend. That takes a weight of responsibility off your shoulders. 

However, if you go into labor before the shower, you will miss it. 

That doesn’t mean that the shower needs to be canceled. The show can still go on without you. But, when you get home you need to go through all the presents. 

Then we get back to the situation of what you still have to buy. That may be something you would like to avoid when you come home with your newborn. 

You decide

pregnant mum holding a gift

As we mentioned, having a baby shower at the 37-week mark is a personal choice. 

Some advise against waiting so late. That’s because you are so close to the due date that you run the risk of having the baby before the shower. 

Others have had their showers at this stage of their pregnancy and will tell you it’s fine. 

You will just feel uncomfortable at this point. That’s a part of being pregnant. 

If you are super-organized, maybe you have bought the essentials already. Then you can use the baby shower as a top-up list for the smaller things you need. 

However, there is some preparation work left to do before your big day (sorting the gifts and the washing). You’re not on your own though. You’re significant other can get stuck in and help. 

At what point in your pregnancy you have your shower is up to you. If you are having a multiple birth (twins, triplets, etc,) then there is a chance that they are born earlier.

Usually, multiples come toward the end of the second trimester or early in the third trimester.

One final thing

Baby showers are a time of celebration and excitement. Especially if it’s a firstborn. 

They can be exhausting. Make yourself as comfortable as possible. If you’re an introvert, you may find it hard to be the center of attention.

Relax and sense the excitement in the room. Be thankful for the amazing family and friends that are around you. 

Have fun and enjoy yourself!