100 Beautiful Girls Names

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You have just welcomed your wee daughter into the world and she looks so small, so delicate, so…beautiful.

If you are still unsure as to what to name your little girl, we have compiled a list of gorgeous names that will surely match the beauty of your new bundle of joy.


Alexandria – Feminine form of Alexander and means “defender and aid of humanity”

Amber – “fierce”

Angelina – stems from the Greek angelos from which we get “angel” a “messenger”

April – from the Latin for “opening”

Aria – an Italian word meaning “song” or “melody”

Athena – this name means “praise” In Greek mythology she was the goddess of “war and wisdom” and Zeus’s favourite daughter

Aurora – the Latin for “dawn” Autumn – though one of the four seasons, the name means “the season of harvest”. Gathering before the winter comes

Avery – if you’re into fantasy and fairies, then you’ll love this name. It means “ruler of the elves”


Bailey – an Old English name meaning “bailiff” or “city fortification”

Belinda – there is uncertainty around the origination of this name which means “beautiful”

Belle – another name that means “beautiful”

Bridgette – “power, strength, virtue”. It can also be taken as “exalted one”

Blossom – just imagine your young girl blooming into a beautiful lady

Bonnie – a name full of positive vibes as it stands for “pretty, attractive, cheerful”


Callista – “most beautiful”

Carmel – from Hebrew, this gorgeous name means “Vineyard of God”

Celine – “heavenly”. This name has its origins in Latin and French

Chanel – “pipe”

Charlotte – the feminine form of “John”, this name means “tiny and feminine”

Clover – “meadow flower”

Colette – A name coming from the French and means “people of victory”

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Dahlia – a name inspired by the botanist Anders Dahl.

Daisy – “days eye”

Danielle – the feminine version if Daniel, “God is my judge”

Dakota – “freind” or “friendly”

Deborah – “bee”. A name that originates in the Hebrew word for this honey-producing insect.

Dawn – “light, daybreak”


Eden – “place of pleasure”. A name inspired by the garden where Adam and Eve hung out

Elise – A shortened form of Elizabeth, this name means “My God is an oath”

Ella – In Old English this name connotes “beautiful fairy woman”

Erica – the feminine of Eric, “eternal ruler”

Eva – an alternative of Eve, “life” or “living one”.

Evelyn – “wished for child”


Faith – an awesome female name that means “trust”

Felicity – “happiness”. It comes from the Latin felicitas “luck, good fortune”

Fern – “someone who lives among the ferns”

Fiona – “white,fair”

Flora – “flower”. Flora is the Roman goddess of flowers and the spring season”

Florence – “blossoming, flourishing”

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Gabrielle – the female version of Gabriel “God is my strength”

Gardenia – another name that means “flower”

Genevieve – “woman of the race”

Georgia – “farmer, soil tiller”

Giselle – A French name with the meaning of “pledge”

Grace – “charm, goodness, generosity”


Haley – a compound name that stands for “clearing or meadow”

Harper – “harp player”

Hazel – a name referencing the hazelnut tree

Helen – inspired by the Greek word for “light”

Holly – another botanically related name which refers to the Holly tree.


Ingrid – “loved, beautiful”.

Isabella – “God is my oath”

Isla – Spanish for “island”

Ivory – “white, pure”. A girl who is spotless in looks and character.

Ivy – “vine”

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Jade – a name that has its origins in the stone

Jasmine – taken from the Persian yasmin, the name means “gift from god”

Jessica – “God beholds”

Juliette – “youth”

June – “young”


Katherine – “pure”

Kaylee – “princess”

Kelly – a string name that means “warrior”

Kiera – “dark, dark-haired”

Kristen – “follower of Christ”


Layla – Arabic for “night”

Lillian – A name that simply means “lily”

Lola – derived from one of the titles for the Virgin Mary, this name can mean “sorrows”

Lotus – a flower that represents purity and grace

Luna – “moon”. A gorgeous name for those astronomers out there

Lydia – “beautiful one”


Madison – there are several meanings to this name, “gift of God” and “Daughter of a mighty warrior” are a couple of powerful connotations

Marilyn – “star of the sea” or “exalted one”

Marnie – “sparkling, shining, from the Sea”. It’s a name that originates from Hebrew

May – A name that has its origins in Greek, where the Maia (May) is the goddess of spring

Mia – from the Latin for “mine”

Millie – “gentle strength, strong work”. It infers a girl who is fastidious


Natalie – A Russian inspired name that is taken to mean “birthday” or “Christmas”


Nina – “pure, holy, miracle”

Nora – “honor, light

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Oakley – “clearing of oaks”

Odette – if you wish you girl to be prosperous, this is an ideal name which means “wealth”

Olivia – from the Latin for “olive tree”

Opal – a Sanskrit word that means “jewel”

Ophelia – “aid, benefit”


Paris – the name of the Trojan prince, the name has taken on a more feminine feel since the times of ancient Greece

Pearl – name that is taken from the shiny bead found in oysters

Penelope – “weaver”

Phoebe – “bright, shining”

Poppy – “milk of happiness”. Who wouldn’t want a glass of that?


Quinn – “intelligent, wise, counsel”. A girl who is worth seeking out


Rayne – an alternative form of Regina, “lady”

Rebecca – “to firmly fix or tie”

Rose – a name that takes after the flower.

Ruby – a name referencing the stone

Ruth – “friend”

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Saffron – the same as the yellow flower that adds that little bit if something to your cooking

Savannah – “large, grassy plain”. So much freedom infered by this name

Scarlett – “bright red”

Sophie – “wisdom”

Sydney – “wide island”


Thea – A name derived from Sanskrit and means “gift of god”

Tinsley – a compound name that means “Tyne’s meadow”

Tracey – “late summer”


Uchenna – “God’s wish”. It is of African origin

Udele – “wealthy”

Ulani – A name that comes from Hawaii. It means “cheerful”

Uma – the name of a Hindu goddess, the name means “tranquility”


Valentina – “healthy, strong”

Valerie – “strong, brave”

Venus – this name simply means “love”

Victoria – stemming from Latin, this name is interpreted as “victory”

Violet – “purple”

Vivien – “alive”


Waverley – “meadow of shaking aspens”

Willow – a name that is taken from the willow tree.

Wren – “small bird”

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Xana – “mythical fairy”. Such a magical name

Xenia – “foreigner, welcomed guest”. The name implies someone who is an outsider yet accepted by all.


Yarina – “peaceful”

Yei – a beautiful Japanese name which means “flourishing”

Yvette – “archer”


Zahlee – this unique name hails from Australia and means “princess”

Zahra – “beautiful, shining”. An exotic sounding Arabic name.

Zoey – from the Greek zoe “life”

So there you have just over 100 girls names to choose from. Which ones made your short list?

Leave us a comment about which names you selected. We always love to hear.