Beautiful Middle Names for Autumn

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One of the most exciting tasks of expecting parents is choosing a name for their baby. Some parents really take this task seriously because they want their baby’s name to be as unique and special as possible.

One of prettiest names that recently became popular is Autumn. The name Autumn usually comes with a second or middle name – Autumn Beth, Autumn Grace, Autumn Bree, Autumn Kate, and Jennifer Love Hewitt’s daughter’s name, Autumn James, to name a few.

And hey, it also works with boys – Autumn Rowan, Autumn Griffin, Autumn Asher, Autumn Bryn, and Autumn Russell. Sounds great, right?

What is Autumn? Why It Is A Good Name

One of the most popular baby name recently is Autumn which, is the only season name that actually belongs in the Top 100 for the past years.

Autumn, also known as Fall, is one of the four seasons, it is right after Summer and just before Winter. This season usually falls around September to December in the Northern Hemisphere and around March to June in the Southern Hemisphere.

It is known as the most colorful season because it is marked by the shedding of trees which covers the ground with different leaves of different colors. This may be one of the reasons why it has recently been a popular baby name – because it signifies a life full of color and brightness!

When thinking of names for our babies, we would want it to be classy and timeless – something that would be cute during their younger years and the same time, professional and age-appropriate in their adult years.

Some parents spend a lot of time going over articles looking for baby names. Worry no more! Here we have compiled a list of the perfect middle name for Autumn, along with their meanings and origins:

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Aaron – means enlightened in Hebrew.

Abigail – Hebrew origin which means father’s joy.

Adam – means “red earth”.

Aiden – means sun god in Celtic.

Aila – Finnish variation of Helga which means from the strong place.

Alaric – means the powerful ruler.

Alexander – male version of Alexandra; defender of mankind.

Alexandra – Greek origin which means defender of mankind.

Alice – noble and kind.

Alfred – means wise counselor.

Allesia – Italian origin which means warrior.

Althea – one with healing powers.

Amara – Latin origin which means strong.

Amell – means power of an eagle in German

Amory – brave and powerful.

Anders – a classic Scandinavian name which means strong and manly.

Andre – French variation of Andrew which means strong and manly.

Andrew – the one who is strong and manly.

Anthony – priceless.

Anne – Hebrew origin which means favored and grace.

Arabella – lovely and elegant.

Arianna – means holy.

Archie – a really brave man.

Amber – orangey-yellow color or the gemstone that forms from resin.

Asher – means happy in Hebrew.

Aster – came from a Greek word which means star.

Audrey – means noble strength.

Aurelia – a beautiful, elegant name which came from the word aureus meaning gold.

Austin – means majestic dignity in Latin.

Avery – means wise.

Azaiah – Hebrew name which means my strength is Yahweh.

Aziel – means God is my strength.

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Baize – French word which means dark brown.

Beth – God’s abundance.

Bernadette – with German origin that means brave.

Bree – Irish origin which means noble.

Brian – with Irish origin meaning strong and honorable.

Bridget – means strength or the exalted one.

Bronwyn – a Welsh name meaning fair and blessed.

Bruno – means brown in German.

Brynn – means hill or mound in Welsh.


Callie – Greek origin which means most beautiful.

Caelan – means powerful warrior in Irish.

Callyn – means powerful in battle.

Cerridwen – Celtic goddess of transformation.

Charlie – means free.

Charlotte – means petite and feminine.

Charvi – means beautiful in Sanskrit.

Claire – Latin origin meaning bright and brilliant.


Daphne – means laurel tree, an aromatic evergreen.

Darlene – means the loved one.

David – means beloved.

Della – means noble and bright in German.

Demeter – god of agriculture and harvest.

Denzel – a Cornish name which means from the high stronghold.

Diana – moon goddess.

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Edric – means power and good fortune.

Edward – means wealthy guardian.

Eleanor – means the bright, shining one.

Ella – beautiful fairy woman.

Elliott – Hebrew origin which means the Lord is my God.

Ethan – strong and firm

Eva – means life in Hebrew.

Evander – strong man.

Everett – brave as a wild boar

Ezekiel – God strengthens us.

Ezra – means helper in Hebrew.


Farrah – means happy in Arabic.

Faye – means loyalty and trust in French.

Felix – means happy and fortunate.

Fergus – means man of force in Celtic lore.

Fern – reminiscent of crisp forest surroundings.

Forrest – means dweller of the woods.


Gabriel – means God is my strength.

Gabriella – feminine version of Gabriel which means God is my strength.

Gaia – Greek work for earth.

Garrett – Irish variation of Gerard which means spear strength.

Grace – meaning includes charm, goodness, and generosity.

Griffin – good for fans of all things Old England like Halloween and dragons!


Hannah – Hebrew meaning grace of God.

Hazel – a light-brown shade of color.

Henry – ruler of the household.

Howard – with German origin which means brave heart.

Hunter – means the one who hunts and suggests outdoorsy vibes.

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Ian – means God is gracious.

Isabelle – Hebrew origin which means God is my strength.

Isaiah – means Salvation of the Lord in Hebrew.

Ivy – inspires thoughts of outdoors.


Jayce – means healer in Greek.

Jocelyn – Latin which means happy and joyful.

Jonathan – means God gives in Hebrew.

Jora – a Hebrew name which can be used for a boy or girl.

Julian – means father of the skies.


Kate – means pure or clear.

Kaitlyn – Greek origin which means pure.

Kano – means masculine power in Japanese.

Kenzo – a Japanese name which means strong and healthy.


Layla – means dark beauty in Egyptian.

Liam – means strong-willed warrior in Irish.

Libra – an astrological sign of Greek origin which means balance and is perfect for those born in Autumn!

Lucas – means light-giving in Latin.

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Mackenzie – means child of the wise leader in Gaelic.

Malia – Hawaiian origin which means beloved.

Maple – reminiscent of the flaming red leaves of a maple tree.

Matilda – battle-mighty

Matthew – means gift from God.

Merrick – Anglo-Welsh origin which means fame and power.

Mia – means the child we wished for.

Mila – means industrious and hardworking.

Milo – means merciful in German.

Millie – means strength and determination in Latin.


Naila – means successful in Arabic.

Noah – means comfort and rest in Hebrew.

Nolan – a descendant of a champion; a famous noble.

Nora – means shining light in Greek.


Orla – means golden princess in Irish.

Osiris – name of the Egyptian mythology god meaning with strong eyesight.

Oswald – means divine power.

Owen – means noble; young warrior.

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Philomena – a Greek name which means lover of strength.


Rain – a beautiful reminder of blessings from above; also, gender-neutral.

Ragnar – an old Norse name meaning warrior.

Reagan – Irish origin which means little ruler.

Reveka – Hebrew origin which means captivating.

Rory – means red king.

Rostam – Persian name which means tall and brave.

Rowan – a tree with little red flowers and means little red one in Gaelic.

Russell – the red-haired one.

Ryan – descendant of the king.


Saffron – a bright golden spice widely used in Egypt.

Samantha – Hebrew origin which means listener.

Sarah – means princess.

Sawyer – gender-neutral name which means someone who cuts timber.

Scarlet – means “red” which is appropriate for the deep red color of Autumn!

Shayna – Yiddish origin which means God is gracious.

Sienna – the color of clay, an orange-red color associated with Autumn; a city in Italy.

Sophia – Greek origin which means wisdom.

Stella – Greek origin meaning star.

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Valencia – a Spanish name which means brave and strong.

Valentina – means strength and health.

Valerie – French variation of Valeria which means strength.

Vivian – Latin origin which means full of life.


Wilder – describes the wind-whipped surroundings during Autumn.

William – strong-willed warrior.

Willow – a beautiful and graceful which symbolizes fertility and new life.

Woody – a variation of Woodrow and a perfect name for Toy Story fans!


Xander – protector of men.


Zachary – remembered by God.

Zahra – means flower in Arabic.

Zane – God is gracious.

Zoe – means life in Greek.

I hope you find this list helpful in your journey to find the perfect middle name for Autumn! If you want a more unique names, Why not look at, Everly or Riley.

Good luck!