Middle names for Isabella

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Did you know that in 2012, the name Isabella was the tenth most popular for baby girls born in England and Wales?

Despite being a four-syllable name, this lovely moniker has grown in popularity over the previous two decades.

Although short names are more common nowadays, Isabella has a certain appeal that no one can resist.

Continue reading to learn more about Isabella’s meaning and history, as well as the ideal middle names for Isabella.

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What exactly does Isabella mean?

Isabella (Is-ah-bell-ah) is a Spanish and Italian name derived from the Hebrew name Elisheba.

It’s a popular baby girl name that means “God is my oath” or “devoted to God.”

Isabella is a spin-off of Isabel, which is a spin-off of Elizabeth, another spin-off.

It could be viewed in two ways. Isabella is a Latinized version of Elizabeth, which means ‘Pledged to God’ in Ancient Greek.

Although Isabella is primarily a girl’s name, the variant Isa (which means “God’s redemption”) is a gender-neutral choice for both boys and girls.

Since the 13th century, the names Isabella and Elizabeth have been interchanged in England.

Isabella is a well-known royal name, and many people are familiar with it thanks to different European monarchs and princesses.

France, Spain, and Portugal were the first countries to use the name. Isabella was the name of several medieval European royals, and it was brought to England after the Norman conquest of 1066.

After a French woman named Isabella of Angoulême married King John of England in the 13th century, the name Isabella became widely prominent in England. When Isabella of France married Edward II of England in the 14th century, it gained even more prominence (She later overthrew her husband, and some believe she orchestrated his death),

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Why do you need a middle name for Isabella?

It’s fun to pick a middle name for Isabella because it might become a nickname.

Isabella will have a good future option with a middle name. And,  It increases the chances of the infant earning a decent job in the future. Strange, but real. People with middle names are seen to have a high status and intelligence, according to research published in the European Journal of Social Psychology.

How do you pick the perfect middle name?

  • Isabella’s ideal middle name is one that complements her first and last names. For example, have a look at the list below and write down the middle names you choose for Isabella.
  • Begin by saying the names aloud with Isabella. Isabella Zora, for example. Remove any names that sound strange, odd, or difficult.
  • Repeat step 2 but this time include the last name and listen to how it sounds. More names that don’t seem proper should be removed.
  • Check the initials of the remaining names and see the ones that combine very well. Ensure it doesn’t spell anything ridiculous. Try to make cool words out of the initials.
  • Once you’ve completed steps 1-4, you should have cut down the list to a manageable number of options that will help you choose the best middle names for Isabella.

Popular Isabella middle names

Josephine: “of French origin that means God Will Increase.”

Gianna: “of Italian origin that means God Is Gracious.”

Delphine: “of French origin that means Woman From Delphi.”

Scarlett: “of English origin that means Red.”

Marie: “of French origin that means Of The Sea”

Eve: “of Hebrew origin, that means To Breathe/To Live.”

Louise: “of English origin that means Famous Warrior.”

Genevieve: “of French origin that means Woman Of The Family.”

Leigh: “of English origin that means Field.”

Hope: “of English origin that means Desire of Fulfillment.”

Brooke: “of English origin that means Small Stream.”

Wren: “of English origin that means Small Bird.”

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Adorable middle names

Margo: “of French origin that means Pearl.”

Eden: “of Hebrew origin that means Paradise.”

Naomi: “of Hebrew origin that means Beautiful, Gentle.”

Annette: “of French origin that means Gracious, Merciful.”

Natalia: “of Italian origin that means Born on Christmas Day.”

Denver: “of American origin that means From the Passage Of The Danes.”

Vivian: “of Latin origin that means Alive.”

Paloma: “of Spanish origin that means A Dove.”

Mackenzie: “of Scottish origin that means Son of Kenneth.”

Everest: “of English origin that means Dweller on The Eure River.”

Juno: “of Latin origin that means Goddess of Love, Marriage & Childbirth.”

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Augustine: “of Latin origin that means Great.”

Meadow: “of American origin that means Field of Grass or Vegetation.”

Jacqueline: “of French origin that means Supplanter.”

Diane: “of French origin that means Divine.”

Isolde: “of German origin that means She Who Is Gazed Upon.”

Florence: “of Latin origin that means Prosperous, Flowering.”

Carys: “of Welsh origin that means To Love.”

Lyra: “of Latin origin that means Lyre, Harp.”

Poppy: “of Latin origin that means From The Flower.”

Renee: ”of French origin that means Reborn.”

Elaine: “of English origin that means Light.”

Juniper: “of Latin origin that means Juniper Berry.”

Janelle: “of American origin that means God Is Gracious.”

Mireille: “of French origin that means Admirable.”

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Other Middle name options for Isabella

Jane: “God is gracious”

Kathryn: “of English origin that means Pure.”

Jordyn: “(Also Jordan) of Hebrew origin that means To Flow Down.”

Charlotte: “of French origin that means Free.

Jemimah: “of Hebrew origin that means Dove.”

Emilia: “of Latin origin that means To Strive Or Excel Or Rival.”

Christie: “of English origin that means Diminutive Form Of Christine.”

Serena: “of Latin origin that means Serene, Calm.”

Georgina: “of English origin that means Feminine Form Of George.”

Violet: “of English origin that means Purple/Blue Flower.”

Blaine: “of Scottish origin that means Yellow.”

Pauline: “of French origin that means Small.”

Avery: “of English origin that means Elf King.”

Sophia: “of Greek origin that means Wisdom.”

Joanne: “of English origin that means God Is Gracious.”

Maria: “Form of Mary, or referring to the Virgin Mary.”

Daisy: “of American origin that means Daisy Flower.”

Celeste: “of Latin origin that means Heavenly.”

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Christine: “of English origin that means Follower Of Christ.”

Olivia: “of English origin that means Ancestor’s Descendant.”

Selene: “of Greek origin that means Moon.”

Bjork: “of Scandinavian origin that means Birch Tree.”

Lilly: “of English origin that means Lily Flower.”

Zora: “of Slavic origin that means Dawn.”

Bethany: “of English origin that means Place Of Figs, A Town Near Jerusalem.”

Poppy: “of Latin origin that means From The Flower.”

Dorothy: “of Greek origin that means Gift Of God.”

Ruby: “of English origin that means Red Gemstone.”

Josephine: “of French origin that means God Will Increase.”

Rosamund: “of English origin that means Horse Protection.”

Amelie: “of French origin that means Hardworking.”

Maeve: “of Irish origin that means Intoxicating.”

Aimee: “of French origin that means Beloved Friend.”

Odette: “of French origin that means Wealth.”

Neve: “of Irish origin that means Bright Or Snowy.”

Claire: “of French origin that means Illustrious, Enlightened.”

Hannah: “of Hebrew origin that means Grace.”

Anne: “of Hebrew origin that means Gracious, Merciful.”

Ruth: “of Hebrew origin that means Friendship.”

Margaret: “of English origin that means Pearl.”

Lynn: “of Irish origin that means From The Lake.”

Felicity: “of Latin origin that means Happiness.”

Faye: “of French origin that means Fairy Or Elf.”

Renee: “of French origin that means Reborn.”

Melody: “of English origin that means Song Tune.”

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Phoebe: “of Greek origin that means Bright, Shining.”

Iris: “of Greek origin that means Colorful, Rainbow.”

Madeline: “of English origin that means Woman Of Magdala.”

Bay: “of English origin that means Sea Inlet.”

Kate: “of English origin that means Pure.”

Quinn: “of Irish origin that means Descendent Of Conn.”

Bryce: “of English origin that means Speckled.”

Brooklyn: “of American origin that means Broken Land Or Pretty Brook.”

Jade: “of English origin that means Green Gemstone.”

Nicole: “of French origin that means Victory Of The People.”  

It’s not easy to come up with a suitable middle name for your child, but it’s also not impossible.

When you’re looking for a middle name, there are a few factors to bear in mind.

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