Middle Names For Gabriella

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Some parents will go to extreme lengths to pick the perfect middle name for their baby. For example, you could choose a family name or something that is meaningful and special. But not all moms and dads have time for such an endeavor!

The name Gabriella is a pretty, feminine name that still sounds strong.  It’s short and sweet, but still has a great deal of character. The name is popular and fits well with loads of first names. There are plenty of ways to shorten this name as well if that seems like the direction you’d like to go in!

The name Gabriella means “God’s Promise” and originated as an Italian diminutive of the name Gabriela. If you’re not looking for a more traditional name, this might be an option to consider!

If you like the name Gabriella, but want a little something extra, check out these middle names of Gabriella:

150 Great Middle Names For Gabriella



Abigail has been used in the U.S. continuously since the 17th century making this one of the more traditional choices on our list. This  name is feminine and works well with many other first names .


A great way to add a little vintage feel without going overboard on the name.


Ad is short and sweet which means  that it won’t get in the way of your little girl’s nickname . Plus, you can choose to end it with an ‘el’ sound instead of ‘ine’ if you think that will suit her better. It’s become increasingly popular over the last few years which means there are lots of people she’ll be able to play with at school!  


Addison has been growing rapidly in popularity over the past few years which makes it an ideal choice if you’re looking for something that’s fairly unheard of just yet . It can be used as either a first or middle name and even works  for both genders.  


This classic pick will suit your daughter well, especially if she is sporting an elegant look at all times.


Alessandra is a great option for parents who want to give their daughter a beautiful Italian name that won’t break the bank! This moniker falls into the more modern category of names but will still serve your daughter well throughout her life .  


It’s easy to see why Alice is so timeless! This moniker was popular in both England and the US back in the nineteenth century, but now it’s virtually unheard of. You can give your little girl that vintage feel without tainting her future!  


Allison is one of those names that doesn’t work quite as well for boys anymore but still sounds perfect on a little baby girl! Plus only two letters separate Allison from Gabriella  which makes for a nice, short name.


Amanda has had more than its fair share of success over the  years. It is now one of the most common and popular names in America and with good reason too! The name means ‘desired’ and Amanda will make your daughter feel like a true princess .


Amari is an African name that means love . I think it would be so unique paired with Gabriella’s first name, don’t you?


Amber  has a beautiful flowing sound that will go well with either name.


This traditional name means “industrious” and is one you might not see so often on the other lists. It also makes for a gorgeous middle name choice.


Anika has become very popular in recent years thanks to stars like Anika Noni Rose and Anika Moa. Since the spelling of the moniker differs from its pronunciation, no one will ever wonder if they’re saying/reading your daughter’s name correctly.

Anna Mae

Anna Mae would make a cute pick as a mi88ddle name for Gabriella because it’s easy to spell and pronounce! Not to mention, there are endless possibilities when it comes to pronunciation when you add “mae” on the end of your child’s name.


This beautiful yet simple moniker is perfect for parents who love nature and the arts; it sounds as lovely as a summer breeze. While this word may mean ‘air’ or ‘melody’, Aria will forever remind your little girl how much she means to you .  


Ariana Grande is one of the most famous people with this name, so you know it’s trendy. And since it has five syllables, it works as a middle name as well as a first.


This two-syllable name evokes images of the countryside and fresh air. And while it may have been a male name back in medieval times, Ashley has since become more associated with girls. It means ‘ash tree clearing’.


If you’re hoping your daughter will grow up to be as strong as this Norse goddess, then Astrid would definitely make a fitting middle name choice!  


This vintage name is on the rise again for good reason. Not only does it bear similar sounds to “Adrienne,” but Audrey Hepburn made it prestigious on her own!  


Augusta is a great option for parents who are looking for something different yet on-trend. It’s easy to spell, pronounce, and works well with Gabriella.


Not only is this name incredibly beautiful, it’s also extremely unique; in fact you’ll be hard-pressed to find another little girl with the same namesake . Meaning ‘dawn’ or ‘new beginning’, Aurora will make your daughter feel like she’s bringing light into the world every time she introduces herself.


A fun yet traditional choice for the middles section of your baby’s name! 


If you’re interested in strong names, this is a great choice. It means life and it’s also the name of a famous writer who had six children!

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This moniker has less than five letters but carries plenty of personality! To some it may be sweet, while to others it can be sassy.


Blakely is a cute and catchy pick that can also double as a nickname if you don’t want to shorten it anymore. According to the Social Security Administration, this short and sweet middle has been steadily rising throughout the years so it may be more common in years to come!


Blythe stems from Old English which roughly translates to cheerful or happy. You have no trouble finding clever nicknames for this one.


Brigid would make a great middle name because it has an Irish heritage (which makes it unique) while still flowing perfectly with both shorter or longer first names . 


Here we have yet another five letter girl name that works great as a middle name. Not only does Brooklyn sound stylish and modern, but everyone loves New York City so this could be a fun way to know when you hear the right name.


If you were just going for traditional baby girl names , then Brynlee might be perfect for your child. It’s not too common, but still has a nice ring to it when said aloud. a nice ring to it when said aloud. 



This moniker would work great with either of these names. The beauty of Caitlin is it works just as well for a boy or girl!  This classic choice would look lovely with the name Gabrielle.


Camille is another option that falls into the vintage category. The moniker means ‘follower of  Christ’ and was extremely popular in France during the Middle Ages. Nowadays it’s not nearly as common, which is good news for you!  


Carmen has Spanish roots but it can also sound very sophisticated when paired with Gabriella. It means carm or precious stone. 


Just like Riley, Hayes and Parker are all trending right now so why not incorporate them into your daughter’s  name like Carter?


Charlotte is another old-fashioned name with a new flair. In addition, it’s French in origin and means “free man.” The best part? It’s bound to be different than any other middle names your child’s classmates will have!


 There are several reasons why Chloe makes the perfect middle name for little girls. Not only does it work exceptionally well with first names  like Sophia, Charlotte, and Gabriella – but it also means “blooming” in Greek.


You may recognize Christina as a first name for women only. But you’d be wrong to think it isn’t just as suitable for children too: in fact, some studies indicate that it makes an excellent middle name!  


Clara makes for  a beautiful middle name because it’s got a strong sound and an innocent ring to it. Choose this option if you want your little girl to have a traditional feel, but not come across as outdated.


Clementine sounds similar to the flower celandine, which is often found along roadsides. Plus it gives the sensation of being clement one minute, and “mean-e” the next!


This moniker has English origins, meaning “golden.” It’s similar to the more common “Crystal,” but equally as beautiful!

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Daisy has an adorable nickname in Dazzy which truly makes this moniker stand out.


Delilah is very exotic sounding and I find that it goes perfectly with your daughter’s first name! The meaning of this one is deceitful, which makes it such a special choice. 


If you are looking for something more alternative, Diana could be the perfect fit. It’s unique but still flows nicely with many other first names .


Another middle name for Gabriella with French origins, Dorothy means “gift of God.”



Echo sounds so sweet and it makes a nice addition to Gabriella. It’s also fun to say!  


This beautiful French baby girl name means “God is my oath” and works well with short or long first names alike. Elise can really go either way when it to creating the perfect moniker for  your daughter.


This is also a popular choice and  is a good pick for families that are looking to include traditional names.  


Elle is an easy choice if you want something cute and short for the middles section!


Ellie means “light” and “goddess.” Both meanings work well as either first or middle names for girls. The abbreviated version (i.e., Ella) makes it even more on-trend! 


Elsie is a cute pick if you’re looking for something unique. It was once a popular name in America, and it could make a nice nod to your family roots.


If you’re searching for a name that is easy to spell and pronounce, look no further!  


Goes well with Gabriella   or any other name.


This name may be short in length, but it packs a powerful punch! The title character from the book titled ‘The Etta Place Story’ lived up to her namesake. Grandma will appreciate this one too!


Eve has been on the rise since 2003 and you’re going to be hard-pressed to find another person with this name in your child’s class. 


Evelyn comes from  the Hebrew name Hevel and means “life” in Hebrew. Evelyn is another fantastic choice if you’re trying to pick the perfect middle name for your baby girl. This moniker means longed for child or desired , which is definitely sweet enough on its own without being too short!

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Felicity makes an excellent middle name choice because of its short length and lovely meaning. It rolls off the tongue nicely too! 


This Italian name is perfect for parents looking to pick something less common than the other options on this list. Francesca has been around since early sixteenth century Northern Italy, but it still manages to be unique even today.  


Freya is an energetic choice that flows nicely off the tongue. In Norse mythology, she is associated with love , beauty, and fertility.



Similarly, Gertrude is another long-standing female name that has stood the test of time and will look just as chic next generation as it did back in 1887 when it was introduced to the world!


Ginger has been enjoying a surge in popularity over the past few years. It’s perfect as a first or middle name for people who love nature and don’t want their child sporting a trendy moniker. 


Grace is another classic that works well as a  middle name. It has Latin origins and it means ‘favor, grace or gracious.


This five letter pick has been used as both a first and last name in the past. It would definitely make an impact if it were used as a middle name instead!



This historic moniker was first introduced in the 1830s by the writer Harriet Beecher Stowe as a character in her book ‘Dred.’ You can pick your own inspiration!


This unique pick is elegant and feminine without being too over the top. If you’re looking for something fresh and new, then look no further.


This classic meaning will fit perfectly with either longer or shorter first names. So if you like names like Annabelle or Annaleigh, but want something shorter than Annabella – Hope would be the prefect choice.



Iona feels like Old English to us which makes it one of our classic picks! It means “beautiful island” and has some royal ties as well.


This moniker would work great with either of the names mentioned above, but it is still unique enough to stand on its own!


This name has French origins and the meaning is white , which makes this middle choice stand out. I bet Ivori would go perfectly with your daughter’s moniker!


This comes from the English word ivy, which is a climbing plant. Ivy sounds so pretty and feminine!  

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A traditional middle name that goes well with Gabriella.


This simple name is perfect for parents looking for a more traditional choice with a very short, easy to spell and pronounce length .


Joan is similar to more common choices such as Joanne and Joanna; it comes from John which means “God is merciful.”


This is a French baby name that means “pretty.”


If you were going for a strong girl’s name , then Juliet might be perfect for your child.


A great choice if you want something very different for your child’s name. Juniper means ‘royal’.


Justine is most commonly used as a first name, so why  not try it as a middle name instead? It has a sweet ring to it and it’s short, so your baby girl can still be trendy without being too uptight about her name.



Katharine may last more than five letters if you use all of them, however some people prefer to shorten this moniker to Kate or Katie which only take four letters each! It means pure .


Is your little girl as lively as her namesake?  If so, Kiara might be the perfect fit for her!


This name will go nicely with Gabriella. Kylie is an Australian name, which means ‘boomerang’ in Aboriginal dialect.  



The only downside to choosing Lane as a middle name is that it’s already quite popular on its own. But if you don’t think another Lane in kindergarten would bother your daughter, then go right ahead and pick this option!


Laurel sounds like such a pretty middle name, doesn’t it? This moniker has Latin origins and it means bay tree . It would flow well alongside Gabriella, don’t you think? 


Lena is a nice choice for parents looking for something different without being too outrageous.


Lenore has ties to Shakespearean lore, which gives it some extra history behind its meaning. Plus, it sounds like “Leonor,” which means noble and bright. How beautiful!


This name is the French version of ‘Lily’ and it’s gaining popularity (and trendiness).  

Lyndsey/Lindsay – If you prefer a more modern spelling of both names then this is perfect for you.


The flower name Lily takes up less space than some other popular choices like Eva or Danica. And, for that reason alone, we feel like it’s a great pick if you want to honor family members who already have longer first names.


This Scandinavian name is very unique, but still simple enough to be used as a middle name. Linnea is also incredibly stylish and altogether classic—just like its sister names Linda and Lana.  


This is an unusual choice, but one that could work perfectly! If you love the name Gabriella and are looking to choose something fresh and new…this might be the perfect fit!  


An elegant choice from the past, Lorraine is one of those names that will always be classic and never go out of style.


Louise means   “renowned warrior” and a brave individual is just what you hope your daughter will grow up to be.


This is another popular pick that will go well with either full name.  


Lucy is a pet form of Lucia that has gained in popularity since 1990. If you’re going for something simple and easy to spell, then look no further! 


Luna is Latin for moon which makes it another celestial baby name idea  . Its short length makes it a more unusual pick which will make your daughter stand out from the crowd.


Lydia is an old school favorite that has been making a comeback recently. If you have a good friend named Lydia then why not consider naming your baby girl after her?

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You can’t deny that Mackenzie sounds so nice and sophisticated! The name of Scottish origin means “son of Kenneth.”


Mae is another great option because it’s easy to spell, fun to say, and only four letters long! If you have some distant relatives named Mary or May then this might be the best middle name for Gabriella for you.


According to the Roman poet Ovid, this name means “rebirth” which would be wonderful for a new baby! It’s an exquisite choice, but it might be too unusual for some.


 Like Brooklyn, Makayla can be paired with more traditional sounding first names. You could even use it as a way to honor some of your family members! For example, Gabriella Makayla. We love that idea!


Middle Names For Gabriella, Like the other names on this list, Manon (the French version of Mona) is simple and sweet. But best of all? It doesn’t seem like a baby name—it seems like a grown woman’s! Maybe your daughter will love it so much she uses it as her own moniker in the future.  


Margaret is perfect middle name for Gabriella.  This is a classic and traditional choice that has stood the test of time.


Margot is such an elegant and sophisticated name, it’s no wonder it’s been growing in popularity over the years! This is one of those names that will make your daughter stand out but won’t be too unique.


Marian is a short but sweet option that would pair nicely with any long or medium-length baby girl name .


This is an adorable option if you want something different, but still love the name Gabriella! 


I think Mckenzie would be the perfect choice for your little girl. This name is super cute while also easy to spell and pronounce.


Melanie has an elegant sound to it and means dark . I think it would be a great middle name choice for your little girl.


Meredith would make a perfect middle name for any little girl because it flows beautifully with either short or long first names .


This Latin name (meaning “mine”) has skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years, making it ideal for parents who like short monikers but don’t  want to be boring.


Morgan is one of my favorite names with just four letters because it’s so easy to spell and pronounce.



Another pretty name with French roots, Nadia is certainly an underrated gem. It’s also the perfect middle name for your princess because it means “hope” and can be shortened to fit shorter first names. We think Gabriella Nadia is the perfect choice!


Gabriella Nancy  could be a fantastic choice for you. It’s feminine and easy to spell while also working well with many first names.


Nellie will sound great if paired with Gabriela. It has German origins and it means noble. I think this is such a classic name , don’t you? 


Nicole means  “victory of the people” and works with both short or longer first name options .


Ninas are all over Hollywood right now thanks to actresses like Nina Dobrev and Nina Agdal, so your little lady will fit in perfectly.


This is short enough to use as a first name so if you love the traditional Nolana, go ahead and shorten it! It also has French roots which makes it fitting for your next little fashionista.


If you want a middle name that’s different from the original Gabriella, then Nova might be a good fit for you!

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Olivia may very well be one of the most beautiful sounding names ever created. If you want something that will grow with your child then this is it because it fits both little   girls and older ladies.



This classic gemstone will never fade in popularity.


 While Penelope may not be so common, it still sounds nice and simple. Derived from Greek origins, Penelope means weasel , which is really cute. It doesn’t get much more classic than this!


Phoenix comes  from the Latin word meaning “dark red,” which means this name evokes a sense of power and beauty.


Piper has become very popular lately, which makes it another great option if  you want something new and unique.


If you’re looking for something more formal  than Poppy seed, try Poppy as a middle name. It’s also the nickname of British superstar singer, Cheryl Cole!


Fans of Elvis Presley will love this one! This adorable little middle name is English in origin and it means ‘royal settlement’ or ‘king’s meadow.’



Gabriella Rachel  would be a lovely choice for parents looking to pick something strong and classic without going overboard. Rachel has been around since the Bible, but its modern staying power is unparalleled by any other name on this list.  


This short and sweet middle may sound better than Gabriella in some circles. Not only is it a classic, but it’s easy to spell and fun to say out loud!


Of all the short names out there, Riley is definitely one of the best. It has an adorable sound to it, plus it’s super cute. This one was originally meant for boys but can be used on girls as well!


If you have two daughters, River may be cute option to consider for the middle name . It sounds very unique and it can work well if paired with Gabriella.  


Rory is also another great choice to ponder! It has Celtic origins and it means red king. This one sounds so strong to me!  


This Spanish name is incredibly feminine and romantic. Rosa’s popularity may have wavered in recent years, but it still remains a timeless choice for families committed to choosing one of the more traditional middle names available.  


This is a great option for families that want to choose something modern and totally different.


We love Rowan because of its Celtic origins–it means “little red one.” It also works well as a middle name choice with longer names like Gabriella.


Roxanna may be longer than four letters , but that doesn’t mean it won’t work ! Roxanna is a lovely choice with Greek origins. It means ‘dawn’.


We know Roxanne isn’t short by any stretch of the imagination, but it does only have four letters! It also happens to be such an elegant name.



Sage is such a lovely option! It has roots in Greek and Latin, meaning wise or healer . Sage would pair really well with Gabriella, don’t you agree?  


This moniker goes well with Gabriella. Perfect for your cute little girl.


That’s right–the popular baby name that was used for years is now your perfect pick for the little one’s middle name! Sasha means “defender” and it can also be shortened to Sascha or Shura.


This gorgeous option is reminiscent of Savannah but with only four letters it definitely has the characteristic shortness factor.


Skye would make a great middle name for Gabriella because it is very easy to spell and say.


Sophie is not only short, but it has a gorgeous sound to it as well. If you want something with an edge to it then this might be the best middle name for Gabriella for you!


This cute middle name is growing in popularity but will never go out of style! It may be short but it goes well with a lot of different kinds of monikers making it a versatile pick.


If you love the sun but want something more unique than just “Sunny,” then why not consider Suri as a middle name?

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This five-letter baby name is short and sweet, yet strong and sophisticated. Long ago, Tatum was a surname that became a popular first name choice in the 80s and 90s…and now it’s perfect for your little girl!


Tiffany may not be very common these days, but the fact that it’s so unique makes up for its status . If you love this moniker , you should definitely consider using it for your little girl’s middle name.  



Whether you’re going for something traditional or more modern, Valentina provides a compromise. The name means ‘strong, healthy’ and can be used on both baby girls and boys!


Can’t leave out classic Vanessa which might be just what  you need to make this name work.


For somebody who likes a little spice, a middle name like Vera could be a great idea!


A lovely flower-inspired choice for the perfect Gabriella. Violet is great for girls who want something different yet classic!  


If you’re looking for a really pretty sounding name that isn’t too popular or unique then Vivian might be your choice. This moniker was originally used as a surname and means lively . 



This unique-yet-classic pick will stand the test of time and ensure that your daughter’s name is always in style.


Ximena has Greek origins and it means willing . I think it would be adorable if paired with Gabriella !



A cute moniker that works well with Gabriella!


If you’re trying to pick a name that isn’t common, but still recognizable, then Zoey might just be the perfect one for you. It’s classic and simple and stands out without being too unique. The meaning of this moniker is life .

Zsa Zsa

This is another great choice if you want to go with something while not going the very common route. Pronounced like the actress’s name Zsa Zsa Gabor, this moniker has roots in Hungarian and means flower .

Final Thoughts              

Choosing a middle name sounds simple enough,  but it can be quite difficult. You want your child to have a wonderful, unique name that they can be proud of—one that makes them stand out from the rest!

We hope our list helped you find the perfect middle name for your daughter. Whether you choose one on this list or just keep brainstorming until you find something that works, there are so many great names available today. So good luck and enjoy choosing!