Cute and Popular 2 Syllable Girl Names with Meanings

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Who knew that choosing a name for your baby could be very confusing? This is the part of parenting that seem so easy but is actually not. There are just so many to choose from! Popular, unique, celebrity names, nature-inspired, and character names – just too many options, am I right?

But this phase of parenthood is also one of the most exciting. Like with everything, we want to be able to give the best for our kids and of course we want to give them the best and perfect name. If you want to make this easy not just for you but also for you kid, you can go ahead and take a look at these 2 syllable girl names that we have listed below. 

These 2 syllable names are not just popular, they are also cute and with beautiful meanings! They are even great as nicknames! Let us know what you think! 


Addi – This name is just beautiful because it means “created by God.” This is of German origin.

Adele – This name means “serene” and “ “noble.” Don’t we all wish that for our kids?  This name is of English origin.

Aisley – A name with Scottish roots and means “church.”

Alice – This one has Greek roots which means “noble and exalted.”

Angel – One of the most popular 2-syllable name, this means “messenger of God” and is of Greek origin.

Anise – One of the most beautiful 2-syllable names in my opinion. This is of English origin and means “she who is a pure soul.”

Arden – Do you love the woods? This is perfect as it means “great forest.” This name is of Latin origin.

Aryn – A name that translates to “the enlightened one” or “a messenger” and is of Hebrew origin.

Ashtyn – This name means “ash tree settlement” and is of Old English origin.

Audra – A strong girl name with English roots meaning “noble strength.”

Austen – Beautiful name with beautiful meaning “great and magnificent.”

Autumn – Inspired by the season. Of Latin origin and means “fall season.”

Ava – This name is perfect for those who love ornithology. This is of Latin origin meaning “bird.”

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Berlynn – A combination of Bertha and Lynn which means “bright one” and “lake” respectively. These are of Germanic and Gaelic origins.

Bernice – This lovely name means “the bringer of victory” and of Greek origin.

Breean – This strong name is of Irish origin and means “she who is strong and virtuous.”

Brighton – This translates to “one who lives in a bright town” and of English origin.

Bronwyn – This is of English origin. Bron means “breast” and Gwen means “white” or “fair.”

Brooklyn – This name translates to “New York Borough” and is of English origin.

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Cadence – This name is perfect for music lovers as it translates to “rhyme.” This is of Latin origin.

Candice – This popular name means “extremely fair” or “glitteringly white” and is of Greek origin.

Caprice – This beautiful name has French roots and means “whimsical.”

Caren – If you want your kid to grow up as someone who others can rely on, then this would be perfect, it means “a friend”. This is of Italian origin.

Carleen – This name translates to “like a full-grown woman” and is of Irish origin.

Carlen – A beautiful name meaning “freed woman.” This is of English origin.

Carmden – This one means “one who lives near a winding valley” and is of Scottish origin.

Carol – This is a feminine version of Charles, of English origin and means “joy.”

Caylen – A variation of Caitlin and is of Greek origin. This name means “pure.”

Ceres – This name means “goddess of the corn” and has Greek roots.

Cerise – A name that translates to “red as a cherry” and of French origin.

Cezanne – Inspired by Shoshana and means “lily.” This is of Hebrew origin.

Cora – This name can mean “maiden” or “heart” and of Latin origin.

Coreen – A sweet name for a sweet baby. This has Greek roots and means “sweet and pure as a maiden.”

Cosette – Perfect for your tiny one as it means “little thing” and is of French origin.

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Dani – This one translates to “God will judge” and of Hebrew origin.

Dara – If you want your baby to become knowledgeable in the future then this Hebrew origin is perfect, it means “pearls of wisdom.”

Darcy – If you want a gothic name, this is perfect because it means “the dark one” and is of Irish origin.

Debree – Perfect for your tiny bundle, this is of French origin and translates to “small.”

Demi – This has Greek roots and means “half.”

Denise – This name means “follower of Dionysus the wine god” and of Greek origin.

Dermot – If you wish for your baby to grow up with a contented heart, then choose this one, it means “free from envy.” This is of Scottish origin.

Diane – A lovely name which means “divine.” This is of Indo-European origin.

Dolly – Of English origin meaning “gift of God.” This is also great as a nickname.

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Elein – This one means “as bright as a torch” and has Native American roots. 

Ellen – This is of Greek origin meaning “bright as light.”

Ellice – A beautiful name with beautiful meaning. This English origin name means “consecrated to God.”

Ellie – This very cute name means “God is my light” and of Hebrew origin.

Erin – If you live in Ireland then this is perfect, it means “someone who is originally from Ireland” and of Irish origin.

Esme – This lovely French origin means “loved” or “beloved.”

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Farah – A beautiful Arabic name meaning “beautiful.”

Felix – A unisex name of Latin origin, this means “happy or lucky.”

Feliz – A variation of Felix and of Latin origin. This means “lucky.”

Frankie – This American name is unisex and means “free one.”

Freida – Something that we all wish for our daughters. This means “peace and calm” and of German origin.

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Gabby – A beautiful name meaning “God’s able-bodied one or hero of God”. This is of Hebrew origin.

Ginny – An English origin meaning “pure,” “chaste,” or virginal.”


Hannah – A name of Hebrew origin meaning “grace.”

Hazel – This name means “dove” and is of Hebrew origin.

Helen – This popular name means “shining light” and of Greek origin.


Ily – This is a cute name which means “I love you” and is of American origin.

Indie – This name is short for “independent”. It can also mean “Indian” and is of American origin.

Ira – This one means “watchful” and has Hebrew roots.

Isla – A name perfect for an island girl, this means “island” and has Scottish and Spanish roots.

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Jacklyn – This is of Native American origin meaning “one who is a supplanter.”

Jaidyn – This means “precious as the gemstone” and of American origin.

Jessa – A beautiful name meaning “God beholds”. This is of American origin.


Kathryn – This English origin means “one who is pure.”

Khloe – This Greek origin means “blooming” but it can also mean “verdant.”

Kira – Perfect for your black-haired baby as it translates to “black-haired.” This is of Irish origin.

Krystan – This name has Greek roots and means “a follower of the Christian faith.”

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Laurel – This name is of Latin origin and means “laurel tree.”

Liesel – This name means “God is my vow” and is of German origin.

Lily – Inspired by the flowering plant lily and is of Greek origin.

Livi – This is of English origin meaning “elf army.”

Lola – This one refers to the Virgin Mary in mournful state and means “lady of sorrows.” This is of Spanish origin.

Louisa – A Latin name meaning “brave and strong.”

Lovely – This name is of Old English origin and means “worthy of love.”


Maisie – This name translates to “pearl” and is of Scottish origin.

Meaghan – This beautiful name means “pure and precious as a pearl” and is of Welsh origin.

Mercy – A name with Latin roots and means “compassion and forgiveness.”

Mila – This has Western European roots and means “gracious or dear.”

Monteen – A strong name meaning “the one who is as strong as a mountain” and is of French origin.

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Nadeen – This name has American roots means “full of hope.”

Naveen – A Hindi name that means “she who is a new being.”

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Ocean – A name that means “called the sea” and is of Old French origin.

Olive – This Latin name means “like an olive tree.”


Paisley – A beautiful name that means “church” and is of Scottish origin.

Paris – A name that means “pouch” or “wallet” and is of Greek origin.

Peyton – A strong name meaning “the fighting man’s estate” and is of English origin.

Phoebe – This name is a feminine version of Apollo ad is of Greek origin. It means “bright.”

Piper – This Romanian name translates to “pipe or flute player.”


Roxy – This name means “dawn” but it can also mean “bright” and of Persian origin.

Ruby – This means “precious red stone” and has Latin roots.

Rylie – A beautiful name meaning “one who is brave and strong” and of Irish origin.


Sadie – This means “princess” and is of Hebrew origin.

Stella – A beautiful name with Latin roots and means “stars.” 

Sunnie – This is of British origin and means “sunshine.”


Teagan – Of Irish origin and means “poet.”

Thora – Female version of Thor and means “god of thunder.” This is of Greek origin.


Uma – A beautiful name which means “nation” and is of Hebrew origin.


Willow – From the English tree name “Willow Tree.”

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Yana – A beautiful name meaning “doer of good toward others” and is of Hebrew origin. 


Zara – A name with Arabic roots which means “princess.”

Zelda – This German name means “dark battle.”

Zephyr – A unique name which means “west wind” or “god of the west wind” and is of Greek origin.

There you go, over 100 cute and beautiful 2 syllable girl names for you to choose from.