100 of the Best Two Syllable Boy Names for Your Baby

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I doubt anyone would disagree with me when I say that a baby is the most precious gift that any mom will ever have. We love them with our heart and soul even before they are born. I guess this is the reason why we parents have a hard time choosing our baby’s name.

We want nothing but the best for our child, even the name. It has to be perfect in every way. Naming though, does not come easy. Any parent will tell you that choosing a baby’s name can be confusing!

There are so many options! Are you in the same boat right now? If you need a little help in this department, we have listed down some of the best 2 syllable boy names in case this is something that would want for your baby boy’s name. We have their meanings and origins too!

Popular Two Syllable Boy Names

Two syllable boy names are not just easy to say or spell, but they are easier to remember too. This means that people will easily remember people with two-syllable names.

Perhaps this is why a lot of popular celebrities have two-syllable names so people will easily remember them!

Whether that is the case or not, here are some of the most popular two-syllable boy names that you can choose from.

Aaron – Of Hebrew origin which means “exalted” or “high mountain”.

Asher – Of Hebrew origin which means “happy” or “fortunate” or “blessed”.

Austin – French origin which means “great” or “magnificent”.

Brayden – American origin which means “broad valley”.

Caleb – Hebrew origin meaning “devotion to God”.

Carson – Scottish origin which means “son of a marsh dweller”.

Carter – Of Irish origin which means “someone who transports goods by cart or wagon”.

Christian – Of Latin origin which means “related or pertaining to Christ”.

Daniel – Of Hebrew origin which means “God is my judge”.

Ethan – Of Hebrew origin which means “strong” or “firm” or “enduring”.

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    Hudson – English origin which means “Hugh’s son” or “son of Hudde”.

    Ian – Of Scottish origin which means “God Is Gracious”.

    Jacob – Hebrew origin which means “supplanter”.

    Jordan – Of Hebrew origin which means “flow down” or “descend”

    Kayden – Of Gaelic origin meaning “son of Cadan”.

    Leo – Latin origin which means “lion”.

    Liam – Of Irish origin which means “strong-willed warrior and protector”.

    Mason – English origin which means “brick layer” or “stone worker”.

    Noah – Of Hebrew origin which means “repose” or “rest”.

    Owen – Welsh origin which means “young warrior” or “well born”.

    Ryan – Irish origin which means “little king”.

    Sawyer – English origin which means “wood cutter”.

    William – Germanic origin which means “vehement protector”.

    Wyatt – Old English meaning “guide” or “wood”.

    Xavier – Arabic origin meaning “splendid” or “bright”.

    Cute Two Syllable Boy Names

    A cute boy name is such a great option too! Who can resist babies with such adorable and preppy names? I personally love cute names and nicknames.

    I have always imagined that people with cute names can make friends with little to no effort! It seems like people are automatically drawn to them.

    Do you imagine your little boy all preppy and cute when he grows up? Then perhaps a cute two-syllable name will do best! Check out some of the cutest boy names below.

    Adam – Hebrew origin which means “to red”.

    Andrew – Of Greek origin meaning “manly”.

    Caleb – Hebrew origin which means “faithful”.

    Connor – Irish origin meaning “lover of wolves”.

    Dylan – Welsh origin meaning “son of the sea.”

    Eli – Of Hebrew origin which means “ascended” or “uplifted” or “high”.

    Evan – Welsh origin which means “the Lord is gracious”.

    Jayden – Hebrew origin which means “the thankful one”.

    Julian – Latin origin which means “youthful”.

    Kayden – Gaelic origin which means “son of Cadan” or “battle”.

    Landon – English origin which means “long hill” or “ridge”.

    Logan – Scottish origin which means “long hollow”.

    Lucas – Greek origin which means “man from Lucania”.

    Matthew – Hebrew origin meaning “gift of Yahweh”.

    Michael – Of Hebrew origin meaning “who is like God?”

    Memphis – Greek origin which means “established and beautiful”.

    Milo – German origin meaning “merciful” or “soldier”.

    Nolan – Irish origin meaning “descendant of a chariot-fighter” or “descendant of a champion”.

    Owen – Welsh origin meaning” warrior”, “noble” or well born”.

    Robert – Of Germanic origin meaning “bright fame”.

    Simon – Greek origin which means “listen” or “hearing”.

    Toby – English origin which means “Good is Yahweh”.

    Wesley – Old English which means “dweller near the western wood”.

    Xander – Of Greek origin which means” to defend” or “defending men”.

    Zion – Of Hebrew origin meaning “highest point” or “monument” or “raised up”.

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    Unique Two Syllable Boy Names

    There are plenty of unique two-syllable boy names that you do not often hear.

    Occasionally, I hear someone introducing himself or herself with such a unique and interesting name that it makes me want to talk to them some more just to know the history of their name!

    What’s great about choosing a unique name for your baby is that it automatically perks up the interest of other people when hey hear it.

    Great conversation starter and you do not have to worry about your kid having the same name as half the kids in the classroom.

    Atlas – Greek origin meaning “the bearer of the heavens”.

    Aziel – Of Hebrew origin and means “God is my strength”.

    Brennon – Irish origin which means “prince” or “teardrop”.

    Castor– Greek origin meaning “pious one”.

    Dario – Of Latin origin which means “possessor of good.”

    Dewei – Chinese origin meaning “highly noble” or “of great principle”.

    Finlay – Of Irish origin meaning “fair-haired hero”.

    Gianni – Italian origin meaning “God is gracious”.

    Hernan – Spanish origin meaning “gentle traveler”.

    Jaylen – Hebrew origin which means “thankful” or “grateful”.

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    Kalen – Gaelic origin which means “slender”.

    Keanu – Of Hawaiian origin meaning the cool breeze”

    Kenji – Japanese origin which means “strong and vigorous”.

    Lexi – Greek origin which means “to defend” or “defending men”.

    Lochlan – Irish origin meaning “Land of the Lochs”.

    Maynard – German origin meaning “brave and strong”.

    Ranger – French origin which means “forest guardian”.

    Seven – Romanian origin which means “spiritual seek the enlightened”.

    Treyton – Of English origin which means “trees”.

    Usher – Anglo-Norman French origin which means “door keeper” or “gate watcher”.

    Vernell – Of English origin which means “green” or “flourishing”.

    Warwick – Old English origin meaning “settlement by the weir”.

    Winslow – Of Old English meaning “mound” or “barrow”.

    Wolfgang – German origin meaning “path” or “journey” or “travel”.

    Xenon – Greek origin meaning “guest” or “stranger”.

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    Strong Two-Syllable Boy Names

    A strong and masculine boy name is always a good choice for a baby boy. They give the impression of power and masculinity.

    When people hear the name, they automatically associate it with strength and toughness. I can imagine a young man with a strong name growing up to a president of a company or some type of a leader.

    Now, who does not want that for their kid? If you want a tough sounding name for your kid, below are some of the best strong two-syllable boy names with their origins and meanings.

    Amzi – Hebrew origin which means “strong”.

    Anders – Scandinavian origin which means “strong and manly”.

    Andre – Of French and Portuguese origin which means “man”.

    Angus – Scottish Gaelic origin which means “one strength”.

    Arnold – English origin which means “strong as an eagle”.

    Aza – Of Arabic origin which means “powerful”.

    Brian – Of Irish origin which meanings “strong, virtuous, and honorable”.

    Conal – Irish origin which means “strong as a wolf”.

    Denzel – Cornish origin which means “from the high stronghold”.

    Egon – German origin which means “strong with a sword”.

    Garrett – Of Irish origin which means “spear strength”.

    Godric – Old English origin which means “power of God”.

    Griffin – Latin origin which means “strong Lord”

    Harvey – Of French origin which means “battle worthy”.

    Jabbar -Arabic origin meaning “powerful” or “giant” or “mighty”.

    Kenzo – Japanese origin which means “strong and healthy”.

    Maynard – German origin which means “hardy” or “brave” or “strong”.

    Merrick – Welsh origin which means “fame” or “power”.

    Monte – Italian origin meaning “man-power” or “mountain”.

    Oswald – English origin which means “divine power”.

    Quillon– Of Latin origin which means “strong”.

    Ragnar– Norse origin which means “warrior” or “judgment”.

    Reynold– Of English origin which means “counsel-power”.

    Ulric– English origin which means “wealthy” or, “powerful ruler”.

    Zale– Of Greek origin which means “sea-strength”.

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    There you go. One hundred two-syllable boy names including the most popular, cute, unique, and powerful boy names for you to choose from!

    If there is one tip that I can give you regarding naming your baby, is to not overthink it. It will come to you naturally!

    Trust me on this! What you can do, is to list down your favorites and take a look  at their meanings to see if this is something that suits your baby or if these are the characteristics that you want your son to embody when he grows older.

    Another thing you can do is to say them out loud several times and imagine yourself calling your baby using these names. The one that feels right in all aspects is definitely the best choice.

    Keep in mind that baby naming should be fun and not stressful! Whatever you decide on, I hope this list of two-syllable boy names helps!