Names That Mean Light

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Having a baby can be one of the most exciting experiences. Usually, the first task is to give this precious bundle of joy a befitting name.

Many parents would say that their child illuminates their lives. Considering this, giving your baby a name that translates to mean “light” would only be right. To make your task of picking out the perfect name easier, we have an extensive list of names that mean light for you to choose from.

What Names Mean Light?

Many times, children are named based on names that fit their sexes:

Names that mean Light for Boy

Aberash is a very uncommon name. It comes from the Amharic language and means “shining” or “giving off light” – a perfect way to say your little boy dazzles everyone who sets eyes on him because of his radiance.

Abner: This is a masculine-sounding Hebrew name. The meaning of the name is “father of light” or simply “light”.

Anwar: Originating from the Arabic language, this word interprets as “light” or “brighter”.

Beacon: Drawing this unique name from Old English, we have Beacon to mean “signal light”.

Bhaskara: A very intriguing name, this word combines two Sanskrit words – bhasa meaning “light” and kara which means “maker”. This word is also used as a name for the sun. In Hindu religion, the Hindu God Shiva is often also called by this name.

Burusk: This name originated from the word “barq” which is an Arabic word that means “lightning”.

Cahaya: With high Malay and Indonesian roots, the name Cahaya is known to simply mean “light”.

Chand: Any parent who lives in the moonlight and night sky would love this name. Translated directly from Hindi, it means “the moon”.

Elior: This Hebrew name speaks of God. It says “God is my light”.

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Elnur: A mix of the Turkish word “el” and the Arabic word “nur”, which means “country” and “light” respectively. It means “light of the people” in Azerbaijani.

Elouan: We are not quite sure of the origins of this word, but it is likely rooted in a Breton word that means light.

Endrit: This is a unique name derived from the Albanian word “dritë”. This word simply translates to mean light.

Epifanio: This name means “bringing light”. It is a Spanish name that communicates that you think of your baby as a person who illuminates your life and the lives of those who come in contact with him.

Gerel: The Mongolian word Gerel plainly translates into light.

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Gulnur: With Turkish origins, this masculine name has a beautiful meaning – “rose light”.

Ivar: Ivar is a relatively popular name from the Hebrew language that means “light”.

Jomei: The Japanese word Jomei tells your baby that you think he is “spreading the light”.

Kiran: From Sanskrit, the name Kiran is a smooth one that says your child is a “ray of light”.

Lucian: From Latin, this word means “light”.

Lucifer: The word “lux” which means light and “ferre” meaning “to bring” combine to create the name Lucifer. Not many people bear this name because of its negative religious connotations, but it is truly a beautiful name with Latin origin.

Mechoir: This name is thought to mean “king of light’ or “light of the king”. It is possible it comes from two Hebrew words- “Melekh” meaning “king” and “or” meaning “light”. For Christians, it is believed that one of the kids who came to see the newborn baby Jesus was named Mechoir.

Meir: If your baby boy is “giving light”, this is a great name for him. It comes from the Hebrew language.

Ming: Simple and cute. This Chinese word can be interpreted as “clear”, “light” or “bright”.

Ner: Another word with Hebrew origin. The simple name “Ner” means “candle” or “light”.

Oran: This is an Aramaic and Gaelic combination that simply says “light”.

Photios: The word “Photo” might be familiar. This is the Greek word that “Photios” meaning “light” originates from.

Prabhakara: From the words “Prabha” meaning “light” and “kara” meaning “maker”, the Sanskrit word is a name the sun is commonly called in ancient Hindu texts.

Pradip: This is another Sanskrit name that means “lantern” or “light”.

Ray: Ray means “beam of light”. It is a word often used in English language and has been the name by which many famous people have been called.

Uri: In Hebrew, Uri means “my light”. It is particularly beautiful because it personalized its meaning.

Uriah: In Hebrew, this means “light” or “flame”. It can also be spelled as Uriyah to mean “YAHWEH is my light”.

Udup: This lovely Indian name means “moonlight”.

Yildrim: This is a Turkish name for a powerful boy. It means “lightning”.

Yota: In Japanese, the words that the name Yota is derived from are “yo” and “ta” (no brainer). “Yo” means “light”, “sun”, and “male”. Ta, on the other hand, means “thick” or “big”.

Zain: Zain is “godly light”. It comes from Hindi origins.

Zohar: This is a name that calls for attention. It comes from Hebrew and it means “light” or “brilliance”.

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Girl Names that mean Light

Adna: A name we get from Israel, this name says your daughter is a “pleasure” and “delight” to you and anyone she meets.

Afroze: This is an African name that means “illuminating” or refers to something or someone that is “enlightening”.

Alesea: This is an English name from England. It is a name for someone who is known to be “full of light”.

Alina: This is a beautiful name for your baby girl. It is a Greek word that means light. In Gaelic, it also means “bright”.

Annalina: This is a Swedish name that means “graceful light”.

Anora: This sweet-sounding name is common in England and also means light.

Aonani: Aonani is a Hawaiian word that takes a step further to qualify your baby’s shine. It means “beautiful light”, telling everyone who can understand the name how beautiful you think your girl is.

Aura: This is a unique name meaning “glowing light” It originates from Latin America.

Aurora: The name of the goddess of dawn, it is also a name used to describe the stunning Northern lights.

Ayla: If you love the night sky, here’s a Latin name for your baby girl that means “moonlight”.

Chiara: Give your baby girl a beautiful Italian name that interprets as “light” or “clear”.

Ciana: This is another unique Italian name that means light.

Dawn: What’s more stunning than the morning sky as the sun rises at dawn? Dawn is a popular Old English name. It means the first appearance of light.

Eileen: This name cuts across several languages. In Gaelic, Scottish, and Scotch-Irish, the name Eileen means “bright, shining one”.

Elaine: Elaine is a popular French and Scottish name that also basically means the same as Eileen – “bright or shining light”.

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Eleanor: This name has gained much popularity. It simply means “light”.

Eliora: In Hebrew, this captivating name takes a religious tone. It means “the Lord is my light”.

Ellen: This is a very popular Greek name that means “sun”, “ray” or “shining light”.

Faven: Faven has African roots and simply means “light”.

Hennelore: This German name interprets as “God is my light” or “grace”.

Helen or Helena: With Greek roots, these names mean “shining one” or “bright”.

Ilene: This name comes from Greek origins and means “light”.

Iliana: This name is a Spanish word that means “ray of light”.

Ilona: The name Ilona is a variation of “Helen” in Hungarian. It also means light.

Leora: This beautiful name translates as “light” or “compassion”. It has Greek roots.

Lita: Definitely a sweet-sounding name, Lita has Latin origins and is interpreted from Latin as “light”.

Lucia: An interesting name also said as “Luciana”, this name translates as light from Latin.

Lucy: Very famous, but nonetheless beautiful, this name stems from Latin to mean light as well.

Luz: Luz is a name in Spanish that says light.

Mahina: For those who see the beauty in the moon, this name is Hawaiian and it means “moonlight”.

Meira: Stemming from Hebrew language, this name also means light.

Nera: A quickly spreading name, Nera has Hebrew origins and is often given to baby girls born during Hanukkah or New Year in Israel. It says “candle” or light”.

Nahara: This name sounds exotic and is great for a girl. It has Aramaic roots and simply means light.

Noor: Meaning light and made popular by the infamous Jordanian Queen who was also named Noor, this name has Arabic roots.

Nura: You can guess the meaning of Nura – light. This name is from the Arabic language.

Oralee: If you want to make the name personal, go for the Hebrew word “Oralee” which means “my light” to tell your daughter exactly what she means to you.

Phoebe: No doubt you would have heard this popular name which means “radiant” or “brilliant”. It is drawn from Greek mythology and has gained a lot of popularity today.

Orli: Also meaning “light”, this name is Hebrew and often is used to name baby girls born around the period of Hanukkah.

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Roxana: Like Dawn, this name means “the first appearance of light”. A famous person who bore this name was the wife of Alexander the Great.

Thea: This is the name of the Goddess of Light in Greek mythology.

Twinkle: A breathtaking name,  twinkle means “shining with an unsteady light”. It brings to mind the famous rhyme, “Twinkle, twinkle, little star”.

Uriela: From Hebrew, we get this name which is very distinct. It means “light of God”.

Yetta: Yetta is also derived from Hebrew and it directly means “light”.

Zia: An Arabic name, Zia means “light” or “splendor”.

Ziv: A dazzling Hebrew name for your daughter is Ziv, meaning “radiance” or even “the light of God”.

Gender Neutral Names that mean Light

A beautiful Sanskrit name that can be suited for any gender is Abha. This name means “light” or “splendor”.

Japanese Names That Mean Light

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Jomei: The Japanese word Jomei tells your baby that you think he is “spreading the light”.

Raiden: Derived from “Rai ” and “Den” which are Japanese words meaning thunder and lightning, this is an uncommon name often meaning lightning or electricity.

Mitsuaki: It originates from Japanese. It means something or someone “bright and luminous”.

Toshiaki: This name comes from two Japanese words- “Toshi” which means either “talented” or “handsome”, and the word “aki” meaning either “light” or “bright”.

Akiko: A beautiful Japanese name, Akiko simply means “bright” or “light”

What name means Goddess of light?

The Greek name, Thea, is the name of the Goddess of light based on Greek mythology. Thea, the goddess of light, was also considered to be the goddess of the sun, dawn, and moon. The name has an Anglicized version – Theia – and it sounds very serene and aesthetic.

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What name means Child of light?

Margot, originating from Greek and Persian, is a form of the popular name Margaret. It is said to mean “pearl” and “child of light”.