Middle Names for Hazel

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A middle name generator isn’t required to match up random name ideas for you. The adorable middle names we offer here were chosen with care to match any purpose you have in mind.

Hazel’s middle name might be any of many lovely female characters. But first, let’s view the definition of the name hazel. The name Hazel comes from the English word hazelnut, which meaning “hazelnut tree.”

Hazel got its name from the Old English word hæsel, which meant “hazelnut tree” and meant “protection and authority.” The term was initially used in the nineteenth century in England. Most English-speaking nations, particularly the United States and the United Kingdom, have adopted it.

Hazel Adair

Hazel Addison

Hazel Adelaide

Hazel Adira

Hazel Agnes

Hazel Alexa

Hazel Alice

Hazel Alsie

Hazel Angela

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Hazel Angelique

Hazel Annabel

Hazel Anne

Hazel Arabella

Hazel Arwen

Hazel Astrid

Hazel Aurelia

Hazel Aurora

Hazel Autumn

Hazel Ava

Hazel Aveline

Hazel Avery

Hazel Baylee

Hazel Beatrice

Hazel Belle

Hazel Bethany

Hazel Bette

Hazel Bianca

Hazel Blair

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Hazel Bree

Hazel Bridget

Hazel Brooke

Hazel Brynn

Hazel Camille

Hazel Carolina

Hazel Carys

Hazel Catherine

Hazel Cecelia

Hazel Charlotte

Hazel Claire

Hazel Cleo

Hazel Coralie

Hazel Cordelia

Hazel Corinne

Hazel Daphne

Hazel Dawn

Hazel Drew

Hazel Eden

Hazel Edith

Hazel Eleanor

Hazel Elena

Hazel Elise

Hazel Eliza

Hazel Elizabeth

Hazel Emelia

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Hazel Emma

Hazel Esme

Hazel Esther

Hazel Eve

Hazel Evelyn

Hazel Faith

Hazel Falin

Hazel Faye

Hazel Florence

Hazel Geneva

Hazel Georgina

Hazel Giuliana

Hazel Grace

Hazel Greer

Hazel Gwen

Hazel Ileana

Hazel Isabel

Hazel Isla

Hazel Isla

Hazel Iyana

Hazel Jane

Hazel Jaye

Hazel Jayne

Hazel Jill

Hazel Joan

Hazel Josephine

Hazel Joyce

Hazel Joyce

Hazel June

Hazel Kairi

Hazel Kate

Hazel Katherine

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Hazel Keziah

Hazel Kiana

Hazel Kim

Hazel Lee

Hazel Leigh

Hazel Leyre

Hazel Lilith

Hazel Lily

Hazel Louise

Hazel Lucille

Hazel Madison

Hazel Mae

Hazel Mae

Hazel Malin

Hazel Margaret

Hazel Marie

Hazel Marie

Hazel Marin

Hazel Maya

Hazel Meredith

Hazel Monet

Hazel Nance

Hazel Nicole

Hazel Noemi

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Hazel Noor

Hazel Nour

Hazel Odelia

Hazel Olivia

Hazel Orla

Hazel Paige

Hazel Paige

Hazel Pearl

Hazel Pearl

Hazel Phoebe

Hazel Prue

Hazel Quinley

Hazel Quinn

Hazel Rae

Hazel Reese

Hazel Renee

Hazel Rose

Hazel Rosey

Hazel Ruth

Hazel Reath

Hazel Sarai

Hazel Seren

Hazel Serena

Hazel Shaye

Hazel Skye

Hazel Sloane

Hazel Tamsin

Hazel Tenzin

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Hazel Thea

Hazel Theodora

Hazel Theresa

Hazel Una

Hazel Violet

Hazel Vivienne

Hazel Willa

Hazel WIllow

Hazel Winnie

Hazel Wren

Hazel Xanthe

Hazel is a lovely first name for a baby girl, whether you choose Mae, Leigh, or Elizabeth as a middle name. Hopefully, one of the above alternatives appealed to you. If not, a family name or even your second-choice first name (if they sound nice together!) should suffice. If you’re still on the fence about Hazel, have a look at my middle name ideas for Abigail, Eleanor, or Scarlett.