100 Unique Strong Boy Names meaning Strength and Honor

By Nina Roman

The most Unique Strong Boy names are Apollo, Bear, Ezekiel, Ivan, and Josiah. These names have gained in popularity over the last year but are still unique to use

When I was pregnant with my first baby who I knew was a boy. I was looking for some powerful strong boy names.

I really wanted to find a comprehensive list of strong and unique baby boys’ names, which I couldn’t find anywhere.

My husband was adamant that the name had to be not only rare, powerful and unusual but a name that no one had heard of at the time….NO pressure then!

I began searching and wrote a list of what I believed were uncommon and unique baby names that would keep my husband happy.

I have since gone on to have a further two boys so I have added to my list of powerful and masculine boys’ names.

I now have a list of 100 Baby boy names that mean strong that I feel have made the grade.

Powerful Boy Names That Mean Warrior Starting With A

Arsenio: Spanish name meaning strong and virile.

Azai: Hebrew name meaning strength.

Amell: German name meaning power of an eagle

Amory: German name meaning brave and powerful.

Andreas: a Greek name meaning strong and manly.

Boy Names That Mean Strong Beginning With B

Brion: an Irish name meaning strong and honorable.

Barin: Teutonic name meaning noble fighter.

Baldrik: A Germanic name meaning brave and bold.

Bear: An English name meaning brave, courageous and daring.

Batair: Scottish name meaning strong warrior

Strong Boys Names That Mean Strong Fighter Starting With C

Carlo: Italian name meaning manly

Cathal: Irish name meaning powerful in battle

Cormac: Irish name meaning charioteer

Cillian: Irish name meaning war

Strong Male Names Starting With The Letter D

Donal: Irish name meaning proud chief.

Dreng: English name meaning warrior.

Dries: Dutch name meaning man or warrior.

Drew: English name shortened from Andrew meaning Warrior.

Baby Boy Names That Mean Strong Fighter Starting With The Letter E

Ezekiel: Hebrew name meaning God will strengthen.

Edric: English name for power and good fortune.

Ethan: Hebrew name meaning strong and firm.

Enzo: Italian name meaning winner or conquest.

Ekon: African name meaning strong.

Einar: Norwegian name meaning strong warrior.

Baby Boy Names That Mean Warrior Fighter Starting With The Letter F

Finian: Irish name meaning handsome warrior.

Fadi: Arabic name meaning savior.

Fenyang: African name meaning conquest.

Flamma: Greek name meaning gladiator.

Baby Boy Names That Mean Strength Starting With G

Gabriel: Hebrew name meaning God is my strength.

Guy: French name for leader.

Gus: Gaelic name meaning one strength.

Griffith: Welsh name meaning chief warrior.

Brave Boy Names Starting With H

Hu: Arabic name meaning tiger or vigorous.

Hagan: Gaelic name meaning fire.

Helmer: Swedish name meaning fighting fury.

Herbie/Herbert: German name meaning illustrious warrior.

Strong Boy Names That Mean Hope And Strength Starting With H

Ivar: Icelandic for bow warrior.

Imre: Hungarian for Strength.

Igor: Scandinavian for heroic warrior.

Ivor: bow warrior.

Strong Male Names starting with J

Jian: Arabic meaning man of strength.

Jedrek: Polish name meaning strong man.

Jerry: Irish name meaning brave spearman.

Jan: Finnish name meaning helmet warrior.

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Warrior Names For Boys Starting With K

Kano: Japanese name meaning masculine power.

Kawan: Korean name meaning strong.

Kalmin: Scandinavian meaning manly and strong.

Kenzo: Japanese name for strength.

Killian: Irish name meaning war or strife.

Boy Names That Mean Strong Fighter Starting With L

Liam: Irish name meaning a strong-willed warrior.

Ludwik: German name meaning fighter.

Leonardo: Italian/Spanish name meaning brave lion.

Louis: French name meaning great warrior.

Powerful baby boy names starting with M

Mauz: Hebrew name meaning strength.

Magnus: Latin name meaning the greatest.

Miles: Latin name meaning soldier.

Max: German name meaning greatest.

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Boy names meaning strength and honor starting with N

Neron: Spanish name meaning strong.

Nolan: Gaelic name meaning champion.

Ned: English name meaning healthy guardian.

Naois: Celtic name meaning Mythical warrior.

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Brave boys names starting with O

Osiris: Egyptian name meaning strong eyesight.

Oz: Hebrew name meaning strength.

Owen: Welsh name meaning young warrior.

Ondrej: Slovakian name meaning man warrior.


Strong boy names starting with P

Palebo: Arabic meaning lightning.

Pridbor: Slovakian name meaning foremost warrior.

Ptolemy: Greek name meaning aggressive warlike.

Patton: English name meaning from the warrior’s town.

Baby boys meaning strong starting with a Q

Quillon: Latin name meaning strong.

Quadir: Arabic name meaning powerful.

Quiver: English name meaning arrow holder.

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Unique boys names meaning strength

Ryker: Danish name meaning super strength.

Ricardo: Italian name meaning strong and powerful ruler.

Remo: English/Greek name meaning the strong one.

Rinc: Anglo Saxon name meaning mighty warrior.

Boys names meaning Honor

Swithin: English name meaning strength.

Sanosuke: Japanese name meaning fighter.

Safdar: African name meaning fighter.

Shogun: Japanese name meaning ruler.

Baby boy names meaning Fighter starting with T

Thor: Norse name meaning thunder.

Takio: Japanese name meaning strength.

Takeshi: Japanese name meaning military martial.

Thane: Scottish name meaning chief.

Brave Warrior boys names starting with U

Ubaldo: German name meaning bold and brave.

Umberto: Italian name for renowned warrior.

Udo: Teutonic name meaning prosperous.

Uisne: Scottish name meaning man of force.

Baby Boy names meaning Strength starting with V

Valerio: English name meaning valor.

Victorio: Spanish name meaning renowned warrior.

Vidar: Scandinavian name meaning warrior.

Volker: German name for people’s guard.

Warrior boys names starting with W

Wyatt: English name meaning strong.

Walt/Walter: English name meaning ruler of an army.

Warner: English name meaning covered warrior.

Wigman: English name meaning warrior.

Powerful baby names meaning honor starting with an X

Xander: Greek name meaning protector of man.

Xavion:  Name meaning fighter.

Xanthus: Greek name meaning river God.

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Baby boy names which mean Strength starting with a Y

Yaden: Hebrew name meaning strong.

Yemon: Japanese name meaning Guardian.

Yuma: African name meaning son of a chief.

Yves: French name meaning knight of the lion.

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Baby Boy names meaning Strength starting with Z

Zuben: Egyptian name meaning strong.

Zale: Greek name meaning sea strength.

So, this is my list of over 100 boys’ names which mean strength, as you can see these names come from a number of different countries and cultures. They are unique and strong baby names not in the top 100 and not too unusual.

I wish you all the best and hope you have a safe and easy birth