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Hebrew Baby Boy Names

Hebrew baby boy names run the spectrum between ancient to modern names. Many Hebrew names are terrifically familiar, while others sound unique and exotic.

While some are drawn from the Bible, many are inspired by nature and are thus suitable for newborns of any religious or ethnic background.

Names are important and makes up most people’s identity. This is seen in Hebrew Scriptures, where people were given names that suited them or their circumstances.

For example: Abram and Sarai were given new names by God, Abraham and Sarah, to bring importance to the changing circumstances of their lives. In turn, they named their son Isaac, meaning “laughter”, because Sarah laughed when she was told she would have a baby at her age.

Even the infamous Saul changed his name to Paul after having an encounter with God. Names make a huge impact on a person’s life, and whether they realize it or not, it can make or break their confidence. 

Since a name is so important, when picking out a name for your baby boy, it is imperative that you settle on something with a positive meaning so that it can bring blessings into your child’s life.

A name is a person’s identity and when meeting new people, we often lead by introducing ourselves by first giving out our names.

Hebrew names are far more common than we realise, most of the names from the bible being of Hebrew origin. These names are extremely popular today, though the origins are often not known.

If you are someone with a Hebrew background who is interested in giving your baby a traditional Hebrew name, or if you are someone who just loves the culture and wants to portray it through your child’s name, we have some of the top Hebrew baby boy names for you!

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Adnah – Pleasure

Ahser – Happiness and Blessings

Avi (AH-vee)  – Father is Mighty 

Abdiel – Servant of God

Abel – 

Abraham – 

Asa – Healer 

Adin – Gentle 

Asher – Happy, Blessed 

Amos – Carried by God 

Azariah – God Helps 

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Benaiah – Son of the Lord 

Bachir – Oldest Son 

Bachur – Young Man 

Caleb – Devotion to God 

Cain – Craftsman/Spear 

Cal – Dog/Courageous 


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    Cephas – War Leader 

    Davian – Beloved 

    Eben – Stone of Help 

    Elias – Jehovah is God

    Eliah – Sun 

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    Ezra – Helper 

    Eitan – Strong/Firm 

    Efraim – Fertile/Productive 

    Elijah – The Lord is my God 

    Ezekiel – God Strengthens 

    Elam – Hidden Time/Forever/Always/Young Man

    Gavi – God is my Strength

    Gil – French form of Julius 

    Gideon – Mighty Warrior/Feller of Trees 

    Gilas – Mountain 

    Giovanni – The Lord is Gracious 

    Giuseppe – The Lord Increases 

    Guni – A Garden/Covering 

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    Hans – God’s Gracious Gift/The Lord is Gracious 

    Harel – Mountain of God 

    Hasin – Variant of Chasin: Strong 

    Haskel – Intellect 

    Israel – He who struggles with God 

    Isaiah – The Lord is my Helper/Saved by God 

    Jedi – Invoker of the Lord

    Jaap – Supplanter 

    Jace – A healing 

    Jake – Held by the Heel/He who Supplants 

    Jorah – Early Rain 

    Josiah – Jehovah Helps

    Jeriah – Jehovah has Seen 

    Jude – Praised 

    Joel – Yahweh is God 

    Jesus – God will Help/Lord is Salvation 

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    Kale – Faithful 

    Lev – Lion

    Laban – White 

    Latif – Caress/Gentle Slap

    Lave – Lord 

    Mateo – Gift of God 

    Micah – Humble 

    Maaseiah – The work of the Lord 

    Magni – One of the Seven Gods of the Aesir 

    Mal – Messenger of God 

    Nathaniel – Gift of God/Given by God 

    Naam – Fair/Pleasant

    Nahor – Hoarse/Dry/Hot 

    Nimrod – Rebellion 

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    Oren – Laurel or Pine Tree 

    Obadiah – Servant of God 

    Oded – Encourages 

    Reuben – Behold, a son!

    Rafael – God has Healed

    Reuel – Friend of God 

    Ranon – Joyful 

    Roche – Rock 

    Roe – Deer 

    Raamah – Greatness/Thunder/Some sort of Evil 

    Shai – Gift 

    Seth – Appointed One 

    Saad – Support 

    Saloman – Peaceful 

    Sampson – Sun Child/Bright Sun 

    Simon – Listen

    Tobin – God is Good 

    Taaveti – Dearly Loved 

    Taneli – God is my Judge 

    Teva – Nature 

    Tobias – The Lord is Good 

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    Uriah – God is Light 

    Udeh – Praise 

    Uzi – My Strength 

    Vanek – The Lord is Gracious 

    Ximen – God has Heard 

    Ximenez – Listening Intently

    Yaakov – Held by the Heel 

    Yaal – He will Ascend

    Yael – Mountain Goat 

    Zemira – A song 

    Zillah – Shadow of Darkness; Protection 

    Zuriel – The Lord my Rock

    Z’ev – Wolf 

    Zwi – Gazelle 

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