German Baby Boy Names

For a classic German baby boy name, think of the children in The Sound of Music movie! The good news is that you will find many German baby boy names that work internationally if you are planning on having a baby in Germany.

However, while most countries allow any name, Germany is known for being a little stricter. German names must be approved during the process of getting a German birth certificate, meaning parents can be over-ruled if they choose an inappropriate German boy’s name.

Germanic names often consist of more than one first name given by the parents (Vornamen), followed by a family name. There are plenty of masculine names with Germanic origin, used in Germany as well as in German-speaking countries like Austria and Switzerland.

The German alphabet has 26 letters, similar to English, although German also includes combined letters and three umlauted vowels (ä, ö and ü).

Using certain letters can mean that your baby name’s will be pronounced differently in different languages. The challenge is, however, finding a baby name you like that will also be welcomed by their peers.

Regions of the world have long had their own unique names significant to their specific language and culture, and Germany is no exception.

Many names are passed down through generations, particularly for young men. Fathers love to name their sons after themselves or other family members.

When it comes down to monikers for German boys, and emphasis seems to be places on those kinds of warrior-like names that symbolize strength with their Old German meanings. But there are some softer names that mean things like “polite” or “bright”.

Many of the unusual German baby boy names started in life as surnames, and with surname-names fashionable for baby boys, you may find a German name on your family tree that can be adapted as a first.

This guide of German baby boy names looks at the most popular German names, as well as historical trends in baby boy names.

Alder – Eagle 

Adolf – Noble Wolf 

Adolph – Noble Wolf 

Alaric – Noble Ruler, Elf Ruler 

Alary – Elf Ruler 

Allison – Son of the Noble One 

Archie – Archer or Truly Bold 

Aren – Eagle Ruler 

Arlen – Person from Erlen, Germany 

Arlo – Hill 

Armin – Universal, Whole 

Armon – Army Man 

Arne – Eagle 

Arno – Eagle 

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Baden – Bather 

Barny – Diminutive Form of Barnaby/Barnard 

Berg – Mountain 

Berger – Mountain Dweller 

Bernt – Strong, Brave Bear

Bert – Bright 

Betelgeuse – Hand of the Central One 

Billie – Diminutive form of Wilhelmina 

Bode – Messenger 

Braun – Brown 

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Carl – Manly 

Carsten – Christian 

Caspar – Treasurer 

Coen – Diminutive form of Conrad 

Dale – Valley 

Deiter – Army of the People 

Delaware – Named for Baron De La Ware 

Dewitt – Blond 

Diedrick – People Ruler 

Diesel – Diminutive form of Matthlas or Dietrich 

Dieter – Army of the People 

Edel – Noble 

Ehren – Honourable 

Einstein – Stone Worker 

Emeric – Work Rule, Leader 

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Falk – Hawk 

Ferdinand – To be Courageous 

Gable – God is Bright

Gerhard – Brave Spearman 

Gisbert – Bright Promise 

Hansel – God is Gracious 

Harmon – Soldier 

Hartmann – Hardy Man 

Hartmut – Brave Mind 

Haydn – Heathen 

Heinrich – Ruler of the Home 

Hugo – Bright in Mind and Spirit 

Horst – Man from the Woods 

Hertz – Brave, Bold 

Jaegar – Hunter 

Jessen – From the Town of Jessen 

Johan – God is Gracious 

Josef – God will Increase 

Jung – Young 

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Kaiser – Leader

Karsten – Christian 

Katz – Priest of Righteousness

Kiffen – To smoke Marijuana 

Kyler – Church, Mon’k’s Cell 

Lang – Tall Man 

Lanzo – Lance, Spear

Loman – From the Wood Land 

Lou – Famed Warrior 

Ludwig – Famous Warrior 

Lukas – From Lucania 

Lynde – Gentle 

Louis – Famed Warrior 

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Mahler – Stained Glass Maker 

Mandel – Almond 

Manric – Ruler, Exalted One

Mayer – Steward 

Medwin – Powerful Friend 

Mendie – Little Man 

Oberon – Noble Bear

Porsche – Offering

Rafer – Unknown Meaning

Ranulf – Raven Wolf 

Romy – Rosemary or Person from Rome

Rune – A Secret 

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Sailor – Boat Man 

Schatzi – Dear, Treasure 

Sef – Short form of Joseph 

Seifer – Victory Peace

Shaffer – Stweard, Butler 

Sigfried – Victory, Peace

Sigmund – Victorious Protector 

Stefan – Crown 

Tammen – From Tamm, Germany 

Tanner – Leather Worker

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Ulf – Wolf 

Ull – Wolf Power

Wald – Leader, Power, Ruler

Werner – Army Guard 

Yaeger – Chase, Hunt

Zelig – The Blessed One 

Zeppelin – Airship, Dirigible, Blimp 

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