Names That Mean Warrior

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We all have different reasons for selecting names, but choosing the right name can be a difficult task. Sometimes we already have a meaning in mind, but choosing from the numerous names conveying that meaning becomes the problem.

If what you are looking for is a name that means warrior, then look no further. We have selected the most beautiful names across several cultures and languages through the ages just for you.

From Celtic names such as  Cadman, Catumanus, and Eoghan, to Greek names like Allister, Andro, and Gerald, our list has everything you are looking for, and more.

Badass Warrior Names

When you hear the word warrior, one of the things that comes to mind is badass. In this section is a list of some of the best badass warrior names.

Achilles – This is the name of the greatest known warrior from Greek mythology.

Alice – A warrior from “The Resident Evil” series.

Adonis Creed – This name is from the movie “Creed”. Adonis Creed is a true champion who fights like a warrior until the end.

Aragorn – A renowned warrior king in “The Lord Of The Rings”.. Bruce Wayne: This vigilante fights criminals in “Gotham”, a fictional city in “Batman”.

Diana Prince – An Amazonian warrior from the movie “Wonder Woman”.

Ellen Ripley – A fierce warrior from “The Alien Quadrilogy”.

Furiosa – A war captain from the movie “Mad Max: Fury Road ”.

Forrest Bondurant –A famous warrior from the movie “Lawless”.

Han Solo – A fighter and warrior from “Star Wars”.

Hugh Glass –A frontiersman from the movie “The Revenant”. He is known for his survival story.

Indiana Jones – A fictional archeologist that is also a warrior.

Jen Yu – A martial arts master from the movie “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”.

Katniss Everdeen – A fierce archer from “The Hunger Games” trilogy.

Rita Vrataski – A warrior from the movie “Edge Of Tomorrow”.

John McClane – A fictitious character from the “Die Hard” series who fights against villains.

John Rambo – A character from the movie “Rambo”. He enters dangerous situations alone like a true warrior.

Kikuchiyo – A samurai warrior from the movie “The Seven Samurai”.

Lee – A martial artist and warrior from the movie “Enter The Dragon”.

Luke Hobbs – A lead Federal Agent and fighter from “The Fast And The Furious” series.

Marv – An intelligent warrior from the movie “Sin City”.

Morpheus – A selfless warrior leader and teacher from the movie “The Matrix”.

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Celtic Names For Warrior

Below are some Celtic names for warrior

Aed – Fiery.

Aindriu – Strong; brave; manly; warrior.

Alexander – Helper, protector, defender of mankind; warrior.

Alister – Defender of mankind; warrior.

Aloysius – Renowned warrior.

Bryant –  Strong

Carroll – Zealous warrior; champion.

Cathmore – Great warrior/fighter

Conlaoch – Chief warrior

Donncha – Brown; lord; brown-headed warrior.

Findlaech – Fair warrior

Finn Chu – Fair warrior; fair hound.

Flaithri – Warrior King

Flannan – Brave warrior

Gearard – Famous warrior

Kaellan – Mighty at war; warrior; slender.

Kellie – Warrior

Luchaidh – Famous warrior.

Maelduin – Warrior of the fortress.

Milesius – Merciful; warrior.

Mullin – Warrior

Greek Names For Warrior

In this section are some of the best Greek Names for warriors we carefully selected for you

Alpha – ThisGreek name means “firstborn, strongest”.

Andr – Man; warrior; strong and manly.

Andras – Masculine; manly; brave, warrior

Andre – Manly; brave; masculine; warrior; strong; courageous.

Andries – Virile; manly; warrior

Andro – Masculine; manly; warrior.

Antreas – Warrior

Antti – Strong; manly; brave man; warrior.

Bandi – Virile; manly; slave; servant; warrior.

Buzyges – Three-fold warrior

Caelan – Mighty warrior; thin.

Eneas – One who is praised

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What Names Mean Little Warrior

If you’re looking for names that mean little warrior, they are right here

Cillian – Battle; little warrior; war.

Kilian – Small; fierce; war; strife; bright headed; blind; little warrior.

Marceau – Hammer; little warrior.

Marcellin – Little warrior

Marcellino – Little warrior; hammer.

Marcello – Pledged to Mars; little warrior.

Marcellus – Young warrior

Owen “young warrior; well-born”.

Wyatt – Little warrior.

Rarest Warrior Boy Names

We have searched and compiled some of the rarest and most unique warrior boy names in this section.

Abelardo: Noble and strong

Abiri – A Hebrew name meaning “my strength, my hero”.

Absko – A name of Kenyan origin meaning “power and strength”.

Adir – A Hebrew name meaning “strong, courageous, mighty”.

Aimilios – A name of Greek origin meaning “strength”.

Alcibiades – This name means “strength”.

Aldrich – Strong, mighty, ruler.

Arsenio – Strong, virile.

Ayele – This is an Amharic name from Ethiopia that means “powerful”.

Benhail – A Hebrew name meaning “son of strength”.

Beren – A Turkish name that means “strong, smart”.

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Warrior Names Male

Here is a list of Warrior names for males

Aaron – Mountain of strength

Abbot – Powerful, capable, and strong.

Abelardo – Strong and noble.

Adalhard – Noble strength

Agro – Battle, slaughter.

Agustin – Majestic dignity and mountain thrower.

Akin – Brave or heroic

Albern – Noble warrior

Ari – Brave.

Arrio – Fierce fighter

Armstrong – Strong fighter.

Arnold – Strong as an eagle.

Arthur – This Celtic name comes from the words, “bear” and “viros”. It means the one who is as fearless as a bear and strong.

Avadh – Powerful, strong, firm, and invincible.

Balavan – One who possesses courage and great strength.

Baldemar – Bold and renowned; famous ruler.”

Baldric –Brave ruler.

Bali – City fortification.

Ballard – This Scandinavian name means a round-shaped strong and brave man.

Basil – This name of Greek origin means “royal, kingly.” It means “brave in Arabic.

Bernard – Brave as bear and much strong

Bernis – Brave, bear, and strong.

Bhisham – Strong or mighty.

Bjorn Bear Mighty, warlike.

Broderick – Famous power.

Bud – Good fighter

Chad – Battle warrior.

Dante – Lasting, enduring.

Denzel – It means from the higher stronghold.

Devlin – Fierce courage.

Dhiren – The Strong One

Dieter – Warrior of the people.

Earl –  Warrior or nobleman.

Edric – Rich and powerful

Ellard – Noble and courageous.

Emery – Brave power

Emmet – Energetic; powerful

Ethan – Firm or strong.

Farold – Mighty voyager.”

Farrell – Hero; a man of courage.

Farris – Brave man.

Ferdinand – Journey; daring; brave.

Gabriel – This is a biblical name that means “God is my strength”.

Garrett – Spear strength.

Gibor – The strong one.

Gunner – Bold Warrior

Haider – Brave; lion.

Hardy – Bold; brave.

Harmon – Warrior or soldier.

Harold – Army; power; leader; ruler.

Hart –Strong, brave; stag.

Hartwig – Brave; hardy; battle.

Harold – Army ruler

Humphrey – Peaceful warrior

Irya – Powerful, energetic.

Ivor – Bow warrior.

Kai – Unbreakable; a harbor; strong.

Kane: – Warrior

Ken – Healthy, physically, and strong.

Kendrick – Bold power.

Leander – This name means mighty courageous as a lion.

Lewis –  Renowned warrior

Louis – Famous warrior.

Lunn – Strong, warlike.

Luther – Army people

Marco – Warlike

Marcel – Little warrior

Mark – Warlike

Maude – Battle-mighty

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Milo – Soldier or merciful”.

Murphy – Sea warrior

Malin – Little strong warrior.

Mallan – This is a Hindu name that means strong; little warrior; and virtuous man.

Nardo – Strong, hardy.

Nero – Strong, vigorous.

Olis – Strong and powerful.

Orval – Spear strength

Oswald – This name of German origin means “God’s power”.

Othniel – This name means God’s strength, God’s lion.”

Ozzy – God’s power and spear of the gods.

Roger – Famous warrior

Walter – Army ruler

Warrick – A strong leader who defends.

Will – Desiring peace; determined protector.

Zubery – An African origin meaning strong.

Warriors Of Gods Names

A list of names of warrior gods are in this section for your selection

Athena – A great battle strategist of Greece.

Ares – The Greek god of war and bloodlust

Badb – An Irish goddess

Bellona – A Roman goddess of war

Bia – A goddess in Greek mythology

Enyo – A Greek goddess of war

Inanna – A Babylonian god of war

Indra – The Hindu god of thunder

Minerva – A Roman goddess

Neith – An Egyptian war goddess

Odin – One of the principal gods in Norse mythology.

Sekhmet – An Egyptian warrior goddess

Sopdu – An Egyptian war god.

Ancient Warrior Names

In this section is a list of some ancient warrior names

Alarac – The name of a lethal and strategic leader of the Visigoths

Cynane – A skilled fighter of Macedon

Fu Hao – An accomplished military leader and high priestess of the Shang Dynasty

Horatius Cocles – Ferocious warrior of the Roman Republic

Khutulun – A Mongolian princess who was a formidable wrestler and expert horse rider

Lu Bu – A vicious warrior of Eastern Han

Olympias – Ruthless assassin of her enemies and mother of Alexander the Great

Teuta – A skilled negotiator of the Ardiaean kingdom who led her tribe in a war.

Vercingetorix – An accomplished strategist of the Ardiaean kingdom

William Wallace – An inspirational leader of the Kingdom of Scotland.

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Dark Warrior Names

Looking for dark warrior names? They are in this section

Bellona –  An Egyptian name meaning “Warrior goddess of destructive warfare”

Donahue – Dark warrior

Duncan – Dark warrior

Helmer – Warrior’s wrath

Kali – An Hindu name meaning “Warrior goddess of destruction”

Cool Latin Names For Warriors

Below are some cool Latin names for warriors

Aloys – Famous warrior

Aloysius – Renowned warrior

Alvar: Truth-speaker; Guardian; Warrior.

Andro: Masculine; Manly; Warrior.

Andreu – Masculine; warrior.

Gervasio – Warrior; spear hard.

Ludovic – Renowned warrior; famous warrior.

Ludovico – Famous warrior/fighter.

Martel – Warrior of Mars

Martino – Warrior of Mars

Paiton – Village of the warrior

Patten – From the warrior’s town

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Greek Warrior Names Male

We’ve got a list of Greek warrior names for males right here

Achilles – A hero of the Trojan war.

Ajax or Aias – A Greek mythological hero.

Apollo – A son of Zeus

Atlas – Bearer of the heavens in Greek mythology.

Evander – An Arcadian hero of the Trojan war.

Jason – An ancient Greek mythological hero

Perseus – The heroic son of Zeus who rescued Andromeda from the sea monster and defeated Medusa.

Polydamas – A Trojan warrior.

Hector – A Trojan prince and the greatest warrior for Troy in the Trojan war.

Theseus – Mythical king and founding hero of Athens.

Famous Warrior Names

In this final section are some famous warrior names awaiting your selection

Artaxerxes – A Greek name that means “great warrior” or “lion king”.

Alcibie – This Greek name refers to a female Amazon warrior.

Boian – This Savic name used by Romanians means “battle, warrior”.

Bhaltair – This name is from the Old High German “Walthere” which means “ruler of the army”.

Baron – A person with rank, assigned by an overlord to hold any task.

Bandi – This name is from the Hungarian “András”. It means “warrior, man”.

Bushi – This is a term used for a Samurai, Japanese.

Cathal – Mighty warrior.

Cahira – This is an Irish female given name that means “warrior”.

Chien – This is the Vietnamese word for “Warrior, fighter”.

Chlothar – This is the German word for “loud warrior”.

Clovis – This is from the German Hlodovic, it means “famous warrior”.

Drew – This is the short version of the English Andrew. It means “man, warrior”.

Einarr – This is an Old Norse composed name meaning “warrior”.

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I hope you were able to find some suitable names from the list. Feel free to let us know your favorite names in the comment section.