Italian Baby Boy Names

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Italian baby boy names are becoming increasingly popular among American parents of all ethnicities, in part because many of them feature the oh-so-trendy final letter “A” or “O”. This has contributed to the rise of Italian names.

Whether you have Italian roots, or you simply love the way Italian names roll off the tongue, there are many choices of Italian baby boy names.

Much like the other Romance languages, Italian baby names may have originated in Latin, or they may have been Latinized from other languages.

Some Italians have also followed the tradition of naming their child after a patron saint.

By knowing the Italian equivalent of a name, you can keep this tradition alive even if one side of your family is not Italian. Or, you might choose a name with ancient Roman roots.

According to Italian Genealogy, in Italy, the first-born son is usually named after his father’s father or his paternal grandfather.

While the next son is named after their maternal grandfather. Naming kids after their parents, uncles, and other relatives is also common.

Another cool thing about Italian first names is how common it is for men to have names ending with the letter “a”.

While many countries consider names ending in “a” as feminine names and names ending in “o” as masculine names. In Italy, the rules are more flexible.

There is a very specific, cute-sy, almost musical quality to the Italian language.

There are specific sounds to themselves, because unlike English, Italians only have 21 letters in their alphabet.

Many of the monikers names have meanings with roots and biblical associations.

If you want your baby boy to share a name with one of the great warriors, poets, or athletes throughout history, you can’t go wrong with these strong Italian baby boy names.

Here is a list over 100 Italian boys names for your baby boy

Italian boys names starting with A

Acciai – Axe Man 

Adagio – Slowly 

Adolfo – Noble Wolf 

Agostino – Great 

Aldo – Old or Noble 

Alessandro – Defender of the People 

Alessi – Defender of the People 

Alfonso – Noble and Ready 

Alfredo – Elf Peace 

Amando – Worthy of Love

Ambrogio – Immortal 

Angelo – Messenger of God 

Modern Italian boys names starting with B

Baldasarre – Ball Protect the King 

Barnardo – Bear Brave 

Bello – Beautiful, Handsome

Benigno – Friendly, Calm 

Benito – Diminutive form of Benedict 

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Popular Italian boys names starting with C

Capri – Italian Island 

Carlo – Man 

Carmine – Song 

Ciro – Of the Sun 

classic Italian boys names beginning with D

Darin – Little Dario 

Dario – Upholder of the Good 

Deangelo – Of the Angels 

Demario – Son of Mario 

Dino – Diminutive form of names ending with -Dino 

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    unique italian boys names starting with E

    Emiliano – Rival 

    Emilio – To Strive or Excel or Rival 

    Ennio – Of the Family Ennlus 

    Enrico – Home Ruler

    Enzo – Short form of Lorenzo 

    Italian boys names starting with F

    Fabian – Bean Grower 

    Fabiano – Bean Grower 

    Fabio – Bean Grower

    Fabrizio – Craftsman 

    Feo – Short form of Maffeo or Feodoro 

    Ferrari – Blacksmith, Iron Worker 

    Modern Italian boys names starting with G

    Gaetano – From Gaeta, Italy 

    Gavino – From the City of Gabium 

    Genaro – January 

    Geona – A Dove 

    Georgino – Farmer 

    Geronimo – Holy Name 

    Giacob – Supplanter 

    Giacomo – Supplanter 

    Gustavo – Staff of the Goths 

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    Italian names that start with I

    Ilario – Cheerful 

    Isidro – Gift of Isis 

    Popular Italian boys names starting with L

    Lanza – Lancer 

    Lazzaro – God has Helped 

    Leo – Lion 

    Leonardo – Lion Brave 

    Leone – Lion 

    Lorenzo – Laurel 

    classic Italian boys names beginning with M

    Mancuso – Left-handed 

    Marciano – Servant of Mars, God of War 

    Marco – Warlike 

    Marconi – From the Family of Marc 

    Mariano – Warlike 

    Mario – Warlike 

    Martelli – Hammersmith 

    Maso – Twin

    unique italian boys names starting with N

    Nazario – From Nazareth 

    Nevio – Mole 

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    italian boys names starting with O

    Orlando – Famous Land 

    Orsino – Bear 

    Othello – Unknown Meaning 

    Italian boys names P

    Paolo – Small 

    Pasquale – Easter 

    Piccolo – Small 

    Pirro – Rock 

    Porfirio – Purple 

    list of Italian boys names starting with R

    Raffaello – God has Healed 

    Renz – Laurel 

    Ricci – Curly Haired 

    Rizzo – Curly Haired 

    Roberto – Bright Fame 

    Rocco – Rest 

    Rome – From Rome, Italy 

    Romeo – From Rome, Italy 

    Ruggiero – Famous Spear 

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    Modern Italian boys names starting with S

    Salvatore – Saviour

    Sandrino – Defender of the People 

    Sandro – Short form of Alessandro 

    Santa – Saint, Holy 

    Santino – Little Saint 

    Salverio – The New House 

    Sergio – Servant 

    Popular Italian boys names starting with T

    Tutti – All Together 

    Teo – Divine Gift 

    Tino – Little (or Jr) 

    Tommaso – A Twin 

    Trey – Three 

    Tullio – From the Tullus Family 

    Tuomo – A Twin 

    classic Italian boys names starting with U

    Ugo – Mind, Spirit 

    UNIQUE Italian boys names starting with V

    Valentino – Strength, Health 

    Vinicio – From the Wine Fields 

    Vito – Life 

    modern Italian boys names starting with z

    Zappa – Occupational Surname