Middle Names for Leo

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Looking for Leo’s middle name? You’ve arrived to the right page! But first, let’s take a look at the meaning of Leo.

The name Leo is derived from the Latin word Leo, which means “lion.” Leo is also regarded as a full form of Leonardo. Leo is a common male name that has been given to 13 popes over the centuries.

Many tribes and civilizations have used the name Leo for millennia. Many Christian saints and popes were known by this name. In reality, there have been 13 documented popes with the name Leo.

Pope Leo the Great, an early bishop of Rome who was subsequently canonized a saint, was one of the most renowned popes with this name.


Leo Aaron

Leo Abraham

Leo Adam

Leo Addy

Leo Alan

Leo Alex

Leo Alexander

Leo Alistair

Leo Anthony

Leo Aristotle

Leo Arthur

Leo Atlas

Leo Atticus

Leo Audie

Leo August

Leo Augusten

Leo Augustin

Leo Augustine

Leo Augustus

Leo Aziel

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Leo Beckett

Leo Ben

Leo Benette

Leo Benj

Leo Benjamin

Leo Blake

Leo Brad

Leo Bradford

Leo Bran

Leo Brian

Leo Broderick

Leo Bryan

Leo Bryce


Leo Charles

Leo Chase

Leo Christian

Leo Constantine


Leo Dane

Leo Dante

Leo Dashiell

Leo David

Leo Den

Leo Denver

Leo Derrick

Leo Dom

Leo Dominic

Leo Donny

Leo Donovan

Leo Dorian

Leo Drake

Leo Duncan

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Leo Ele

Leo Elias

Leo Elijah

Leo Elliot

Leo Elliott

Leo Erner

Leo Etienne

Leo Everett

Leo Ezekiel


Leo Fineas

Leo Finlay

Leo Finnegan

Leo Finnian

Leo Flynn

Leo Francis

Leo Frank

Leo Franklin


Leo Gab

Leo Gabriel

Leo George

Leo Gideon

Leo Giovanni

Leo Gregory

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Leo Harrison

Leo Heath

Leo Hernan

Leo Hugh


Leo Isaiah


Leo Jack

Leo Jacob

Leo Jacobi

Leo James

Leo Jason

Leo Jasper

Leo Jeremiah

Leo John

Leo Jonathan

Leo Joseph

Leo Joshua

Leo Julian

Leo Justin


Leo Kendric

Leo Kenji

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Leo Malachi

Leo Marcellus

Leo Marcus

Leo Mason

Leo Matthew

Leo Matthias

Leo Maximilian

Leo Maynard

Leo Michael

Leo Morgan

Leo Moses


Leo Nathan

Leo Nathaniel

Leo Nickolas


Leo Octavius

Leo Oliver

Leo Orson

Leo Osvaldo

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Leo Patrick

Leo Paul

Leo Paul

Leo Philip


Leo Quincy


Leo Rafferty

Leo Reese

Leo Reggie

Leo Rex

Leo Richard

Leo Riggs

Leo Robert

Leo Roderick


Leo Samson

Leo Samuel

Leo Santiago

Leo Sebastian

Leo Shaun

Leo Steven

Leo Stevenson

Leo Storm

Leo Sullivan


Leo Tait

Leo Thaddeus

Leo Theodore

Leo Thomas

Leo Tobias

Leo Trent

Leo Trevor

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Leo Victor


Leo Walter

Leo William

Leo Wilson


Leo Xavier


Leo Zachary

Leo Zack

Leo Zane

When considering middle names, write down the initial name, middle name, and surname all at once — and pronounce them out loud!

Leo is a lovely name, and it would be much more lovely with such a middle name to complete the style! We hope you’ve already decided what you want from our selection! Best of luck and congratulations on your little lion.