Unique Arabic Baby Boy Names

Arabic baby boy names are adorable and utterly unique! We understand that out of millions of names choosing one name for your little bundle of joy can be quite overwhelming and challenging.

While the Arabic baby girl names tend to be lovely and ultra-feminine, the boy names have some serious swagger and the meanings are just as amazing as the name themselves – most are wishes or prayers you likely have for your baby-boy-to-be.

Arabic baby names are steeped in history. Baby boy names include the traditional Salim, meaning ‘peaceful’. After all, Islam is one of the world’s largest religions, with over 1.8 billion followers; that is about 24% of the world’s population.

Muslims live across the globe, from North America to Southeast Asia, spanning hundreds of countries, cultures, and languages. And Muslim names, as a result, reflect this vast global diversity.

The most common one, Mohammed is the most popular baby boy name in the world – and one made famous by a certain boxing legend, who was born Cassius Marcellus Clay but later on changed his name to Muhammad Ali after converting to Islam.

But contrary to popular belief, Muslim names are not only in the Arabic language, even though, Arabic is the language of the holy Quran. What all Muslim names do have in common is that the follow specific religious guidelines. For example:

• Muslim names cannot indicate that you worship someone other than Allah, or god in Islam.

• In Islam, it is forbidden to choose a name that has an offensive, disagreeable, or unpleasant meaning.

• Muslim names are required to have noble meaning and be associated with virtuous and pious things.

In many Islamic cultures, it is believed that one’s name can inspire them to live a life of greatness.

So, to make your task less daunting, we have chosen a few Arabic baby boy names which are currently trending across the globe! Each name is beautiful and has a deep meaning attached to it!

Ahmad – Much Praised 

Abdullah – God’s Slave 

Asaad – Lion 

Autry – Noble Strength

Baahi – Glorious/Magnificent 

Babat – Lucky/Fortunate/Blessed

Baerbald – Determined and Clever 

Bogumil – God’s Love 

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Camil – Perfect or Complete

Cazim – Calm

Chelem – Dream

Cheragh – Lamp 

Daaneesh – Filled with Wisdom

Daanish – Full of Knowledge 

Dab – Servant of God 

Dalham – Mad in Love 

Daler – Valiant One 

Dadqiq – Very Delicate

Ehab – Gift 

Ehsaan – One who strives for Perfection 

Elaf – Safety 

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Faarih – Full of joy 

Faghyar – Intelligent 

Fahmat – Full of understanding 

Gabir – Gives Relaxation

Gaith – Pure like Rain 

Ghaliba – The one who Conquers 

Gharan – One who is beautiful 

Gohar – Diamond 

Haafiz – Preserver/Guardian/Keeper 

Haakim – Wise/Healer

Habwat – Gift/Present 

Hadib – Devoted/Kind/Compassionate

Haqqi – Supportive/Truthful 

Hassen – Beauty 

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Ibrahim – Father of many Nations 

Ikhlaaq – Good demeanour

Imen – Faith/Belief

Imran – Prosperity 

Izet – Greatness/Glory

Jaah – Dignity/Grandeur

Jabaar – Great power and might 

Jal – One who wanders 

Jalal – Greatness 

Jamail – Beautiful One

Jasimuddin – A religious man

Jasir – One who is courageous

Jasmir – A strong man 

Jimelle – Cheerful/Creative/Social 

Jordanne – Praised 

Juzar – Competent 

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Kaamil – Complete/Perfect

Kaamilah – Flawless 

Kalil – Good friend

Khaalid – Immortal 

Labeeb – Sensible 

Laith – Brave Luay – Courageous 

Lutfallah – Kindness of Allah 

Malik – King 

Mohammed – Vastness 

Maamun – Trustworthy 

Mafeed – Useful 

Mahdiyah – Guided by God 

Naem – Always Happy 

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Nasah – A counsellor 

Nashit – Energetic/Lively

Nurija – Light 

Omar – Powerful

Okba – Optimistic 

Osama – Bold/Courageous

Omair – Knowledgeable 

Parvez – Success 

Parwaiz – Commedable success/Victory 

Pehzan – Holy/Efficient 

Qaasit – Fair 

Qabid – Great child 

Qaddam – Leader 

Qammar – Moon 

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Vahid – Single 

Vedad – Affection 

Waali – Director 

Wadood – Lover/Friend

Waheed – Unique 

Xavier – Bright 

Xobeen – Spear 

Yaamir – Moon 

Yadid – Beloved Friend

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Yamar – Life 

Yakub – God will Protect 

Yasar – Wealth 

Yazan – Determination 

Yureed – Desire 


Zain – Beautiful/Graceful 

Zaabit – Clever 

Zaad – Victory Zada – Fortunate 

Zahabia – Golden 

Zahur – Radiant 

Zihayr – Shining 

Ziad – Enlarging 

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