100 Rugged and Badass Boy Names.

The Best Badass and tough names for your baby boy are; Tyson, Blade, Bear, Khabib, Axel, and Zane. These names are Rough and Tough and Underused enough to make your little man stand out!

When we first learned that we were having a baby boy, my husband went crazy on listing down several tough boy names for us to choose from. It was so hard deciding because they were all so beautiful!

I never thought rough and tough baby boy names would sound so beautiful to my ears! If you are in the search for a tough name for your baby, then read on because I have prepared over one hundred Badass baby names for boys.

I have also included the meaning and their origins to make it easier for you to decide.

Tips in Choosing the Perfect Tough Baby Name for your Baby Boy

Before we dive any deeper, just wanted to share a quick reminder which I think will make this experience more meaningful for you.

This stage of motherhood in my opinion, is an important part in shaping your child’s personality and ultimately, into becoming who he will be in the future.

According to a study in The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a name, being the first when it comes to social tagging, has its own set of behaviors and characteristics, a pattern that is shared within the society and the community.

So, don’t rush in choosing your baby’s name. You will know once you’ve found the right one because you’ll feel it. You’ll just know.


Below are 100 Unique Tough Boy Names by Alphabet and their Origin and Meaning

Popular Tough Boy Names That Start with A

Aaron– Hebrew origin that means “mountain of strength”. It’s quite popular as well.

Ace– English name that means “number one”.

Adrian– Latin origin that means “man of Adra”.

Aiden – of Irish origin which means “fiery”.

Alexander – of Greek origin that means “defender of the people”.

Amell – German name that means “power of an eagle”.

Amory – Of German origin which means “leader”.

Andreas – A Greek variation of the name Andrew which means manly and strong.

Atticus – Of Latin origin which means “man of Aticca”.

Names That Start with B

Baldwyn – German name meaning “brave friend”

Banner– English name that means “flag bearer”.

Barrett – German origin that means “bear strength”.

Blade – English name that means “cutting edge”.

Brandon – Old English which means “hill covered with broom”.

Brant – English origin which means “proud”.

Brendan – Gaelic name meaning “brave”.

Brendon – (Irish) This is a great choice for strong boy names for babies because it literally means “prince”. And isn’t your bundle of joy absolutely going to be your very own prince at your house?

Briac – Irish origin which means “He who has force and strength”.

Brion – of Irish origin meaning “A strong man with many virtues”.

Brisan – Irish Origin which means “Man of valor and strength”.

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Unique Tough Boy Names That Starts with C

Cadal – Irish origin meaning “The boy with a warrior’s heart”.

Cathal – of Irish origin which means “Mighty great warrior”.

Caylon – Irish origin which means “Powerful on the battlefield”

Caysee – Irish origin meaning “young and courageous boy”.

Cayson – Irish name which means “a brave and vigilant boy”.

Chance– English name meaning “good fortune”.

Charles– German word which simply means “man”.

Chasin– Hebrew name meaning “strong”.

Chuck – French origin meaning “free man”.

Clint – English name meaning “steep cliff”.

Colt – English name which means “young horse”.


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    Popular Badass Boy Names That Start with D

    Damon – of Greek origin which means “tamer” or “one who tames”.

    Denzel– of Cornish origin which means “powerful”.

    Diarmuid – Irish origin which means “warrior who does not envy”.

    Dillen – Irish origin which means “as mighty as a lion”.

    Donley – Irish Origin meaning “ruler of the world”.

    Donner – Irish origin meaning “A dark warrior whose strength is like a thunder”.

    Donovan– Celtic name meaning “strong fighter”.

    Doug – Scottish origin which means “stream”.

    Drake – English origin which means “dragon”.

    Dustin – of German origin which means “brave fighter”.

    Dustin – English name meaning “valiant”.

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    Powerful Boy Names That Start with E

    Eames – Irish origin which means “a rich protector”.

    Eamon – Of Irish origin meaning “one who saves”.

    Eason – Irsh origin which means “protector”.

    Ebert – Of German origin meaning “strong”.

    Eegan – Irish origin meaning “mighty and powerful”

    Eibhear – Irish origin which means “as strong as stone”.

    Eohric – Irish origin “a powerful ruler”.

    Ethan – Hebrew origin which means “strong”.

    Strong and Rugged Boy Names That Starts with F

    Farol – Irish origin meaning “superior and heroic”.

    Farrel – Irish origin meaning “brave and victorious”.

    Farrell – Celtic name meaning “brave”.

    Faust – Italian name meaning “lucky”.

    Feargal – Irish origin meaning “brave and courageous”.

    Fearghus – Irish origin meaning “a man of great strength”.

    Felix – Latin name meaning “lucky”.

    Ferguson– Irish origin which means “the son of rock”.

    Frederik – German name meaning “leader”.

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    Unique Boy Names That Starts with G

    Gage – of French origin which means “one who is defiant”.

    Garrett– of German origin meaning “brave”.

    Griffin– an Irish name that means half eagle and half lion.

    Griffin– Welsh name meaning “strong in faith”

    Gunner– Scandinavian origin meaning “bold warrior”.

    Names That Start with H

    Hardwin– English name meaning “brave friend”.

    Hasson – Irish origin meaning “strong” or “fortress”.

    Herbert – of German origin which means “army”.

    Hercules – of Latin origin meaning “the glory of Hera”.

    Hunter – an English name which means “the one who hunts”.

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    Boy Names That Start with J

    Javier – of Spanish origin which means “castle”.

    Jerry – It’s an English name that means “ruler with a spear”.

    Names That Starts with K

    Kalmin – Scandinavian name which means “manly”.

    Keenan – Irish origin meaning “descendant of the brave one”.

    Kemen – Spanish name meaning “strong”.

    Keoni – Irish origin meaning “young warrior.”

    Knox – Scottish origin which means “round hill.

    Kwan – Korean origin meaning “strong”.

    Cool Boy Names That Starts with L

    Leeam – Irish origin meaning “a willful warrior”.

    Liam – of Irish origin meaning “strong-willed warrior and protector”.

    Liir – Irish origin meaning “resolute protector”.

    Lorcan – of Irish origin meaning “little but fierce warrior”.

    Lyam – Irish origin which means “determined protector”.

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    Names That Starts with M

    Madyson – Irish origin meaning “a warrior’s son”.

    Mahon – A man with the strength of a bear. Also, a variant of “Mahoney.”

    Malin – English origin meaning “strong, little warrior”.

    Manuel – of Hebrew origin meaning “God is with us”.

    Manus – Of Irish origin meaning “the greatest”.

    Max – of Latin origin meaning “the greatest”.

    Mitch – of Hebrew origin meaning “who is like God”.

    Uncommon Boy Names That Starts with N

    Neron – Spanish origin meaning “strong”.

    Nick – of Greek origin “victory of the people”.

    Njal – Irish origin which means “he who wins contests.”

    Nigellus – Irish origin meaning “overcomer or conqueror”.

    Cute and Tough Boy Names That Starts with O

    Oneal – Irish origin meaning “victor”.

    Osred – Irish origin which means a red-haired warrior.

    Owen – of Welsh origin meaning “young warrior”.

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    Name That Starts with P

    Peadar – Irish origin which means “one who is like rock or stone”.

    Tough Boy Names That Starts with R

    Rico – of Spanish origin meanings means “dominant ruler”.

    Rider – of English origin meaning “horseman”.

    Ryan – Irish origin which means “little king”.

    Cool Boy Names That Starts with S

    Sebastian – Greek name meaning “revered”.

    Shashaw – Irish origin which means “one who defends”.

    Slevin– Gaelic name which means “mountain”.

    Sloan– Iris name meaning “warrior”.

    Slone – Irish name meaning “warrior to be”.

    Steel – English name meaning “hard working”.

    Sweeney – Of Irish origin meaning “A little hero”.

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    Names That Start with T

    Thor – Scandinavian name which means “thunder”.

    Tiergan – Irish origin which means “willingly strong”.

    Titus – Oscan origin which means “title of honor”.

    Tullis – Irish name which means “multitude of powerful people”.

    Tuuli – Irish origin which means “mighty, strong people”.

    Baby Boy Names That Start with V

    Valentino – Italian origin which means “strong”.

    Vincent – of Latin origin which means “conquering.

    Badass Boy Names That Starts with W

    William – of German origin meaning “strong-willed warrior”.

    Wyatt – English origin which means “Brave”.

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    Tough Boy Names That Starts with X

    Xander – of Latin origin meaning “to defend”.

    Xavier – of Latin origin meaning “the new house”.

    Unique Baby Boy Names That Starts with Z

    Zane – of Hebrew origin meaning “gift from God”.

    Zeke – of Hebrew origin which means “God strengthens”.

    Choosing your baby’s name does not have to be stressful. Just go through the list above and make sure that you write down your favorites and go over them in a quiet place with your significant other.

    Another tip that I can share is to say the names out loud over and over and see if it feels right. Also, you can imagine yourself calling your little boy as he plays around. Then as yourself; does it sound off? Weird? Or just right?

    You can also modify spelling if you want to make it more unique. Whatever you do, don’t rush it. Start thinking about baby names as early as right after the first trimester or even before!

    I hope this article will help you decide on the perfect tough boy name for your little man.

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