Over 100 Popular German Girl Names with Meanings

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What comes to your mind when you hear German girl names? For me, I immediately think of strong independent girls. Someone who is not scared to go after her dreams.

This is why I think choosing a German name for your daughter is such good idea. Who would not want their daughter to grow up with a strong sense of independence?

Did you know that Germany has some fascinating facts when it comes to naming babies? In Germany, a child’s name should indicate the gender of the baby, must not be a brand name, nor should it be insensitive to religion.

Also, you cannot use a last name as your baby’s name! Germany puts the child’s well-being a top priority and one of the ways they do this is to make sure that that child is not ridiculed or bullied because of his or her name. How cool is that?

If you are planning to give your baby girl a German name, below is a list of over 100 popular German girl names that you can choose from. All these names have Germanic origin so feel free to list down your favorites.

Popular German Girl Names Starting With A

Ada – This means “noble one.”

Adalina – It means “noble.”

Adaline – It means “noble one.”

Adalyn– This name means “noble kind.”

Addie– This means “noble” or “son of Adam.”

Aide– This means “noble kind” but it can also mean “reward,” or “present.”

Akeelah– This name means “noble.”

Alannah– This name means “precious.”

Alberta– This name means “noble”, but it can also mean “bright,” or “famous.”

Alda– The name can mean “old” or “prosperous.”

Aldona– This name means “old.”

Alecia– The name can mean “noble” or “exalted.”

Alfreda– This name means “elf” or “magical counsel.”

Alice– This means “of nobility.”

Alina– This name means “noble one.”

Alisha– This can mean either “noble,” or “exalted.”

Alison– The name means “noble one.”

Alix– The name means “noble.”

Allison– A variation of Alison, still means “noble one.”

Alverta– The name can mean “noble,” “bright,” or “famous.”

Amelia– This name means “work.”

Anika– This means “sweet-faced.”

Annalise– This means “created name.”

Armandina– The name means “army man”

Arnetta– This means “eagle ruler.”

Aubreigh– This name means “elf’ or ‘magical being.” Can also mean “power.”

Aubri– A variation of Aubreigh but still means “elf’ or ‘magical being.” Can also mean “power.”

Awilda– The name means “untamed” or “willow tree.”

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Popular German Girl Names Starting With B

Belinda– This means “the beautiful river.”

Bernadette– The name means “strong” or “brave bear.”

Bernardine– This also means “strong” or “brave bear.”

Berta– The name can mean “noble,” “bright,” “famous” or it can also be “bright promise” or “bright fame.”

Bertha– The name is a variation of Berta and it means “bright” or “famous.”

Billy– This means “will helmet” or “protection.”

Birdie– The name means “bright” or “famous.” It can also mean “little bird.”

Birtha– Another variation of Berta, it means “bright” or “famous.”

Blanch– The name means “white” or “pure.”

Bobbye– This name means “bright fame.”

Brooklynne– The name means “water” or “small stream.”

Brunilda– This name means “ready for battle.”

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Popular German Girl Names Starting With C

Carol– The name means “free man.”

Cary– This means “the dark one.”

Cleo– This means “renowned” or “glory to the Father.”

Caren– This means “pure” or “dear little one.”

Popular German Girl Names Starting With D

Dalia– This means “to draw water.”

Dana– This means “God is my judge.”

Dina– This name means “God has judged.”

Debra– This means “from a bee swarm.”

Della– The name means “noble.”

Delma– The name means “noble protector.”

Donna– This name means ”mistress of the house.”

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Popular German Girl Names Starting With E

Earnestine– This can mean “serious” or “battle to the death.”

Elicia– This name means “noble” or “exalted.”

Ellia- The name means “other” or “foreign.”

Elma– This means “will helmet” or “protection.”

Eloisa– The name means “famous warrior.”

Elvera– This can either mean “foreign” or “true.”

Ema– This means “entire” or “universal.”

Emeline– The name means “peaceful home.”

Emma– This means “whole” or “universal.”

Emme– Variation of Ema, this means “entire” or “universal.”

Emmeline– The name means “work.”

Emmy– This means “rival.”

Erma– The name means “complete” or “universal.”

Erminia– The name can mean “soldier,” “complete,” or “universal” but it can also mean “weasel.”

Ernestina– This means “serious” or “battle to the death.”

Ethelene– The name means “noble” or “noble serpent.”

Popular German Girl Names Starting With F

Fernanda– The name means “adventurous” or “bold journey.”

Freda– The name means “peaceful.”

Fredda– This means “lady.”

Frederica– The name means “peaceful ruler.”

Freeda– The name means “elf,” “magical counsel” or “magical being strength.” It can also mean “peaceful.”

Freida– This means “peaceful.”

Frida– The name means “peaceful” or “lady.”

Frieda– A variation of Freda which means “lady.”

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Popular German Girl Names Starting With G

Geraldine– The name means “spear ruler.”

Gertrude– This means “strong spear.”

Gisela– The name means “pledge” or “hostage.”

Greta– A diminutive form of Margaret and it means “the pearl,”.

Gretchen– Another diminutive of Margarete and means “the little pearl.”

Gricelda– This means “dark battle.”

Popular German Girl Names Starting With H

Harriett– The name means “home ruler.”

Hedwig– This means “contention” or “strife.”

Heidi– This name means “noble one.”                         

Henrietta– This means “home ruler.”

Hilda– The name means “battle woman.”

Hildegarde– This name means “battle stronghold.”

Hildred– The name means “battle counselor.”

Hilma– It means “will helmet” or “protection.”

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Popular German Girl Names Starting With I

Ida-This means “prosperous: or “happy.”

Idna– This means “youthful.”

Imma– This means “universal,” “whole,” or “entire.”

Irma– The name means “complete” or “universal.”

Popular German Girl Names Starting With J

Jerrie– The name means “spear ruler.”

Jocelin– This means “a member of the German tribe, the Gauts.”

Jocelyn– This means “member of the Gauts.”

Popular German Girl Names Starting With K

Karley– This name means “womanly” or “strength.” This is the feminine form of Karl.

Karyl– This means “free man.”

Kyler– This means “church” or “monk’s cell.”

Popular German Girl Names Starting With L

Leisha– This means “noble” or “exalted.”

Lenna– This means “lion’s strength.”

Leota– This means “of the people.”

Lorelai– A variant of Lorelei and it means “the enchantress.”

Lorelei– This means “the enchantress.”

Louella– This name means “famous warrior.”

Lurline– This also means “the enchantress.”

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Popular German Girl Names Starting With M

Marlene– A combination of Mary and Magdalene. This means “woman from Magdala.”

Marlie– This means “marshy meadow.”

Mathilda– The name means “mighty in battle.”

Mattie– This means “lady” or “mistress of the house.” It can also mean “mighty in battle.”

Maudie– This means “mighty in battle.”

Meta– This name means “the goal.”

Mina– This name means “love.”

Minna– This means “will helmet” or “protection.”

Popular German Girl Names Starting With O

Oceana– This means “from the sea.”

Odette– This means “wealth.”

Odile– This name means “fortunate or prosperous in battle.”

Odina– This means “mountain.”

Olivia– This name means “symbol of peace.”

Olva– This means “olive tree.”

Ouida– This means “definitely yes.”

Popular German Girl Names Starting With R

Roberta– This name means “bright fame.”

Robin– A short variant form of Roberta and means “bright fame.”

Robyn– Variation of Robin. It means “bright fame.”

Rosalind– This means “gentle horse.”

Rosamond-This means “horse protector.”

Roselyn– This means “gentle horse.”

Rowena– This means “fame” or “happiness.”

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Popular German Girl Names Starting With S

Selma– This name means “helmet of God” or “safe.”

Sharleen– This name means “free man.”

Sheri– This means “free man” or “dear.”

Popular German Girl Names Starting With T

Tabitha– This name means “gazelle” or “doe.”

Tajana– This name means “princess.”

Talia– This means “born on Christmas.”

Tamara– This means “palm tree.”

Tanner– This means “leather worker.”

Tanya– This means”fairy queen.”

Theda– This means “people.”

Tillie– This means “mighty in battle.”

Trudi– This name means “strong spear.”

Popular German Girl Names Starting With W

Walda– This means “ruler.”

Waltraud– This means “to be strong” or”healthy.”

Wilda– This means “untamed” or “willow tree.”

Wilhelmina– This means “will helmet” or “protection.”

Willa– A shirt version of Wilhelmina. It means “will helmet” or “protection.”

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Popular German Girl Names Starting With Y

Yara– This name means “white flower.”

Yasemin– This name means “jasmine flower.”

Yelda– This name means “dark night.”

Yella– this means “compassion.”

Yeliz– This name means “God is my oath.”

Yevette– This means “archer” or “yew wood.”

Yvonne– This means “yew.”

Popular German Girl Names Starting With Z

Zaida– This name means “fortunate” or “prosperous.”

Zara– This means “princess” or “lady.”

Zelma– This name means “helmet of God.”

Zenaida– This name means” daughter if Zeus.”

Zina– This means “welcoming.”

Zizi– This means “dedicated to God.”

There you go. Over 100 beautiful and popular German names with beautiful meanings that you can choose from! Which one is your favorite?

If you live in Germany, remember that you cannot just give your baby any name especially if it is very unique. You need to check and get approval from the Standesamt or the office of the vital statistics.