100+ Cool Nature Names for Boys – That Everyone Will Love

Looking for baby boy names that are inspired by nature? We have listed down 100 of the most beautiful nature names for boys that everyone will love.

These are great for nature-loving parents, hippies by heart, or the eco-warrior parents. What is beautiful about nature names is that they never go out of style and will always be loved by everybody.

Ready? Make sure to take note of your favorite ones!

Nature Names for Boys that Mean Tree

Here are some of the most unique nature boy names that means or has something to do with trees or woods. Perfect for parents who love hiking in woody areas of those who generally love trees.

Alani – Hawaiian Origin which means “orange tree/fruit”.

Anargul – Kazakh origin which means “blooming pomegranate tree”.

Arvid– Swedish origin meaning “eagle tree”.

Asco– Germanic origin which means “ash tree”.

Ashton– English origin which means “ash tree town”.

Bjork– Icelandic origin meaning “birch tree”.

Dekel– Hebrew origin which means “palm tree”.

Elah– Hebrew origin which means “terebinth tree”.

Elon– Hebrew origin which means “oak tree”.

Forest– French origin meaning “woodsman”.

Hiroki– Japanese origin meaning “big/great tree”.

Holt– English origin which means “forest” or “woods”.

Kekoa– Hawaiian origin meaning “koa tree”.

Linden– German origin which means “linden tree”.

Linford– English origin meaning “linden tree ford”.

Nash– English origin meaning “at the ash tree”.

Palmer– English origin meaning “palm tree”.

Perry– English origin meaning “pear tree”.

Sawda– Arabic origin which means “palm tree garden”.

Taimi– Finnish origin which means “sapling or young tree”.

Vesa– Finish origin meaning “young tree”.

Yasen– Bulgarian origin meaning “ash tree”.


Popular Names for Boys that Mean Flower

Here is a list of beautiful sounding names that means flowers or has something to do with blossoms and petals. Perfect for those who are perennially in love with flowers.

Anh– Vietnamese origin meaning “flower” or “petal”.

Alder– English origin and is a flowering plant from the birch family.

Anthony– Greek origin, from the work Anthos which means “rose”.

Basil-Greek origin, a popular herb with white and purple flowers.

Clem– Anglo-Saxon origin, refers to the climbing flowering vine.

Chrysanthos– Ancient Greek origin which means “golden flower”.

Cypress– Greek origin, refers to the five-pointed flowers.

Elm– English origin that refers to Elm tree that blooms beautiful white flowers.

Fiore– Italian origin meaning “flower”.

Florian– Latin origin meaning “flowering”.           

Florus– Ancient roman origin meaning “flower”.

Guiying– Chinese origin with gui meaning “laurel” and ying which means “flower”.


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    Gul– Urdu origin which means “flower”.

    Haruka– Japanese origin meaning “flower blossom”.

    Hua– Chinese origin meaning “flower”.

    Jared—Hebrew origin which means “rose”.

    Ji-Yeong– Korean origin with ji meaning “wisdom” and yeong meaning “flower”.

    Kalei– Hawaiian origin meaning “the flower”.

    Kapua– Hawaiian origin meaning “the flower”.

    Kunal– Sanskrit origin meaning “lotus”.

    Kusuma– Indonesian origin meaning “flower”.

    Melanthios– Greek origin meaning “dark flower”.

    Nitzan– Hebrew origin meaning “flower bud”.

    Quill-Irish origin meaning the hardy spring flower Jonquil.

    Tsvetan– Bulgarian origin meaning “flower” or “blossom”

    Yeong– Korean origin meaning “petal” or “flower”.

    Xochipilli– Aztec origin meaning “flower prince”.

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    Cool Nature Names for Boys that Mean Water

    If you are a water lover; be it swimming, boating, sitting by the sea or anything that involves the water, here are some of the most unique and cool sounding boy names that mean or associated with water.

    Anup- Indian/Hindi origin meaning “place near the water”.

    Brock– English origin which means “brook” or “stream”.

    Conway– Welsh origin which means “holy water”.

    Douglas– Scottish origin meaning “dark river”.

    EA– From Semitic mythology which mean “house of water”.

    Glyndwr– Welsh origin meaning “valley water”.

    Goksu– Turkish origin with gok meaning “sky” and su meaning “water”.

    Irving– Scottish origin meaning “green water”.

    Kelvin– English origin which means “narrow water”.

    Lian– Chinese origin which means “lotus” or “water lily”.

    Mortimer– English name which means “still water”.

    Nereus– From Greek mythology which means “water”.

    Ocean– English origin meaning “a large body of salt water”.

    Pegasus– from Greek mythology meaning “from a water spring”.

    Rayyan– Arabic origin meaning “watered”.

    Shui– Chinese origin which simply means “water”.

    Sohrab– Persian origin which could mean “red mean”.

    Tirta– Indonesian origin meaning “sacred water”.

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    Unique Names for Boys that Mean Sky

    For the astrophiles, heliophiles, selenohiles and nephophiles, here is a list of baby names that has something to do with the sky and heavenly bodies.

    Akash– Indian/Hindi origin meaning “open space” or “skies”.

    An– From Sumerian mythology meaning “sky” or “heaven”.

    Caelestis– Roman origin which means “heavenly” or “of the skies”.

    Cloud– American origin meaning “visible vapor”.

    Dalfon– Of Hebrew origin which means “raindrop”.

    Haneul– Korean origin meaning “heaven” or “sky”.

    Kahurangi– Maori origin which means “sky blue”.

    Kalani– Hawaiian origin which means “heavenly child”.

    Keyne– Celtic origin which means “man of the eastern sky”.

    Moerani– Tahitian origin with moe meaning “sleep” and rani meaning “heaven” or “sky”.

    Nalani– Hawaiian which means “the heavens”.

    Ortzi– Basque origin which means “sky”.

    Rai– Japanese origin meaning “lightning” or “thunder”.

    Sky– English origin which was derived from Old Norse word sky which means “cloud”.

    U’ilani– Hawaiian origin which means “heavenly beauty”.

    Yuki– Japanese origin which means “snowstorm”.

    Zeru-Basque origin meaning “sky”.

    Zeus– From the Greek mythology, meaning “sky”.

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    Lovey Nature Names for Boys with that will Remind You of the Outdoors

    Missing the beauty of nature? Here are some baby names for boys that will remind you everyday of the great outdoors. These names will remind you of the beauty nature has to offer. not finished only up to e

    Afon – Welsh origin which means “river”.

    Ailin– Gaelic origin which means “little rock”.

    Aaron– Hebrew origin meaning “high mountain”.

    Beaumont– French origin which means “beautiful Mountain”.

    Branden– English origin which means “little mountain”.

    Brier– French word for “nature”.

    Cephas– Greek origin which means “stone” or “rock”.

    Dale– English term which means “valley”.

    Deniz– Turkish origin which means “sea”.

    Denver– English origin which means “the great sea”.

    Eco– Latin origin which means “environment”.

    Ford– Anglo-Saxon origin which means “river crossing”.

    Flint-of English origin which is a tool used to ignite a spark; used to make fire during camping outdoors.

    Kai– Japanese origin which means “ocean”

    Lakeson– Old French, derived from the word lake which means “body of water”.

    Rio – Spanish origin which means “river”

    West – Old English, a topographic name; direction of where the sun sets.

    Zen– Of Japanese origin, a term used for the state of being peaceful and relaxed.

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    Cool Nature Names for Boys that Means Earth

    If you love the earth dirt, mud and the ground, here are some of the coolest sounding baby names for boys that means or associated with earth. These are perfect for parents who are into mountain climbing, hiking, or rock climbing. And even if you are not, these beautiful names are so beautiful to the ears that they will surely tug your heart.

    Adam– Hebrew origin meaning “to be red” pertaining to the color of the human skin. According to the Old Testament, Adam was created from the earth.

    Ajax– From the Greek Mythology meaning “earth” or “land”.

    Axton– English origin meaning “sword stone”.

    Bart– Hebrew Origin meaning “son of the earth”.

    Daichi– Japanese origin, from the words dai which means “great” and chi which means “land”.

    Enki– From the Sumerian mythology, meaning “underworld” or “mountain”.

    George– Greek origin meaning “farmer” or “earth worker”.

    Kai– Greek origin which means “earth”.

    Kshitij– Indian origin which means “born of the earth”.

    Kun– Chinese origin which means “earth”.

    Poseidon– From the Greek Mythology meaning “earth”.

    Ridge– English origin which means the rough and narrow segment of a mountain top.

    Slater– English origin which means “metamorphic rock”.

    Terran– Latin origin which means “earth”.

    Vale– Latin origin meaning valley.

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    Unique Nature Names for Boys that are also Bird Names

    If or your partner are big bird lovers, or bird watching enthusiasts, then you will love the list below. Here are some of the coolest sounding baby boy names that are also bird names.

    Arnett- Old French origin which means “little eagle”.

    Crane– Old English origin, a long-legged, and long-necked bird.

    Colm – Irish origin that means “dove”.

    Eagle– Greek origin, the large bird of prey.

    Falcon– English Origin, bird of prey in the genus Falco

    Finch– English origin, small passerine birds

    Hawk– English origin, a large hunting bird

    Heath– Old English origin, a North American bird

    Hula– Hawaiian origin meaning “eagle”.

    Jay– English origin, passerine bird native to eastern North America.

    Lark– English origin, passerine birds in Africa.

    Kranich– German origin which means “crane”.

    Phoenix– Greek origin, the bird that rose from the ashes. This may be mythical but still make a beautiful name.

    Robin– English origin, migratory songbird

    Wren-English origin meaning “small bird”.

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    There you go! Over a hundred nature names for boys that will help remind you of the beautiful planet that we live in. Did you find one that you like?

    Whether you are a big nature lover or even if you simply want a cool sounding nature name for your kiddo, nature baby names will always be a good choice.

    Aside from the fact that nature names are great conversation starters, who does not want their kid to be in tune with mother nature.

    I believe that names help shape the personality of a person and I also believe that by giving your child a nature name, this will help him grow up with a great connection and love for the earth and our planet.

    I hope the list helped you come up with the perfect name for your young man!

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