Old Fashioned Baby Boy Names

While decades of hip and fancy names are hitting a stagnation point, more people are lately drifting towards old fashioned names for their baby boy’s.

While many old-fashioned names have biblical origins, there are hundreds more from other cultures with references that go beyond the religious meanings. A deep meaningful old-fashioned name can significantly influence a boy’s personality.

Do not get us wrong, we are definitely fans of modern and trendy baby names especially the weird and wonderful monikers celebrities somehow keep coming up with these days. But there is also definitely a place for old fashioned gems when it comes to naming your baby boy.

We do not mean old fashioned like archaic; going too old school can lead you to some very, interesting choices like Zebediahs. Time-tested does not have to mean out-of-date. There are plenty of old-fashioned baby boy names that work great in our postmodern era too.

So why not select an old-fashioned baby boy name for your prince? Just like fine wine, vintage dresses, barn dances, homemade maple ice cream, beautiful petticoats and antiques, old-fashioned and classic baby boy names also have a long-lasting appeal.

Even the US Social Security Administration has revealed that many parents are going for vintage names famous in the years gone by.

Many of the names that went out of trend a long time ago are now seeing a resurgence as people are looking back to the past for names that were once unique. Apart from their depth of history, these names have a great sound to them along with the appeal of a classic character.

So, we thumbed through the history books and gathered up the best list of old-fashioned baby boy names that you can choose from. The names have both a great ring to them and depth of meaning

Archie – Archer or Truly Bold 

Arthur – Bear 

Alfred – Elf Ruler/Counselor

Anthony – Of Unknown Meaning 

Alexander – Defender of the People 

Abraham – Father of Nations 

Augustine – Great 

Adam – Man, Of the Earth 

Addison – Child of Adam 

Abbott – Head of a Monastery

Bernard – Bold as a Bear

Bert – Bright

Byron – From the Barns 

Benedict – Blessed 

Benjamin – Son of my Right Hand 

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Claude – Lame 

Charlie – Free Man 

Clarence – British Title 

Cassius – Vain 

Chester – A Fortress, Camp 

Calvin – Bald 

Charles – Free Man 

Christian – Follower of Christ 

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Daniel – God is my Judge 

David – Beloved 

Darcy – Dark One

Dalton – From the Valley Town 

Ernest – Earnest 

Elmer – Noble and Famous 

Elton – The Old Town 

Elijah – My God is Yahweh 

Ephraim – Very Fruitful 

Edgar – Rich Spear

Enoch – Dedicated 

Evertt – Wild Boar Herd 

Edward – Weathly Guardian 

Edwin – Rich/Prosperous Friend

Fletcher – Arrow Maker

Frederick – Peace Ruler

Frank – Free or Truthful 

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Francis – From France or Free 

Floyd – Gray 

Grover – From the Grove

George – Farmer 

Gary – Spear Rule 

Gilbert – Bright Pledge

Gregory – Vigilant, Watchful 

Gerald – Rules with Spear

Henry – Ruler of the Home

Harold – Army Ruler

Hugh – Bright in Mind and Spirit

Harper – Harp Player

Harvey – Battle Warrior 

Ivor – Whitre as Elephant Tusks 

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Jasper – Treasurer 

James – Supplanter

John – God is Gracious

Jacson – Son of Jack/John 

Jack – God is Gracious

Kelvin – A River of Scotland

Karl – Free Man 

Leonard – Brave as a Lion 

Louis – Farmed Warrior

Leo – Lion

Luther – Army of the People

Mark – Warlike 

Max – Greatest

Matthew – Gift of God

Morton – From the Moor Town 

Magnus – Big, Great 

Nelson – Son of Neil or Nell 

Noah – Rest, Peace 

Nicolas – Victory of the People 

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Owen – The Yew Tree or Youth 

Oliver – Descendant of the Ancestor 

Orville – Golden City 

Oscar – Deer Lover 

Patrick – Noble 

Preston – From the Priest’s Town 

Paul – Humble, Small 

Raymond – Counsel Protection 

Robert – Bright Fame 

Ralph – Wolf Counsel 

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Stanley – From the Stony Field 

Samson – Sun or Service

Samuel – His name is God 

Stuart – Steward of the Estate or Castle 

Simon – To be Heard 

Silas – Man of the Forest

Theodore – Divine Gift

Timothy – To Honor God 

Thomas – A Twin 

Vincent – Victorious 

Victor – Winner, Conqueror

Walter – Army Ruler 

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William – With Gilded Helmet 

Warner – Army Guard 

Wallace – Foreigner, Stranger 

Warren – Guard 

Zachary – God has Remembered 

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