Anime names for Boys

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Anime is a popular Japanese culture form of art and comic. The word anime stems from the English word of animation. It is popular all over the world for the adventure and drama in each show, the illustration, music and storylines.

Anime names often have strong meanings, and could be a great option to use for your child with strong meaning. We have listed lots of different types of anime names to choose from below.

Let’s dive in!

Anime names for boys

Masashi- Commander or general.

Michi- A Righteous way.

Natsu- Born in Summer

Katsu- Victorious.

Nori – A belief.

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Osamu – Discipline or study.

Raiden – Thunder and Lightning.

Ranmaru- Mysterious.

Yasu- Calm.

Toshiro- Talented or Intelligent.

Toru- persistent or clear.

Arata- New and Fresh.

Daikai- Great Help.

Hideaki- Excellent, bright and shining.

Who is the cutest boy in anime?

Mikoto Mikoshiba – Mikoto has an exterior personality and he likes to show himself as a confident person and win with the ladies.

However, internally, he is quite anxious and worries about what he has said and gets embarrassed easily. These personality traits make him very cute in the world of anime.

What is a good Japanese name for a boy?

Ashahi – Sunlight.

Haru- Spring.

Akio- Bright.

Haruto – Flying.

Akira – Wisdom.

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Hinata – Towards the sun.

Fuji- After the Japanese mountain.

Itsuki- Tree.

Kaito- Ocean.

Kenji – Strong.

Kota- Happiness.

Chikao- Clever.

Botan- Peony.

Hiroto- Big.

Hiroshi- Generous.

Jiro- Second Son.

Minato- Harbour.

Kiyoshi- Pure.

What is a cute anime name?

Aoki – Evergreen blue tree.

Akane- Brilliant red.

Hiro- Generous.

Sana- Brilliant.

Ren- Love of the lotus.

Akira- Clear, brilliant or bright.

Aoi- Holly flower.

Hinata- Sunflower.

Shinobu- Endurance.

Chika – Scatter, flower.

Chiyoko- Thousand generations. 

Hanako- Flower child.

Hoshi- Star.

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Kasumi – Mist.

Maki- Truth Tree.

Midori- Green.

Badass anime names

Saitama- One punch man.

Mugen- Samaurai Champloo.

Kenshiro- First of the North Star.

Duke Togo- Assasin for hire.

Vegeta- Prince of all Saiyans (Dragon ball Z).

Levi – Attack on Titans

Spike – Cowboy Bebop

Piccolo – Dragon Ball Z.

Goku- Dragon Ball Z.

Mikasa- Attack on Titans.

Firo- Baccano!

Zoro- One Piece.

Hawks- My hero Academia

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Ban- The seven deadly sins.

Rokarouta- Rainbow.

Shinya- Psycho Pass.

Thorfinn- Vinland Saga.

Angelo- 91 days.

Who is the cutest anime girl

Mio Akiyama– Mio was introduced in to the world of anime in 2009. She is a character in the heavily anticipated high school anime ‘K-on’.

Mio is a bass player who is shy, modest, and doesn’t enjoy limelight. Her character traits melted viewers hearts, sealing her a place as a personal favourite.

Anime boy names with dark meanings

Aku- Evil.

Akuma- Demon.

Yami- Darkness.

Shi- Death.

Namida- Tear

Akui- Malice or Spite.

Youkai- Apparition, spirit, phantom.

Zankoku – Cruelty, brutality.

Nikushimi- Hatred.

Rukia- Japan’s Death God.

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Kage- Shadow

Satsujin- Murder.

Rin – Cold.

Tokito- Blood.

Anime character names

Kazuto Kirigaya

Kurisu Makise

Naruto Uzamaki

Roronoa Zoro-One

Light Yagami

Levi Ackerman

Monkey D. Luffy

Lelouch Lamperouge

Kyoya Hibari

Senku Ishigami

Edward Elric

Yasutora Sado






Jotaro Kujo

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Japanese anime boy names

Dai- Large.

Fumio- Scholarly Hero.

Haku- Soul.

Kai- Forgiveness.

Makoto- Truth.

Takashi – Noble or Honour.

Yukio- Snow boy or happy boy.

Takumi- Skillfull one.

Nobu – To have faith.

Masaru- Victorious.




Satan – Devil



Kawaii anime boy names

Kenta- Strong and healthy.

Haru – Born in the spring.

Sabiruo- The born son.

Sho – Soaring.

Riku- Land.

Hiroshi- Prosperous, generous.

Isamu- Courageous, brave.

Naoki- Honest timber tree that is free.

Tadashi- Loyal and faithful.

Sora- Sky.

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Juuzou Suzaya



Yashiro Isana

Soldier Blue

Senku Ishigami


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Motoko Kusanagi

Inori Yuzuriha


Mashiro Shiina



What is the most popular name for an Anime girl and boy (both teenagers)

Kei- Square Jewel.

Rin- Dignified.

Akane – Brilliant Red.

Aoi- Holly flower.

Yuki- Happiness.

Makoto- Truth.

Haruka- Remote.

Akira- Clear, bright or intelligent.

Kaede- Maple

Chiyo- A thousand sparkles

Kyoko- Child of a good generation