French Names that are Unisex

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French names carry a certain amount of elegance and glamour with them. The names reflect a tale as old as time…

Jump in to the list of names below and get some je ne sais quoi!

Unisex French Names

Adel – Noble or Elite.

Avignon – The one who came from France.

Beau– Beautiful.

Chandell- Candle.

Coty- Helpful or shield.

Darel- One who is tenderly loved.

Jeryn- The chosen one.

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Jade – Precious stone.

Jocelyn- Meaning Little Goth.

Gene- Born to nobility.

Lavern- Land of trees.

Marquette – Land owner.

Patrice- Clear sighted.

Rusti- Red head.

Sacha- Protector of mankind.

Simone- God has heard.

Chandler – Maker of candles.

Are there gender neutral French names?

Alexis – Helper or defender.

Andrea – Force or courage.

Cheney- Growing from oak.

Ciel- Sky.

Claude- From the name Claudius.

Dominique – Who comes from god

Eden – Garden of Eden.

Florian – Flower.

Jordane- River Jordan.

Marley – From the land of lakes.

Monet- To be heard.

Oceane- Ocean.

Thierry- Power is might or ruler of the people.

Tre- Third born child.

Chamonix- From the place Chamonix in France.

Danon- God is my judge.

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Jacquard- Weaving in a pattern.

Jordain- To flow down.

Lieux- Places.

Neige- Snow.

Quincy- Named after the place Quincy, France.

Raine- Queen.

Sidney – Contraction of St Deny.

Suede – Smooth velvety leather.

Theoren- Hunter.

Velour- Soft velvety fabric.

Orane- Rising.

Orleans – Golden.

Pendant – Hanging jewel.

Rosseau- Red haired.

What are badass unisex names?

Morgan – Of the sea.

Louison- Illustrious at Combat.

Lior- the light is in me.

Leone – Lion.

Jules – Youthful

Keziah – Optimist.

Emile- To strive of excel.

Fortunatus- Happy.

Camille- Serving at the altar.

Aurele- Morning.

Harlow – Mound of people.

Reese – Passion and enthusiasm.

Eden – Paradise.

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Courtenay- From the court.

Davignnon – Dearly loved person.

Dejah- Funloving person.

Esmae- French word for respected.

Mortimer- Still water.

Parrish- – habitational name.

Remy- An oarsman who can remedy and cure.

Savon- Soap maker.

Sinclaire- One who prays.

Therese – Harvester

Zuri- Good or beautiful.

Quillon- Crossed swords.

Sequin- Shiny.

What are the top 10 unisex names?

Coty- Helpful or Shield.

Cress – From the top of the hill.

Elie- The lord is my god.

Jules – Youthful.

Lavern – Land of trees.

Clef – Music symbol.

Blaise – Speech Impediment.

Ames- Friend.

Aramis- From France.

Axel- My father is peace.

Is Paris a unisex name?

Paris is a name of Greek origin that can be used as both a male and female name. Paris is known as a gender neutral name.

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French baby names

Chloe – Young green shoot.

Salome- Peace.

Manon- Bitter.

Zoe – Life.

Romane- Roman.

Victoire- Victory.

Raphael- God has healed.

Leon – Lion Man.

Louis – Renowned Warrior.

Yanis – Gift of god.

Baptiste- Baptist.

Alienor – Unknown meaning.

Ambroise – Immortal.

Antoine – Form of Antony.

Arsene- Virile.

Beatrice- Bringer of joy.

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Belle – Beauty.

Benoit- Blessed.

Bernadette- Brave as a bear.

Brigitte- Exhalted, lofty.

Cavalier- Knight.

Charlize- Feminine form of Charles.

Claire – Illustrious, enlightened.

Didier- Desire.

Gaston – From Gascony, France.

Macon- Mason.

Madeleine – Women on Magdala.

Magnolia- Flower name.

Marc- War like.

Marcel – Young Warrior.

Marguerite – Pearl.

Mathilde- Battle like.

Sophie – Wisdom.

Stephanie – Crown.

Zelie- Noble, exhalted.

Yvon- Yew.

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Unique  French names

Crescent – To create.

Dior- Beautiful Present.

Gabriel – Hero of God.

Izod- Hardy and strong.

Lisle – Of the island.

Maine – Mainland.

Rivera – River.

Sauge- Wise.

Sofiane- ‘one who walks fast’.

Taylor – Clothed with salvation.

Dixie- Meaning from the south in the USA.

Elisaria – God is my oath.

Fifi- Form of Josephine.

Foy- Faith.

Jean Baptiste – St John the Baptist.

Joelle – God will be winning.

Lamont – From the mountain.

Loan – Light.

Loic- Famed Warrior.

Lyam- With Gilded Helmet.

Maxence- Greatest Abundance.

Mignonette- Favourite darling.

Mimi – No meaning.

Narcisse – Narcissus or Daffodil.

Razo- Royal.

Rouge- Red.

Telesphore- Bearing fruit.

Yves- Yew.

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Is Francis a boys name, girls name, or unisex?

The name Francis is of Latin origin and means ‘Frenchman’ or ‘Free man’. The female version of this name is Frances and is pronounced in the same way, the only difference is the spelling.

In some ways, you could argue it is a unisex name as both names are said in the same way. The only difference is that the male version is spelled with an ‘I’ and the female version is spelled with an ‘e’.