Names that mean Angel

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Often when people think of the word Angel, it represents perfection, holyness or a messenger from god. Or, someone of great beauty and wisdom.

Whether you are religious or not, lots of parents like to choose names related to angels as they have great meaning, and could have a meaning they want their child to be.

Soar through our list of heavenly names below…

Names that mean angel

Agnola- Greek and Italian origin. In Greek, this name means angel, in Italian it means ‘pure’ or ‘virginal’.

Alya- Hebrew origin. The word implies angel.

Angelica – English roots meaning ‘gods messenger’.

Evangeline – Can be shortening to ‘Eva’ and means bearer of good news.

Gabrielle – French origin meaning ‘god is my strength’.

Gabriel – Male version of ‘Gabrielle’.

Gloria – ‘Gloria in Excelsis DEO’ meaning ‘Hymn of the angels’.

Heaven – Meaning ‘heaven’.

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Michealangela – Female version of ‘Michealangelo’ meaning ‘angel’ Italian descent.

Tien – Vietnamese origin and universal.

Javan – Son of Noah in the bible, Guardian angel of Greece.

Malak- Hebrew origin, ‘angel’.

Amael- Arabic origin.

Ingram- German origin.

Deangelo- Italian origin.

Mitra- Hindi origin.

Anahera- Maori origin.

Lieke- Dutch origin.

What are other names for angels

Tangie – American origin meaning ‘angelic’.

Roseangela – American Italian origin meaning ‘rose of an angel’.

Raphaela – Hewbew origin ‘god has healed’.

Parisa – Ancient Persian name meaning ‘like an angel’.

Nevaeh – Popular name in America after the year 2000. It is Heaven spelled backwards.

Miracle – Latin American origin.

Malaika – African, Arabic origin meaning ‘angel’.

Luz – Spanish name for ‘our lady of light’.

Laila – Arabic origin for ‘angel of conception’.

Dina – Hebrew, Greek and English origin meaning ‘angel of learning and wisdom’.

Raguel – ‘friend of god’.

Ramiel – ‘thunder of god’.

Arcangela- Greek origin.

Vanina- Spanish and Portuguese origin for ‘bringer of good news’.

Buglem- Turkish origin for ‘angel that heralds the heaven’.

Atchara- Thai origin meaning ‘angel’.

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What name is short for angel

Angie – Short for ‘angel’, Angela and Angelica.

Anna – Old Greek and Hebrew origin meaning ‘grace’.

Tam – Short for Tamera meaning ‘beloved angel’.

Tammy – Short for Tamera meaning ‘beloved angel’.

Raj – Short for Rajju meaning ‘angel of softness’.

Jas – Short for Jassi meaning special angel. Persian roots and common in India.

Eli – Short for Elin. Welsh origin and can be used for both gender.

Cael – Irish Gaelic origin.

Mike – Short for Michael and Michealangelo. Micheal has Hebrew origin meaning ‘who is like god’.

Angelo – Short for Michealangelo. Meaning ‘angel’. Italian descent.

Sera – Short for Seraphina. Hebrew origin.

Cas – Short for Castiel. Hebrew origin.

Cas – Short for Casiel ‘angel of Saturday’. Latin origin.

Kem- Short for Kemuel. Hebrew origin.

Ingo- Short for Ingram. German origin.

What girl name means angel

Ariel – ‘lion of god’. Hebrew origin.

Angeni- Native American origin meaning ‘spirit angel’.

Alyssa – Hebrew and German origin meaning ‘sweet angel’.

Annchi – Chinese origin meaning ‘peace’ and ‘angel’.

Dalili – Swahili origin meaning ‘sign from gods’.

Erela – Hebrew origin meaning ‘angel’.

Farishta- Arabic origin meaning ‘angel’.

Fenal- Arabic origin meaning ‘angel of beauty’.

Yael – Hebrew origin ‘to be blessed’.

Tuyen- Vietnamese origin meaning ‘ray’.

Arella – Hebrew origin.

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What boy name means angel

Angelos- Greek name for ‘messenger’.

Angelito – Spanish origin meaning ‘little angel’.

Berty – German origin meaning ‘bright angel’.

Engel – Dutch origin meaning ‘angel’.

Haniel- Hebrew origin meaning ‘gift of god’.

Imamu- Swahili origin meaning ‘spiritual leader’.

Ingel- German origin meaning ‘angel’.

Kemuel- Hebrew origin meaning ‘helper of god’.

Malak – Arabic origin meaning ‘angel’.

Raphael – Hebrew and French origin for ‘god has healed’.

Abdiel- Hebrew origin.

Agnolo- Italian origin.

D’Angelo- American origin.

Evangelo – Greek origin.

Jibri- African origin for ‘angel of Allah’.

Shepherd – English origin.

Rafaello- Hebrew origin.

Nuriel- Hebrew origin.

Names that mean angel from heaven

Ambarish – Indian origin meaning ‘angel from heaven’.

Jannah- Arabic origin meaning ‘heaven’.

Anahel- Angel who rules the third heaven.

Domiel- Angel who guards the sixth hall of the seventh heaven.

Jaoel- Guardian Angel who lives in the seventh heaven.

Ophiel- One ruling angel of the provinces of heaven and Mercury.

Sabrael – Archangel who guards the first heaven.

Angele- Greek origin meaning ‘messenger of god’.

Angelette- French origin meaning ‘Little angel’.

Michaela-  Hebrew origin ‘who resembles god’.

Engla- Scandinavian origin.

Azriel- Hebrew origin.

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Names that mean angel girl

Seraphina- Six winged Archangel.

Rabia- Arabic origin.

Angel – Spanish origin.

Laila – Arabic origin for ‘angel of conception’.

Angelette- French origin.

Melek- Turkish origin.

Aniela- Polish origin.

Ariella- Hebrew origin.

Uriella- Hebrew origin.

Xeraphina- American origin.

Annchi- Chinese origin for ‘amazing peace angel’.

Angeliki- Latin origin for ‘messenger of god’ and ‘angelic’.

Melangell- Welsh origin.

Rafaela- Spanish origin.

Greek names that mean angel

Angelina – An angel or messenger of god.

Evangeline- Messenger of good news.

Thea- ‘goddess’

Ariana- ‘Holy one’.

Calista – ‘The most beautiful’.

Hermione- ‘Messenger of the gods’.

Olympia – ‘Heavenly’ or ‘Goddess from Mount Olympus’.

Phoenix – Dark red immortal bird.

Theodora – ‘Gift from god’.

Javan- Guardian angel of Greece.

Evangelos- ‘Good messenger’.

Abbadon- Angel prince of the infernal regions and minister of death.

Syna- Princess Angel.

Diangelis- Messenger of God.

Ka – Beautiful Angel.

Angelmo- Messenger of god.

Vangelios – Greek origin for ‘good news’.

Vangelo- Greek origin for ‘good news’.

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Boy names that mean angel from heaven

Ariel – Greek origin.

Gabriel – ‘Angel messenger’.

Micah – ‘Angel of miracles’.

Nathaniel – ‘Angel of fire’.

Atlas – Greek origin meaning ‘bearer of the heavens’.

Theo – ‘gift of god’.

Kalani- Hawaiian universal name meaning ‘the heavens’.

Castiel- Hebrew name for ‘my cover is god’.

Angelo – Italian origin meaning ‘messenger’.

Zerachiel – Hebrew name for ‘gods command’.

Cael- Angel of the Zodian sign Cancer.

Haniel- Hebrew origin.

Uriel – Hebrew origin.

Hariel- Archangel who rules over December. Hebrew origin.

Yael- Common name in Israel that means ‘cherub who attends to the throne of god.

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Girl angel names

Charmeine- Female derivative of ‘Charmaine’ belonging to the angel of harmony.

Gotzone- Eastern European translation for ‘angel’.

Angelisa- Latin origin for ‘messenger’.

Erelah – Hebrew origin for ‘angel’.

Angelique – French name for ‘angel’.

Mariangela- ‘Rebel angel’.

Alya – Hebrew origin ‘to ascend’.

Angelina – Spanish, Greek and Italian name.

Batya – Hebrew origin for ‘daughter of god’.

Celine – French origin meaning ‘heavenly’.

Parisa – Persian origin.

Rosangel- Italian origin meaning rose angel.

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Girl angel names in the bible

Dara – Old Testament name that means wealthy in Persian.

Armisael – Angel of the womb.

Eloa- Angel of sorrow and compassion.

Sophia – ‘Wisdom’.

Mary – ‘Queen of the angels’.

Regina – Latin title of ‘Mary’.

Gabrielle – Feminine version of ‘Gabriel’.

Nefta- Flemish lore angel.

Barbelo – Angel of goodness and integrity.

What Korean names mean angel

Hanuel- ‘Heavenly’ (boy name).

Ki- ‘The one who has arisen’ (unisex name).

Kyubok – ‘The one who is blessed by god’. (boy name)

Chin-Sun – ‘Truth and Goodness’ (girl name).

Cho – ‘Beautiful’ (girl name).

Han-wool – ‘Heavenly’.

Ji – ‘Wisdom’ (universal name).

We hope the list of beautiful names above has inspired you.