Baby Names That Mean Love

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There is no greater love than that of a mother for her child. Mothers wait for their little sweetheart to arrive in the world so they may lavish all of their love and care on him or her. They spend sleepless nights trying to come up with unique names that have wonderful meaning for their unborn child.

Your child is everything to you. You fall in love with the small life growing inside you from the moment you find out you’re expecting. As a result, naming your child after the very essence of life, love, is an undoubtedly wise choice.

Do you want the world to know how much your child means to you? Whatever the case may be, you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for love-themed names.

Love could be the ideal origin that means a child is born around Valentine’s Day or during a honeymoon. Of course, any child brought into the world with love might have a name with a love connotation.

Baby-names with meanings relating to love are very popular among parents right now, with names like Esme, Cordelia, Amias, Amara, and Lennon all having meanings tied to love.

This article presents a list of names from all across the world that all mean the same thing, “Love”. You confirm your love every time you call them

These lovely baby boy and girl names are sure to make you smile as you browse through them to find the ideal one for the love of your life.

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Baby Boy Names That Mean Love

There are many baby boy names that mean love, but we’ve chosen the best for you. There will be some names for boys that imply beloved or eternal love, but they all refer to the same feeling and emotion.


Agapios – “of Greek origin that means Love.”

Agapito – “of Spanish origin that means Beloved.”

Aloha – “of Hawaiian origin that means Joyful Sharing Of Love.”

Amadeus – “of Latin origin that means Love Of God.”

Amando – “of Italian origin that means Worthy Of Love.”

Amato – “of Spanish origin that means Loved.”

Amias – “of English origin that means Loved One.”

Amor – “of Spanish origin that means Love.”

Asmara – “of Indonesian origin that means Love.”

Asthore – “of Irish origin that means Loved One.”

Atuf – “of Arabic origin that means Love.”

Ayarn – “Of American origin that means Unconditional Love.”

Aziz – “of Arabic origin that means Beloved, Powerful.”


Balint – “of Hungarian origin that means Health Or Love.”


Caradoc – “of Welsh origin that means Beloved.”

Caratacus – “of Latin origin that means Loving; Beloved; Dear Friend.”

Cariad – “of Welsh origin that means Love, Darling.”

Carwyn – “of Welsh origin that means Fair Love.”

Ceri – “of Welsh origin that means Love.”

Ceron – “of Welsh origin that means Beloved.”

Chicha – “of African – West Africa origin that means Beloved.”

Conor – “of Irish origin that means Wolf Lover.”

Dafydd – “of Welsh origin that means Beloved.”

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Dai – “of Welsh origin that means Beloved.”

Daithí – “of Irish origin that means Beloved.”

Dave – “of English origin that means Beloved.”

Daveigh – “of American origin that means Beloved.”

Daveney – “of American origin that means Beloved.”

Davey – “of English origin that means Beloved.”

Davi – “of Portuguese origin that means Beloved.”

David – “of Hebrew origin that means Beloved.”

Davion – “of American origin that means Beloved.”

Dawes – “of English origin that means Beloved One.”

Devassy – “of Indian origin that means Beloved.”

Dewey – “of Welsh origin that means Beloved.”

Dewi – “of Welsh origin that means Beloved.”

Drury – “of English origin that means Love, Friendship.”

Dulal – “of Indian origin that means Loved One.”


Eldad – “of Hebrew origin that means God Has Loved.”

Erasmus – “of Greek origin that means Beloved.”

Erast – “of Polish origin that means Beloved.”

Erastes – “of Greek origin that means Beloved.”

Erasto – “of Italian origin that means Beloved.”

Erastus – “of Greek origin that means Loved.”

Eros – “of Greek origin that means God Of Love.”


Felipe – “of Spanish origin that means Horse Lover.”

Fenmore – “of English origin that means Dear Love/Fen Moor.”

Filbert – “of English origin that means Love Bright.”

Filip – “of Scandinavian origin that means Lover Of Horses.”

Flip – “of Dutch origin that means Lover Of Horses.”

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Gallagher – “of Irish origin that means Descendant Of The Lover Of Foreigners.”

Glover – “of English origin that means Glove Maker Or Merchant.”


Habib – “of Arabic origin that means Beloved One.”


Ily – “Acronym For I Love You.”

Ipo – “of Hawaiian origin that means Sweetheart, Lover.”


Jumoke – “of African – Yoruba origin that means Everyone Loves The Child.”

Juno – “of Latin origin that means Goddess Of Love, Marriage & Childbirth.”


Kealoha – “of Hawaiian origin that means The Loved One.”

Keefe – “of Irish origin that means Handsome, Beloved.”

Kendi – “of African origin that means The Loved One.”

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Libe – “of Hebrew origin that means Beloved.”

Lolonyo – “of African origin that means Love Is Beautiful.”

Lolovivi – “of African origin that means There’s Always Love.”

Love – “of English origin that means Full Of Love Or Female Wolf.”

Lovender – “of American origin that means Combination Of The Words LOVE And LAVENDER.”

Luthando – “of African origin that means Love.”

Baby Girl Names That Mean Love

Girls are the pinnacle of love, and if their name contains the word “love,” they will be all heart. Female names that signify love abound, and we’ve compiled a list of the loveliest for you.


Adelpha – “of Greek origin that means beloved sister.”

Ahava – “of Hebrew origin that means love.”

Aiko – “of Japanese origin that means beloved child.”

Amada – “of Spanish origin that means loved.”

Amadea – “of Latin origin that means God’s beloved.”

Amala – “of Arabic origin that means beloved; bird.”

Amia – “of French origin that means dearly loved; beloved.”

Amy/Aimee – “of French origin that means beloved.”

Amanda – “of Latin origin that means deserving to be loved.”

Amandine – “of French origin that means lovable.”

Amata – “of French, Latin, Spanish origin that means beloved; lovable.”

Amoris – “of Latin origin that means love.”

Avila – “of German origin that means desired.”

Ayume – “of Japanese origin that means Color Love.”

Alusia – “of Polish origin that means Beautiful, Lovely.”

Airi – “of Japanese origin that means Love and Affection.”

Ambella – “of Spanish origin that means Beloved Friend.”

Amora – “of Spanish origin that means Love.”

Astria – “of Spanish origin that means Loved by the Gods.”

Aziza – “of Arabic origin that means powerful, respected, beloved.”

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Cara/Carina – “of Latin origin that means cherished; beloved; pure.”

Caresse – “of American origin that means Beloved.”

Cherish – “of English origin that means Care For, Honor, Love.”

Cheta – “of African-Igbo origin that means Remember (the Love of God).”

Cariad – “of Welsh origin that means love.”

Caris/Carys/Keris – “of Welsh origin that means love; grace.”

Carita – “of Welsh origin that means beloved.”

Caron – “of Welsh origin that means loving; kindhearted.”

Carwen – “of Welsh origin that means blessed love.”

Cher – “of French origin that means beloved.”

Cherelle – “of French origin that means beloved.”

Cheryl/Cheri – “of English origin that means dear one; darling.”

Cordelia – “of Latin; Celtic origin that means heart.”


Dariela – “of English origin that means dear one; beloved.”

Darla – “of English origin that means darling.”

Darlene – “of English origin that means tenderly love.”

Davida – “of Hebrew origin that means beloved.”

Desiree – “of French origin that means desired.”

Daveigh – “of American origin that means beloved.”

Didina – “of French origin that means desired, beloved.”

Domicia – “of Spanish origin that means Lover of The Home.”


Esha – “of Sanskrit origin that means desired.”

Esme – “of French origin that means esteemed; beloved.”

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Femi – “of African origin that means Love Me.”

Freya – “Norse goddess of love.”


Graziella – “of Italian origin that means Lovely and With Grace”


Habiba – “of Muslim origin that means beloved; darling; sweetheart”

Halia – “of Hawaiian origin that means remembrance of a loved one”


Imogen – “of Greek origin that means beloved child”


Kalila – “of Muslim origin that means heart”

Kalei – “of Hawaiian origin that means the beloved; flower wreath”

Kama – “of Sanskrit origin that means desire; love; Hindu God of Love”

Kara – “of Cornish origin that means love”

Kayla – “of American origin that means beloved”

Kerensa – “of Cornish origin that means love”


Libi – “of Hebrew origin that means my heart”

Luba – “of Ukrainian origin that means love”

Lyuben – “of Bulgarian origin that means Loved”


Mabli – “of Welsh origin that means lovable”

Maite – “of Basque origin that means love”

Manami – “Japanese for Love, Affection, Beautiful, Sea, Ocean.”

Maitea – “of Spanish origin that means love”

Mila – “of Slavic origin that means dear; love”

Milda – “of Lithuanian origin that means Goddess Of Love.”

Milena – “of Czech origin that means love and warmth”

Mina – “of German origin that means love”

Myrna – “of Gaelic origin that means beloved”

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Nayeli – “of Native American – Zapotec origin that means I love you”


Phila – “of Greek origin that means loving”

Philippa/Pippa/Pippi – “of Greek origin that means lover of horses “

Philomena – “of Greek origin that means lover of strength”

Priya – “of Sanskrit origin that means beloved”


Querida – “of Spanish origin that means beloved”


Siran – “of Armenian origin that means sweet love”

Suki – “of Japanese origin that means loved one”


Tivona – “of Hebrew origin that means love’s nature”


Valentina – “of Latin origin that means healthy; strong; St. Valentine”

Venus – “this name means beloved; Roman goddess of love, beauty, and spring”

Vida – “of Hebrew and Scottish origin that means beloved”


Yaretzi – “of Aztec origin that means you will always be loved”.

We hope that among all of these love-inspired names, you find the one that speaks to you the most. Finding a baby name takes a lot of thought, so we’ve tried to make it easier for you by presenting these names from all around the world.