100 Adorable Four Letter Girl Names.

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I believe in the saying “simplicity is best” and I feel the same way about names.

This is the reason why 4 letter girl names will always appeal to me. Both my daughters have 4 letter names that’s why they are special to me.

They are simple and easy to remember, yet they will always be remembered. It is also easier to write four-letter names and they take up very little space on any form.

Looking for great options for 4 letter girl names for your little princess? Here’s 100 of the best four-letter girl names, plus the meanings and origins as well.

Four-Letter Girl Names with their Origin and Meanings

I have listed them in alphabetical order so just scroll down to jump to the starting letter of your choice. Have fun!

Four Letter Girl Names that Starts With A

Abra – Hebrew origin and means “girl born on Tuesday”.

Aida – Italian origin which means “happy”.

Alba – Of Latin origin which means “white”.

Alix – French origin which means “of the nobility”.

Aria – Italian origin meaning “solo melody”.

Arya – Sanskrit origin which means “honorable” or “noble”.

Asta – Of Greek origin which means “divine strength”.

Aura – Of Latin origin which means “wind” or “breath”.

Ayla – Turkish origin meaning “halo of light around the moon”.

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Four Letter Girl Names that Starts With B

Bess – English origin which means “God is satisfaction” or “God is my oath”.

Beth – English origin which means “God is my oath”.

Bree – Irish origin which means “power, strength, vigor and virtue”

Bria – Irish origin meaning “noble”.

Brie – French origin meaning “marshland”.

Bryn – Welsh origin meaning “hill”.

Names that Start with C

Cady – English origin which means “rhythmic flow of sounds”.

Caia – Latin origin meaning “to rejoice”.

Cait – Irish origin which means “pure”.

Cecy – Latin origin which means “blind”.

Clea – Greek origin meaning “to praise” or “to acclaim”.

Cleo – Greek origin meaning “glory” or pride”.

Cori – Greek origin which means “origin”.

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    Names that Start with D

    Daci – Irish origin which means “from the south”.

    Dana – Hebrew origin which means “God has judged”.

    Dara – Hebrew origin which means “”pearl of wisdom”.                                                                     

    Dawn – Old English origin which means “appearance of light” or “daybreak”.

    Desi – Ancient Sanskrit which means “land” or “country”.

    Dina – Hebrew meaning “God has judged”.

    Dora – Greek origin which means “gift”.

    Names that Start with E

    Edda – Polish origin meaning “poetry”.

    Eden – Hebrew origin which means “place of pleasure”.

    Edie – Old English which means “rich in war”.

    Ella – English origin meaning “all” or “completely”.

    Elsa – German origin “joyful” or” noble” and also “God is my oath”.

    Elva – Irish origin which means “leader of the elves”.

    Emmy – English origin which means “universal”.

    Eyre – Old French which means “journey”.

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    Names that Start with F

    Fawn – Old French meaning “young deer”.

    Faye – Middle English origin which means “fairy”.

    Fern – Old English meaning “a green plant that loves the shade”.

    Names that Start with G

    Gaia – Greek origin meaning “earth mother”.

    Gail – Hebrew origin meaning “my father rejoices”.

    Geri – English origin which means “rules with spear”.

    Gina – Italian origin meaning “queen”.

    Gray – Scottish origin meaning “someone who has gray hair”.

    Gwen – Welsh origin which means “white circle”.

    Gwyn – Welsh origin which means “white”, blessed”, or “holy”

    Four Letter Girl Names that Start with H

    Hena – Hebrew origin which means “gracious” or “full of grace”.

    Hera – Greek origin which means “queen”.

    Hope – English origin which means “desire of fulfillment”.

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    Names that Start with I

    Ibis – Latin origin which means “long-legged bird”.

    Idra – Aramaic origin which means “fig tree”.

    Ilsa – German origin which means “pledged to God”

    Ines – Italian origin meaning “chaste” or “pure”.

    Inez – Spanish origin which means “pure” or “holy”.

    Inga – Scandinavian origin meaning “Ing’s protection”.

    Isra – Arabic origin meaning “night-time journey”.

    Names that Start with J

    Jacy – Native American origin meaning “moon”

    Jada – Hebrew origin meaning “he knows”.

    Jade – Spanish origin meaning “stone of the side”.

    Jeri – English origin meaning “rules with spear”.

    Jess – Hebrew origin meaning “gift” or “God beholds”.

    June – Latin origin meaning “born In June”.

    Juno – Latin origin which means “queen of heaven”

    Names that Start with K

    Kacy – American origin meaning “vigilant in war”.

    Kara – Italian origin meaning “beloved”.

    Kari – Greek origin which means “pure”.

    Kate – English origin meaning “pure” or “clear”.

    Kaye – French origin which means “keeper of keys”.

    Kora – Greek origin meaning “maiden”.

    Kris – Greek origin which means “carrier of Christ”.

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    Names that Start with L

    Lacy – Irish origin which means “belonging to Lacy or Lassy”.

    Leia – Hawaiian origin which means “child of heaven” or “heavenly flowers”.

    Lena – Greek origin which means “alluring, temptress, light”

    Lexi – Greek origin meaning “defending men”.

    Lila – Persian origin meaning “Lilac tree”.

    Lily – Of Hebrew origin meaning “my God is abundance”.

    Lola – Spanish origin which means “sorrows”.

    Lyra – Greek origin which means “a lyre”.

    Names that Start with M

    Macy – French origin which means “weapon”.

    Maia – Greek origin meaning “great or mother”.

    Mary – Hebrew origin meaning “wished for child”.

    Maya – English origin meaning “good mother”.

    Mila – Slavic origin meaning “gracious”.

    Mira – Latin origin meaning “female ruler”.

    Moon – Old English which means “menses”.

    Mora – Latin origin meaning “dark skinned”.

    Myra – English origin meaning “admirable”.

    Names that Start with N

    Nala – Arabic origin meaning “first drink of water or water in the desert”.

    Nara – Japanese origin meaning “happy”.

    Nava – Hebrew origin meaning “treeless plateau”.

    Naya – Arabic origin meaning “something new”.

    Nika – Persian origin meaning “good”.

    Niki – Greek origin meaning “people of victory”.

    Nina – Hebrew origin meaning “God was gracious”.

    Nyla – Arabic origin meaning “winner”.

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    Names that Start with O

    Oana – Romanian origin meaning “blessed by God”.

    Odie – Old English meaning “woad hill”.

    Olia – African origin meaning “blessed, holy”

    Oona – Irish origin meaning “lamb”.

    Opal – Sanskrit origin meaning “gem”.

    Orla – Irish origin meaning “golden princess”.

    Names that Start with P

    Page – English origin meaning “attendant”.

    Peri – Hebrew origin meaning “mountain dweller”.

    Plum – German origin meaning “someone who lived by a plum tree”.

    Poet – English origin meaning “one who writes verse”.

    Posy – English meaning “a bunch of flowers”.

    Priya – Indian origin meaning “beloved” or “favorite”.

    Prim – Old French meaning “delicate”.

    Prue – English origin meaning “prudent” or “good judgement”.

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    Names that Start with R

    Rain – American origin meaning “abundant blessings from above”.

    Raya – Hebrew origin meaning “friend”.

    Rhea – Greek origin meaning “flowing”.

    Roma – Of Italian origin meaning “one with shiny hair”.

    Romy – German origin meaning “person from Rome”.

    Ruby – English origin meaning “red gemstone”.

    Ruth – Hebrew origin meaning “friend”.

    Names that Start with S

    Sade – African origin meaning “honor wears a crown”.

    Sage – Of Latin origin meaning “wise”.

    Sana – Of Arabic origin meaning “brightness” or “radiance”.

    Shea – Of Irish origin which means “the stately, dauntless one”

    Siri – Greek origin meaning “a beautiful victory”.

    Skye – Scottish origin meaning “adventurous”.

    Susy – Old English which means “Lily”.

    Sean – Celtic/Gaelic origin which means “God is gracious”.

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    Names that Start with T

    Tacy – English origin meaning “fruitful”.

    Tali – Hebrew origin meaning “dew from heaven”.

    Tina – Of Latin origin which means “follower of Christ”.

    Toni – Greek origin meaning “priceless one”.

    Tori – English origin meaning “winner” or “conqueror”.

    True – English origin which means ”real”.

    Tyra – Scandinavian origin which means “god of battle”.

    Names that Start with U

    Ulla – German origin meaning “will” or “determination”.

    Usha – Sanskrit origin meaning “dawn”.

    Uzma – Arabic origin meaning “the greatest”.

    Names that Start with V

    Veda – Sanskrit origin meaning “knowledge” or “wisdom”.

    Vega – Arabic origin meaning “stooping eagle”.

    Vela – Spanish origin meaning “vigilant” or “watchful”.

    Vera – Of Russian origin meaning “truth”.

    Vida – Latin origin meaning “life”

    Vivi – Latin origin which means “alive”.

    Vola – Latin origin meaning “flight”.

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    Names that Start with W

    Wara – Kurdish origin which means “homeland”.

    Wing – Of Chinese origin meaning “glory”.

    Wren – English origin meaning “little chief”.

    Names that Start with X

    Xena – Of Greek origin meaning “hospitable”.

    Xoey – Greek origin meaning “life”.

    Names that Start with Y

    Yael – Hebrew origin meaning “mountain goat”.

    Yara – Of Arabic origin which means “small butterfly”.

    Ylva – Swedish origin which means “she-wolf”.

    Ynez – Spanish origin which means “pure” or “virginal”.

    Yoko – Of Japanese origin which means “positive child”.

    Yume – Of Japanese origin which means “dream”.

    Yvie – Germanic origin which means “good news”.


    Names that Start with Z

    Zara – Arabic origin meaning “flower” or “blossom”

    Zaya – Of Aramaic origin which means “chicks” or “baby birds”.

    Zena – Greek origin which means “hospitable”.

    Zion – Hebrew origin which means “monument” or “raised up”.

    Zoey – Of Greek origin which means “life”.

    Zola – Latin origin which means “earth”.

    Zoya – Greek origin meaning “life”.

    Zula – Of African origin which means “brilliant” or “ahead”.

    There you go! Over one hundred of the best and most unique four-letter girl names that you can choose from for your little princess. Any of the names listed above would make a great choice for your baby girl! They are simple yet fun! Most of all, they sound beautiful and easy to fall head over heels in love with!