Middle Names for Chloe

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The name Chloe comes from the Greek word Chloe, which means “young green shoot.” Chloe is depicted in Greek mythology as Demeter, the goddess of agriculture and fertility.

She was the zealous Greek Christian woman recorded in the New Testament. Chloe has a plethora of middle names. But first, let’s take a look at what Chloe means.

This is a name that parents have considered for their daughters’ baby names. Chloe is a Greek word that meaning “green and blossoming.”

This was due to an epithet by Demeter, the goddess of fertility and agriculture, in allusion to her fecundity in Greek mythology. Chloe is particularly well-known in France and the United Kingdom.

Take a look at these gorgeous middle names for Chloe:


Chloe Abigail

Chloe Abriella

Chloe Adelaide

Chloe Adele

Chloe Alexandra

Chloe Alexandria

Chloe Alice

Chloe Allegra

Chloe Amanda

Chloe Amelia

Chloe Amiee

Chloe Anais

Chloe Anastasia

Chloe Angelica

Chloe Ashley

Chloe Aurelia


Chloe Beatrice

Chloe Beth

Chloe Bianca

Chloe Brianne

Chloe Bridget

Chloe Bronwyn

Chloe Brooklyn

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Chloe Camilla

Chloe Cassandra

Chloe Charlotte

Chloe Cordelia


Chloe Daisy

Chloe Danielle

Chloe Delilah

Chloe Destiny

Chloe Diana


Chloe Elaine

Chloe Eleanor

Chloe Elis

Chloe Elise

Chloe Eliza

Chloe Elizabeth

Chloe Ella

Chloe Emery

Chloe Emilia

Chloe Emillie

Chloe Erin

Chloe Esther

Chloe Evangeline

Chloe Evelyn


Chloe Fiona

Chloe Flora

Chloe Florence

Chloe Francesca

Chloe Freya


Chloe Gabrielle

Chloe Garnet

Chloe Genevieve

Chloe Georgia

Chloe Georgina

Chloe Gwendoline

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Chloe Harriet

Chloe Heather

Chloe Helena

Chloe Holly


Chloe Imelda

Chloe Irene

Chloe Iris

Chloe Isabella


Chloe Jacqueline

Chloe Jade

Chloe Jane

Chloe Jennifer

Chloe Jessica

Chloe Jessie

Chloe Joanne

Chloe Josephine

Chloe Joyce

Chloe Julia

Chloe Juliana

Chloe Julie

Chloe Juliet

Chloe Juliette


Chloe Kendra

Chloe Kirsten

Chloe Kissha

Chloe Kyla

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Chloe Laurel

Chloe Leah

Chloe Liana

Chloe Lily

Chloe London

Chloe Louise

Chloe Lucille

Chloe Lucy

Chloe Lydia


Chloe Madeline

Chloe Magdalena

Chloe Maggie

Chloe Margaret

Chloe Maria

Chloe Maris

Chloe Matilda

Chloe Melissa

Chloe Melody

Chloe Michelle

Chloe Miranda

Chloe Molly


Chloe Nadine

Chloe Natalie

Chloe Nicky

Chloe Nicola

Chloe Norah


Chloe Odetta

Chloe Odette

Chloe Olive

Chloe Olivia

Chloe Ophelia

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Chloe Paige

Chloe Patience

Chloe Pearl

Chloe Primrose

Chloe Priscilla


Chloe Rachel

Chloe Ramona

Chloe Rebecca

Chloe Rosanne

Chloe Rose

Chloe Roxanne

Chloe Ruby


Chloe Samantha

Chloe Sammie

Chloe Saphire

Chloe Selena

Chloe Sheena

Chloe Sophia

Chloe Stephanie

Chloe Summer

Chloe Susannah

Chloe Sydney

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Chloe Tabitha

Chloe Teresa

Chloe Theodora


Chloe Vanessa

Chloe Victoria

Chloe Viola

Chloe Virginia


Chloe Willow

Chloe Winona

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Chloe Zoe

When considering middle names, write down the initial name, middle name, and surname all at once — and pronounce them out loud!

Chloe’s middle name may be a nickname for the baby, therefore it’s a good idea to pick one. Chloe will have an excellent future choice with a middle name.

Chloe is a lovely name as well, and it would be much more lovely with such a middle name to complete the style! We hope you’ve already decided what you want from our selection! Best of luck and congrats!