Is it OK To Have More Than One Baby Shower?

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You’re getting closer to your due date, and just before, you’ve got your baby shower. This is a great time to get together with close friends and family to celebrate you and your new bundle of joy.

You might be a bit overwhelmed when looking at your guest list that there might just be too many people invited. 

If this is the case, then don’t panic too much. It is completely acceptable for you to throw more than one baby shower.

You could have one specifically for friends, one for family members and one for work colleagues if you really wanted. There are no rules to say you can’t.

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Can you have more than one baby shower? 

pregnant mum holding a gift

It is your choice if you decide to throw more than one baby shower. Whether you want to host one, or your best friend wants to host one, it’s a great way to feel extra appreciated.

When you announce your pregnancy, it will have everyone in high spirits, and they’ll all want to ensure that this time is made special for you. 

It can become very overwhelming if you’ve got to attend to a lot of guests in one area, and you definitely don’t want to become stressed over something that is supposed to be relaxing and fun to attend.

This is a perfectly valid reason to have more than one baby shower. 

How to take care of multiple baby showers

It might seem overwhelming to begin with, but it will pose less of a stress risk organizing different baby showers than it would be in a room full of so many different people. It goes without saying that planning anything has its cons.

There are different groups of guests that you need to ensure all get along, as well as make sure that everyone is comfortable with their chosen group. 

You will then have to organize games, food (taking into account any dietary requirements) and decorations. You don’t have to organize these baby showers alone, you could ask a family member or your partner to help and take off the sweat a little bit.

There is no shame in this. 

Who should you invite to each baby shower? 

To ensure that there are no squabbles or uncomfortable conversations, it’s best to group people as you know them. So, for example, having colleagues together that work with and know each other would be one group, the family would be another and then close friends. 

Doing this can really help with each shower dynamic and chance of relaxing. You also want to ensure that you only invite those who are willing to take in the moments and will gladly celebrate the way you want to. 

Can I have a co-ed baby shower? 

It’s entirely up to you, especially when co-ed showers are becoming more popular. You may decide that you want a specific shower for you and your girlfriends, and a co-ed shower for your partner and their friends. 

Be mindful that inviting men will definitely change the chemistry of the shower. This doesn’t have to be in a negative way, but the group will potentially be separated. 

Could I throw a baby shower for a second child? 

You definitely can. A baby shower is different for each baby, and the experiences will be different too. You’ll have new people in your life to invite and the dynamic would change completely from the first one. 

It’s also a great idea to throw a baby shower for your second child because there are always new gadgets and improved products that you could put on the baby wishlist for guests to buy. It just makes parenting life that little bit easier. 

What are the downsides to multiple baby showers? 

To be honest, multiple baby showers just won’t work for everyone. It might be a case of finding the time between deciding on multiple baby showers and your baby being born.

It can be limited, and you might find that everyone isn’t free on the same day, making it difficult. 

Reasons to have multiple baby showers 

It’s a celebration 

Having a baby shower is much more than a registry event. It’s a time for you and your guests to celebrate the near birth of a new bundle of joy.

Whether you’re having your first or 14th baby, it’s always amazing to celebrate with loved ones. 

You get offered a party 

If you’re on your second or third child, you might have new people in your life that you didn’t have when you were pregnant with your first. And so, these new people might offer to throw you a baby shower.

It would be rude to say no! 

You find out you’re having a different gender 

When you know the gender of your baby, you know which type of theme you’re going for. Usually, it’s pink for a girl and blue for a boy.

Imagine if you find out you’re having a different gender to the first. This might make times even more exciting and what better reason to throw another baby shower? 

Really big families 

If you have a large family on one or both sides, then throwing multiple baby showers might be the answer. Your guest list will get to an unmanageable size in this case, and it can become hard to keep everyone happy.

It may just be easier to host a baby shower for both sides of the family. 

There are new products on the market 

A baby shower isn’t all about the gifts, but it is quite a big aspect of it. If there are quite a few years in between your other and this baby, then you might be excited about the prospect of getting new items that you would have to otherwise pay towards.

There are new items, products and gadgets all of the time. 

You’ve recently moved 

You might want to scope around and see which places are best to throw a baby shower, and if you find the perfect location, why not use it and throw your baby shower there? With moves also means that you might have left all unused and old baby items there, so you have room for nice and new stuff. 

You have a joint baby shower 

Maybe your new pregnancy coincides with a friend or family member. How cute would it be for you to have a joint baby shower?

If it’s their first baby, then you might want to have a small part within their baby shower, as to not take over their memorable day. Although they might be totally fine with throwing a half and half shower, meaning you get just as much attention as them. 

The shower will be smaller 

When it’s your first baby, you tend to go all-out with every aspect. From monitoring their every movement in the womb to throwing the biggest baby shower.

However, having another child will mean that the party doesn’t have to be as big and fancy. You might opt for a small gathering, also known as a “sprinkle”.

It’s simply for those that are close to you to sprinkle some love and care to the new baby. 

It’s a great excuse for a day out 

picnic in the park

As you’re going through your pregnancy, you might find that you just don’t have the energy or time to do the things you once enjoyed, like going out for a drink. So, having a baby shower will get you out of the house and doing the things that you’ve probably really missed doing. 

How great multiple baby showers can happen 

If you’ve decided to have multiple baby showers for your baby or even for your second or third, then congratulations. Whether you’re hosting it yourself or you’re having it hosted by someone near and dear, you’re bound to have a really good time.

Whoever takes the reins to organize the baby shower is usually the one who covers the costs. 

Hosted by friends 

Your guest list will probably become slightly erratic if your friends run the show. Only because, they may not have the greatest idea whom you want or don’t want at your baby shower.

However, if your friends know you well enough, then they might ace it. 

Hosted by family 

Whether it’s the mom-to-be’s family or the dad-to-be’s family, if they organize the baby shower then it might just be kept as close family members. This is perfect if you’re looking for a more intimate and family orientated shower.

Whether it’s a baby shower that’s thrown with each side of the family, or separately, it will become a more manageable party. 

A surprise shower 

The point of a surprise baby shower is that it’s a complete surprise to the mom-to-be. If there have been difficulties through the pregnancy, and it hasn’t been as plain sailing as they might want, then it’s the best time to shower optimal appreciation.

If it’s been a rough time, then a surprise baby shower might be the pick me up that’s needed. Be mindful though that if there are already children involved in the family, or they aren’t the best with surprises, it might not be ideal to do this.

What to do if you’re invited to multiple baby showers 

baby shower sweets

There’s a handful of rules of etiquette if you’ve been invited to multiple baby showers. Although, these rules aren’t as strict as they once were during these times. 

Hosts that throw multiple baby showers should keep each list special to both of them. It might raise a few questions when someone is invited to more than one baby shower, such as  “Is it essential for me to bring one gift to each?” Or “Do I really need to be at both?”.

Well, really, it’s no to both. It’s your choice if you decide to go to both.

However, you shouldn’t feel obliged to go to either of them. It also isn’t necessary to bring a gift to both baby showers. 

If you think you’d feel a bit out of place without bringing a gift to both baby showers, then it’s up to you if you do want to take another. 


Regardless of whether you’re in a position to throw multiple baby showers or not, then we really hope you have an amazing time. A baby shower is a lovely time to celebrate with close friends and families and will leave you feeling appreciated and loved.