Baby Shower Themes For Baby Girls

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One of the many steps in planning a baby shower, is choosing the theme. The theme should reflect the personality of the parents as well as the interests of the guests. 

It should also be an opportunity to honor the new arrival. The baby shower can be customized if the parents know the gender of the baby. 

Those who have had baby girls will agree, there’s something exceptionally special about having one. Therefore, the celebration of the arrival of one should have no limits!

Whilst it is not required to have a baby show theme, you’ll agree it just makes the interior of the celebration a whole lot more exciting! 

This article will look into the various options out there for baby shower themes specially for baby girls. Read on to get some inspiration for baby girl themed food, decor, games and party favors.

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At some point this baby girl is going to become obsessed with unicorns. So why not welcome her with a unicorn themed celebration? 

How about a pastel colored balloons garland arch with a color matching macaroons tower placed right under it. It is also extremely easy to put together unicorn decor – from balloons to tableware to centerpieces

For food, you can opt for DIY unicorn cupcakes, unicorn poop meringue, unicorn marshmallow horns. For savory food you can offer unicorn colored Mac and cheese (purple/pink/blue) or a DIY pizza with multi colored cheese melted on top. 

For the games you can purchase a DIY unicorn slime kit online and have a little healthy competition amongst the guests on who can make their slime first. Sequined key chains would make the cutest party favor for your female guests. 


Either merged together with the unicorn theme or on its own, the rainbow theme will surely bring out the child in your guests. Why don’t you try a rainbow bagel recipe from the Great British Bake Off?  

You can keep a rainbow fruit platter shaped out in a rainbow, or a rainbow colored raman noodles dish. A rainbow cake is a must have – the choices are endless as long as you have some rainbow food coloring! 

You can purchase some rainbow party tableware online, together with some matching balloons and banners for the venue. There are plenty of colorful craft baby shower games you can choose to include on the day. 


Under the sea mermaid is another popular baby shower girl’s theme. You can incorporate ocean, beach, sea animals and mermaids into this broad theme. 

With the correct shades of decor: purple, blue and pink ,you can create an underwater illusion! Hang up a mermaid tail stuck inside a fish net at the entrance or have seashell garlands hanging from the ceiling. 

Add some visual impact with an inexpensive starlight projector  – set to blue and green to cast an impressive underwater effect on the room. To enhance the sensory element to the ambience, you can purchase a white noise machine which can be set to play the waves sounds. 

Since it’s such a popular theme, you’ll have no trouble getting mermaid tail shaped garland balloons for the focal point of your venue together with a mermaid tail backdrop. Save yourself some trouble and purchase some pre-made mermaid themed party favor bags with mermaid tail keychains inside. 

For food, how about seafood to fit the theme – Oysters, crab meat, cod? Or some fish shaped vegan sandwiches? You can offer some snacks, pearl blue pretzels maybe? 

Fairy-Tale/Princesss Stories

This theme has the potential to turn the baby shower into a very elegant and grand event! Turn it into an exciting costume celebration, and ask your guests to dress up as a fairy tale character. 

You can find some downloadable baby shower invites created as royal invitations to a ball – very befitting for a princess themed baby shower! Place a crown all your guests as they enter the venue to really reinforce the theme. 

On top of the cake, why not put a vintage mini crown cake topper? Or ‘A Little Princess is on the way’ bunting! Don’t forget to decorate a chair as a throne for the mother to be. 

The color scheme can be anything from gold, pink to regal purple. You can use streamers and flower garlands to create an enchanted fairy garden. Use a tulle tablecloth to make it look like a fairy’s skirt! 

Furthermore, you could organize a high tea by getting china inspired vintage floral tableware and cake stands, offering traditional afternoon tea options such as scones, finger sandwiches, cakes and pastries. For the cake, you can go for a castle shaped magnificent pink and gold sponge cake.  

To make it extra special, you could ask each guest to bring a classic fairytale book with a personalized messaged written inside. Not only will these become a lovely addition to the nursery library, but will also become the ideal keepsakes for the baby girl who can read the messages inside once she’s older. 

Floral Pink

You could just go for a conventional ‘It’s a girl’ themed baby shower with everything from the food, treats, decor being different shades of pink. Or to mix it up a little you can do pink and gold, or pink and gray – for which you’ll be able to find balloons, hanging lanterns, tissue pom poms and banners. 

Since flowers are an enduring piece of decor, this theme will be easy to get together. You can use artificial pink peonies in vintage vases as centerpieces together with floral tableware with rose gold foil rims to add some elegance to your interior. 

You could create some stunning Rose Apple Tarts using red apples, or some cupcakes with piped buttercream roses. Purchase some fruit cutters and arrange a variety of different colored fruits into flowers on a large platter. You can also keep pink fruit jelly cups with raspberries, strawberries and watermelon inside.  

Turn your interior into a botanical garden by decorating the venue with various different flowers. Try using these floral hanging wreaths over your food table to create an impact. 

For one of the baby shower games, you could even set up a bouquet making station – the parents to be can decide who made the best bouquet within timed conditions! Those flowers can then be recycled and sent home with the guests as party favors instead of being wasted. 


This would be a timeless and elegant theme to announce the arrival of a baby girl. There is unlimited amounts of pastel decor available out there! 

Set a soft soothing vibe for your celebration by using pastel dots garlands and tissue paper confetti for the table. You can also set up a pastel colored balloon arch above the food or gifts table.  

You can have a cotton candy food cart in the corner of your venue – offering various pastel colored cotton candy together with a retro candy station next to it.

Don’t forget some pastel colored buttercream cupcakes wrapped in pastel paper liners with some sprinkles on top! 

For one of the baby shower games, you can have a painting competition. Let your guests paint on small canvases using a range of pastel paints. These can then be used for the baby’s girls nursery – leaving behind a sentimental memory from the baby shower to reflect back on. 

Wilton do amazing pastel food coloring – these can be used to color almost any savory or sweet food! For example, make some pastel colored eggs – just hard boil eggs, remove the shells and place them inside colored water for 10 minutes. The longer you leave them inside the solution the darker the shade becomes. 


Parents of baby girls will know butterflies are always the craze when decorating the nursery. Why not match the baby shower theme to that of the nursery, and use the left over decor? 

A tower cake with a flock of different colored butterflies will surely get the guests talking. Purchase some butterfly shaped cutters and make some butterfly shaped sandwiches or butterfly shaped iced shortbread biscuits. 

You can purchase inexpensive 3D butterflies to stick on the walls, which can then be used for the nursery walls once the days celebrations are over. 3D Butterfly garlands will look stunning hanging at the entrance of the venue as will helium filled Butterfly balloons covering the ceiling! 

There are many butterfly themed games online that can be purchase or printed – like these butterfly scratch off cards which can be given to guests as they enter the venue and the winning card holders get a prize! Or you could have a craft competition on who can decorate their butterfly wings the fastest – all you need are large cardboard wing cut outs, elastics for the arm bands, some glitter and paint! 

Alice in the wonderland

If you think your guests will be keen on escaping into the Mad Hatter’s World, then there is no theme more entertaining than this one! Post out ‘Don’t Be Late’ themed invitations to your guests. 

With the correct decor you can transform your venue into a wonderland! Buy a ‘Alice in the Wonderland’ backdrop where the guests can click some memorable pictures. 

You can also purchase themed tableware, tablecloth, streamers and buntings. You can get some themed table props, cake toppers and arrow hanging signs reading: ‘turn around’ ‘nowhere’ ‘tea party.’ 

How about some mushroom lanterns to hang from the ceiling lights? Or large inflatable Queen of Hearts balloons tied to the mum to be’s chair? 

Get really in character and ask your guests to dress up as one of the characters from the story. The one in charge of the games can wear the white rabbit clock to time the competitions. 

You can take plenty of inspiration from the book for your buffet choices. Bake some ‘Eat me’ biscuits and cupcakes, alongside some ‘Drink me’ labeled beverages.

Have a plate full of Queen of Heart’s jam tarts, heart shaped sandwiches, rectangular cookies iced to look like playing cards, pink lemonade in small Alice’s bottles and most importantly don’t forget the Cheshire Cat colored cake pops! 

You Are My Sunshine

Surely a little baby girl will bring lots of sunshine into the lives of everyone that will get to know her. What better way to celebrate her arrival than to reinforce this reality! 

Get some ‘You are my sunshine’ balloons to put up on the wall together with some ‘You are my sunshine’ cake toppers and yellow themed decor – such as yellow tissue pom poms, lanterns, buntings and garlands. 

You can also create or find online baby shower games for this theme, such as the dot of happiness bingo cards. Or you can get all your guests together to do a sun inspired collage on a large canvas which could then be used for the baby’s nursery. 

If your are hosting the baby shower during the summer season, as favors you can give out planted sunflower seeds for guests to take away and grow in their back yard. Alternatively, you can make some lemon honey sugar scrubs to gift your guests. 

You can hand out candy with at the entrance as the guests enter – wrapped in ‘You are my sunshine’ wrappers. You can also bake some sun shaped biscuits with yellow icing, and set up a fresh lemonade stand. 

Keep some ‘yellow’ food items on the table, such as corn on the cob, pizza with yellow toppings, yellow food colored pastries, yellow custard with sponge cake, and the list is endless! 

Final Thoughts

Just remember, after deciding on the theme, you’ll need to source food, decor, games and party favors to match it. Once you have the basics sorted, bringing your desired theme to life will be smooth sailing. 

Finally, no matter how the theme materializes, the guests and parents to be will be more than appreciative of all the effort gone into planning the special day. You’ll be part of organizing a celebration that will help create meaningful memories for all those involved…so go have some fun planning!