10 Pregnancy Side Effects No One Told You About

Pregnancy is one of the wildest and most amazing journeys a woman has the opportunity to experience.

In just a few months you go from being just you to be connected to another person forever. A small life you’ll shape as they grow up right before your eyes. 

Let’s not kid around, how awesome is that?

I’m pretty sure you –just like me and any other mommas out there- just want to do the best to nurture a great and kind person.

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So, yes. It’s a beautiful journey but it has a few (quite a few, actually) other sides… not precisely the prettiest or most comfortable to discuss in social events. Even with other moms!
Some women have a blast during pregnancy while others experience the complete opposite.

Certain side effects during pregnancy, especially early pregnancy, are not talked about anywhere and most expecting moms feel like a freak or even guilty for having a terrible time.

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Don’t buy into the idea that ALL pregnancies are a wonderful, smooth sailing and please don’t ever feel ashamed if you hate it.
It’s okay.

You’re not alone and what you feel –the good, the bad and the ugly- are completely common and okay feelings to experience.

Here I’ve compiled a list of the not so known side effects of pregnancy. 


Your Whole Body Will Change, Including Your Nipples.

During pregnancy, you will experience symptoms like nipple and areola darkening, your veins will also turn darker as well as getting pimples or bumps around the nipples and your areolas might even become larger. 

According to the American Pregnancy Organization, the darkening of nipples and areolas is extremely common, it’s believed to be caused due to all the hormonal change going on which can affect your skin pigmentation. 


Pregnant, Bloated & Constipated is a Thing.

It sounds awful and it feels worse but this is just a logical symptom to have, you need to keep in mind there’s a really large increased blood flow to the uterus during the first trimester.

Plus your hormones are still working full time so your abdominal area is having some… tough time trying to adjust. Constipation along with cramping, bloating and heartburn is just part of the baby-package.

Heartburn Is Likely Going To Be A Common Symptom. 

Let’s get this straight: Heartburn is not related to your actual heart!
It is just acid reflux – basically, this means the acid from your stomach flows into your throat causing the ‘heartburn’ feeling. 

There’re even some people who believe heartburn can let you know whether your baby is going to have a full head of hair… but that’s a story for another post. 

The Leg Cramping Is R-E-A-L

This can be painful and you should keep an eye on it. If this a reoccurring issue, increases in intensity, if the pain doesn’t go away or you have trouble walking, you should call your doctor ASAP.

This is happening due to a blood circulation change.
Your body is trying to accommodate the new extra weight you’re carrying around all day that’s why most pregnant women experience it during night time and more intensely on the second and third trimester. 


‘Sweaty Mommy’ Was Never So Accurate.

Hot and warm sounds great, right?

Yeah, not so much when you’re pregnant and this excessive perspiration you’re dealing with.

This is because your body is trying to help you by regulating your body temperature as when you’re pregnant your natural temperature goes up and sweating is your body’s way to cool you down and keep the baby safe. 

Acne Might Comeback With A Vengeance  

Pregnancy acne happens and quite often, unfortunately. This more notable during the first trimester and the good news is that if you haven’t experienced a pimple party on your face –or back- during the first trimester it’s not likely to happen at all during the rest of your pregnancy.

Early pregnancy skin breakouts are incredible common thanks to all the hormones traveling around our system. 

The skin can become more oily than normal (aka, when you’re not pregnant) but you’ll be more prone to develop pimples if you have suffered hormonal acne flares in the past. 

Be ready To Size Up Your Shoes.

This one is not cute at all but virtually every pregnant woman has gone through it. The swelling of your feet and ankles start around week 22 for some or week 27 for others but the only constant rule is once you have it, it will stay until you give birth.

But please check on the swelling. If you see something more than just mild swelling of your hands or face it should be consulted with your doctor as it can be a sign of preeclampsia.

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My Poor Bleeding Gums (Yes, Really!)

Maybe you didn’t know and I’m sorry to be the one telling you but your gums might bleed while you’re pregnant because certain hormones can cause your mucous membranes (soft tissue) to swell causing your gums to get inflamed.

Smelly Gas Is Going To Happen.

If any female who carried a baby tells you they have never experienced a major gas situation when pregnant, call their bluff because it’s virtually not possible. 

You see, the uterus expands as the baby grows and all the surrounding organs get pushed around causing a lot of digestive issues like excess gas (and constipation!) 

Now food can also be a trigger for some so keep checking if after a particular ingredient you get more gassy than normal. 

Skin Color And Hyperpigmentation Are Going To Be An Issue For Some Mommas

So, so, so common and oh, so annoying. 

This might be a more superficial side effect as it doesn’t have uncomfortable-ness or pain involved but still not a cool thing to experience on top of the ever-changing body, hormones out of control, gas, acne, etc.

Again, this too shall pass and the only way to get rid of them is by being pro-active and prevent by using the correct sunscreen and pregnancy-friendly skincare.

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