100 Names That Mean Fire

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When you see your newborn, you may spot a spark in their personality that others have missed. Maybe it’s the way their wee eyes sparkle in the hospital room or the way that they move. You feel inclined to bless the child with a name that stems from “fire”.

Fire can be seen as cleansing, refreshing, warm, and inspiring.

It has given rise to many names through the years and here we will run you through some girls and boys names that have originated from this awesome element.

Girls Names

Aalish – A Persian word meaning “flame”

Abellona – This is the Danish equivalent of Apollo, the Sun God of Greek mythology

Adan – A Gaelic name meaning “small fire”

Adara – Can be seen as a alternative to the name Adar, “fire”

Aithne – Of Gaelic origin and means “fire”

Akosua – A name that means “ born on Sunday”

Alinta – considered to be from a language found in South Australia, it means “fire”

Anala – Hindi for “fire”

Apollonia – Belonging to Apollo

Arpina – rising of the sun

Aster – star (which is fiery balls)

Azar – An alternative to the Persian word azer (“fire”)

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Barbara  – The name of a Catholic saint who protected against fire and lightning

Bedelia – In Celtic mythology, Bedelia was the goddess of fire and poetry

Bren – A German name referring to a “flame of fire”

Calida  – a name from the Spain which means “warm” or “heated”

Candace – “white fire”

Cinderella – a name inspired by the burning cinders of a fire

Cyra – “born in the light”. It is of Persian origin

Damini –  a beautiful Hindi name that means “lightning”

Edan – “little and fiery”.

Eilidh – “one who radiates like the Sun”

Electra –  “shining” or “incandescent”. It’s of Greek origin.

Eliane – “sun”

Elidi – From Greek and means “gift of the Sun”

Ember – the burning residue of a fire

Emberly – a variation of Ember

Ena – A Gaelic name that means “little fire”

Enya – An Irish name with the meaning of “fire”

Fiamma – Italian for “flame”

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Fiammetta – Italian for “little flame” and comes from the name Fiamma

Helia – the feminine form of Helios and means “shining light”

Hera – Hera is the Greek goddess of the fireplace

Hestia – Greek for “fireplace”

Idalia – “behold the Sun”

Idris – can mean “fiery”

Kalama -Hawaiian for “torch”

Kalinda – “sun”

Kenna – “born of fire”

Kindle – to stir up a fire

Mirri – “the Sun”.

Nuria – An Arabic name that means “light”

Oriane – “sunrise”. From French

Pele – Pele is the Hawaiian goddess for volcanoes, fire and lightning

Phoenix – the mythical bird that burns on the funeral pyre only to resurrect from the ashes

Salana – Latin for “sun”

Savita – word for “sun”

Seraphina – A name of Hebrew origin that means “fiery” or “burning”

Solana – A Spanish girls name with the meaning of “sunlight”

Soleil – “sun”

Solveig  – “daughter of the Sun”. A Scandinavian name

Souzan – A Muslim name which means “burning, flaming”

Stella – “star”

Sunniva – “gift of the Sun”

Tana  – “fire goddess”

Tanwen – A Welsh name that carries the meaning “holy fire”

Vesta – Vesta is the Roman goddess of the fireside

Boys Names

Aarush – An Indian name that means “first ray of the Sun”

Adar – “fire”

Adish – Persian name meaning “fire”

Afi – “fire”. A Polynesian name

Agni – A Sanskrit word for “fire”

Aidan – A Gaelic name which means “little fire”

Anshul – “one who glows like a sunbeam”

Apollo -The Greek god of medicine and healing who would drive his fiery chariot through the heavens.

Ardere – “burn” or “scorch”

Ashbel – A biblical name that means “an old fire”

Atesh – Inspired by the Turkish word that means “fire” or “heat”

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Barak – A biblical name that means “lightning”

Baskara – “sun” A Indonesian name

Blaise – an alternative to Blaze. It can mean “burn with a bright flame”

Bodaway – A Native American name with the meaning “Fire maker”

Brand – “fiery torch”

Brando – Italian for “firebrand”

Brantley – A Norse name meaning “fiery torch”

Branton – “fire town”. A Gaelic name

Brent – “dweller close to the burnt land”

Cole – a name that has its origins through the word charcoal.

Conleth – “chaste fire”

Cyrus – the name of the Sun in Persian

Drake – “fiery serpent” or “dragon”

Egan – A Gaelic name meaning “little fire”

Elio – “sun”. The Italian translation of Helios

Finlo – A name originating from the pagan god, Lugh, in the Isle of Man

Fintan – “white fire”

Flint – Inspired by the stones that are used to start fires

Haco – “flame”

Hagan – “little fire”. A name from Ireland

Hakan – “fire”.

Helios – Greek for “sunlight, sunshine”

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Horus – the Egyptian sun god

Ignatius – Latin for “fiery one”

Inigo – “fiery”

Ishaan – An Indian name that means “the sun”

Kai – In Scotland, this is the name for fire

Keahi – “flames, fire”. It is a Hawaiian name

Keegan – “son of fire”

Kenna – “born of fire”

Kenneth – born of fire”

Kiran -coming from the Sanskrit kirana, this name means “ray or beam of light”

Loki – In Norse mythology, Loki is the trickster god of fire

Mccoy – “son of fire”

Nuri – Arabic name meaning “my light”

Prometheus – The Greek god of fire

Ra – Ra is the Egyptian sun god

Reese – “fiery”

Sampson – “sun child”

Seraphim – the masculin form of “Seraphina”

Sol – Spanish for “sun”

Solaris – “of the Sun”

Sulien – The name of the Celtic sun god

Surya – “the Sun”. It is an Indonesian name

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Tyson – “firebrand”

Uri – A name in Hebrew that means “my light” or “my flame”

Vulcan – the Roman god of fire. This name can mean “to flash”

So there you have over 100 fire-inspired names to give your little girl or boy. Which name you choose all depends on you. Maybe you like the classical myths and so will pick a name from the ancient tales, or perhaps you swing toward a more biblical name.

If you want to be unique, a name from India or the Middle East may just be what you are wanting.

Which names have you shortlisted and why? We’d love to know.