Names That Mean Moon

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The moon has captivated and inspired humanity for generations. It has the ability to influence ocean tides, earth gravity, and even human conduct, according to some. It has inspired innumerable names for newborn girls and baby boys all around the world, as well as legends, about its reigning deities from cultures all over the world.

It has also been the topic of classic art and written work. Comparing someone’s beauty to that of the moons is the highest form of appreciation and compliment in India.

Not to mention the fact that it’s simply plain cool to look at. In China, compliments are given to both men and women. For millennia, the moon has been a symbol of beauty, strength, and mystery.

In recent years, astrology has seen a surge in popularity; perhaps you’ve even checked up your partner’s or children’s birth chart to learn more about their personalities?

Even if you don’t believe in it, a little magic and mysticism may be fun, especially when your baby’s name can signify a brightly shining star, and there are some lovely names associated with the moon and its cosmic companions, as well as baby names inspired by the wind, sky, and air.

Baby names that mean moon have always been plentiful in cultures around the world. Luna is the top name meaning moon right now, popular in a diverse range of Western countries. Luna literally means moon and is also the name of the Roman goddess of the moon.

Moon-themed baby names also include names of moons on other planets in the solar system, such as Ophelia and Titan.

Along with Luna, Ophelia, and Titan, other names that mean moon in the US Top 1000 include Atlas, Bianca, Clementine, Francisco, Juliet, Luna, Miranda, and Phoebe. There are plenty of unique names that mean moon with serious style; among them, Cordelia, Grove, Puck, or even Moon itself.

Names related to the moon would be perfect for a child born during a full moon, or during a significant lunar event such as an eclipse.

The moon is such a visible and universal force that it lends its imagery and magic to names from mythology and legend, nature names, and names related to birth dates and times.

For those of us that like space and the stars a lot, we sometimes wish we were given names that represent celestial bodies. Celestial names are unique and if you want your kid to shoot for the stars we have a list of celestial names to help start him or her on the right course. We begin with some of our top names that mean moon for boys.

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Names That Mean Moon For Males

“The moon, a natural satellite of the earth, visible mostly at night.”

Moon – “Moon in English.”

Chan – “Moon in Sanskrit.”

Vikesh – “Moon in Indian.”

Bader – “Full moon in Arabic.”

Luan – “Moon in Portuguese.”

Mani – “Moon in Old Norse.”

Qamar – “Moon in Arabic.”

Dawa – “Moon in Tibetan.”

Arche – “A moon of Jupiter.”

Atlas – “A moon of Saturn”

Aibek – “Master of the moon in Turkish.”

Badru – “Born during the full moon in Egypt.”

Janus – “One of the moons of Saturn.”

Kale – “A moon of Jupiter.”

Titan – “The largest moon of Saturn.”

Linus – “A moon in the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars.”

Jericho – “From the Hebrew word ‘Yareach’ meaning moon.”

Aku – “Moon god in Babylonian.”

Aruna “From Japanese origin meaning Moon love.”

Artem – “Male variant of Artemis, the Greek goddess of the moon.”

Kuu – “Moon in Finnish.”

Apollo – “The NASA space mission which first landed a man on the moon.”

Monday – “Moon day in Old English.”

Neil – “From Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon.”

Wadd – “A pre-Islamic god of the moon.”

Tuncay – “Meaning bronze moon in Turkish.”

Tarkik – “Meaning moon in Inuktitut.”

Sharad – “Full moon in autumn.”

Selenite – “Meaning moonstone.”

Rakesh – “Lord of the full moon.”

Oberon – “A moon orbiting Uranus.”

Nidi – “New moon.”

Narvi – “A moon orbiting Saturn.”

Mwezi – “Moon in Swahili.”

Meztli – “Moon in Nahuatl.”

Isildur – “Devoted to the moon.”

Ihan – “Full moon.”

Iah – “Moon in Egyptian.”

Hilal – “Crescent moon.”

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Halo – “Disc of the moon.”

Gunay – “Moon and Sun.”

Elatha – “Moon god in Irish mythology.”

Getsumei – “Moonlight.”

Ehann – “Full bright moon.”

Dal – “Moon in Korean.”

Bahloo – “Moon man.”

Aytac – “Moon and Crown.”

Anningan – “Moon in Inuit mythology.”

Agharna – “The moon.”

Aegaeon – “A moon orbiting Saturn.”

Abylay – “Father of the moon.”

Aiman – “Beauty of the moon.”

Aynabat – “Sugar moon.”

Koray – “Ember moon in Turkish.”

Mahvash – “Like the moon.”

Senay – “.Merry moon.”

Yunuen – “Half-moon.”

Names That Mean Moon For Girls

Aisha – “Name associated with the Arabic moon goddess.”

Alcmene – “Greek word for moon and strength.”

Altalune – “Over the moon in Latin.”

Artemis – “The Greek goddess of the moon.”

Ayla – “Halo of light around the moon.”

Belinay – “Moon on a lake.”

Bendis – “Of Thracian origin, meaning goddess of the mean.”

Bulan – “Of Indonesian origin, meaning moon.”

Calisto – “A moon of Jupiter.”

Channary – “Of Khmer origin, meaning moon and woman or girl.”

Dawa – “Moon in Tibetan.”

Deva – “An ancient Hindi moon goddess.”

Dia –“She who belongs to Zeus.”

Diana – “The Roman goddess of the moon.”

Elara – “A moon of Jupiter.”

Elarana – “One of the moons of Jupiter.”

Esmeray – “Dark moon in Turkish.”

Feray – “Radiance of the moon.”

Hala – “Moon halo.”

Hang – “Moon in Vietnamese.”

Hanwi – “Night sun.”

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Helene – “Bright light.”

Ilargi – “Moon in Basque.”

Indu – “Moon in Hindi.”

Isone – “A moon orbiting Jupiter.”

Jaci – “Moon in Native American”

Larissa – “A moon of Neptune.”

Losna – “Etruscan word for moon.”

Luna – “Moon in Latin and Spanish.”

Mahina – “The Hawaiian word for moon.”

Mahina – “Moon in Hawaiian.”

Mahsa – “Like the moon.”

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Marama – “Moon in Maori.”

Mawu – “Moon goddess of African origin.”

Menodore – “Greek words for gift and moon.”

Mona – “Moon in Old English.”

Moon – “Moon in English.”

Natsuki – “Meaning moon in Kanji.”

Neoma – “New moon in Greek.”

Nikini – “Full moon in August.”

Nuray – “Bright moon in Turkish.”

Perdita – “A moon orbiting Uranus.”

Phoebe – “Bright moon in Greek.”

Portia – “A moon of Uranus.”

Purinma – “Full moon in Sanskrit.”

Rosalind – “A moon of Uranus.”

Sasi -“Moon in Thai.”

Selene – “The Greek goddess of the moon.”

Tsukiko – “Meaning moon child.”

Zira – “Of African origin, meaning moonlight.”

Male Names That Mean Star

Astrophel – “Star lover.”

Elrond – “Star dome.”

Sterling – “Little Star”.

Shibab – “Shooting Star.”

Ahtatakoop – “Star Blanket.”

Castor – “Greek name for the brightest star.”

Citlati – “Object of the space and universe.”

Hesperos – “Evening star.”

Itri – “Star.”

Hoku – “Star in Hawaiian.”

Namid – “Star Dancer.”

Orion – “The brightest constellation in the sky.”

Reeva – “One who guides people like a star.”

Scorpius – “Name of a constellation.”

Sirius – “Brightest star visible from earth.”

Sutara – “Indian for holy star”

Hoshi – “Star in Japanese.”

Sora – “The Universe.”

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Female Names That Mean Star

If you want to name your girl after the shining stars in the sky, here are some names that mean star.

Ashlesha – “A star.”

Astra – “Star in Greek.”

Astraea – “Star in Latinized Greek.”

Andromeda – “Name of a constellation.”

Asteria – “Greek name for star.”

Aurora – “From the Aurora Borealis.

Bellatrix – “A constellation from Orion’s belt.”

Bituin -“Star in Tagalong.”

Csilla – “Star in Hungarian.”

Danica – “Morning star.”

Dzvezda – “Star in Macedonian.”

Elanor – “Star Sun.”

Estelle – “Star in French.”

Estrella – “Star in Spanish.”

Hokulani – “Heavenly Star.”

Hoshiko – “Star child.”

Elanna – “Star sun.”

Izar –”Basquae name for stars.”

Lulana – “Shining moon.”

Maribelle – “The beautiful star of the sea.”

Realtin – “Little star.”

Maristela – “Star of the sea.”

Nebula – “Little cloud.”

Seren – “Star in Wels.”

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Setareh – “Star in Persian.”

Sitara– “Star in English.”

Stella/Stela– “Star in Latin.”

Steora – “Star in Old English.”

Steren– “Star in Cornish.”

Tahti– “Star in Finnish.”

Tara– “Star in Sanskrit.”

Yildiz– “Star in Turkish.”

Zornitsa – “Morning Star.”

Vanessa – “Star in Hebrew.”

Tana – “Star God.”

Stellaluna – “Latin name for star or moon.”

Starla – “Star in American.”

Selina – “Greek for star in the sky.”

Namid – “The star dancer.”

Kiara – “First ray of the sun.”

Names That Mean Moon In Japanese


Yue – “Moon.”

Juna – “Moon.”

Maha – “Resembling the moon.”

Miyu – “Beautiful moonlight.”

Sena – “Goddess of the moon.”

Cindy – “Moon.”

Mitsuki – “Beautiful moon.”

Nishida – “Moonlight.”

Puneeta – “Full moon.”

Tsukiyo – “Moonlit night.”

Tsukikio – “Moon.”

Cherika – “Moonflower.”

Hazuki –“Moon leaf.”

Maina – “The moon.”

Usagi – “Moon.”

Yuzuki – “Moon.”

Natsuki -“Moon.”

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Names That Mean Moon In Korean

Dal – “Korean name meaning Moon”

Surnames That Mean Moon Or Stars

Aelius – “Sun in Greek.”

Altair – “The flyer.”

Antiman – “Condor of the sun.”

Antinanco – “Eagle of the sun.”

Archimedes – “Master.”

Aries – “The ram constellation.”

Chan – “Moon.”

Drakon – “Dragon.”

Elio – “Sun in Greek.”

Ganymede – “A moon of Jupiter.”

Well, that was our list. We hope you found that special name for your special child. You can take your time to choose the right name that will fit your child perfectly. Good luck!