200+ Japanese Girls Names

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In Japan, gender roles are still strongly defined. Men are seen as the breadwinners of the family, while the women look after the house and family.

Yet, in the West, Japan is seen as a land where tradition and modernism mix. As more and more people become obsessed with this unique country, there is an increasing desire to embrace everything “Japanese”, including names.

If you are wanting to give your little girl an awesome Japanese name, here we run you through a list of over 200 names you can choose from.

The unique thing about Japanese names is that the meaning of each name can change depending on the kanji (which is the Chinese writing borrowed by the Japanese) used in the spelling of the name.

Here we will provide you with some suggested meanings behind the names, however some names don’t have a meaning yet are so gorgeous.

So grab yourself a cup of green tea and some sushi and have a look at these Japanese names for girls.

Pretty Japanese girl’s names

Japan has some very beautiful female names. The names could be inspired by any aspect of Japanese life such as nature or generally living a simple lifestyle. If you want a pretty name, choose one of these:

Asuka – “flying bird”

Chika – “a thousand flowers”

Chisato – “a thousand wisdom”. A girl who gets wiser by the day.

Hana – the usual word “flower”

Harumi – “beautiful spring”

Hazuki –  “August”

Himari – “leaves like the sun”          

Hina – “cute, small baby chick”


Ichika – “one flower”. A flower so rare there is only one.

Kasumi – this is a plant with beautiful small flowers.

Kokomi – “beautiful heart”.


Kotone –  “sound of the harp”.

Masumi –  “clear truth”

Mei – “growing bud”

Momo – the Japanese word for “peach”   

Momoka – “peach flower”

Mana – “love, affection”

Miyu – “to be fruitful”


Otoha – “gentle sound of a leaf rustling”

Satsuki – this name can be taken as a reference to the month of May as it means “five, fifth, month”

Shie – “poem”


Sumire – “a lovely violet”

Towako – “calm, serene”

Tsumugi – “happiness, luck”


Yuzuhi – “yuzu” is a type of Japanese citrus fruit. So this name is inspired by “yuzu” and can mean “light citrus fruit”. Something that is delicious and gentle.

Japanese girl’s warrior names

When we think of Japanese warriors, we imagine the Samurai. Tough and cool. Yet, females could never become a Samurai as it was a “males-only” club.

However, there are a few Japanese females who became onna-musha (female warriors) who were trained to use weapons to protect their family and household.                          

If you feel like your little girl has a bit of a fighting spirit, give her one of these Japanese warrior names (typically they are male names, but can be used for females).

Atsushi – “kind, compassionate”

Hayate – “extreme wind”. Such a powerful name that infers disaster and damage.

Jin – “Compassion”

Gaku – “top of the mountain”

Kaname – “want”

Kei – “happiness”

Ren – “lotus”

Rui – “fort”

Ryou – “cold water”

Shou – “soaring bird”

Soushi – “warrior”.     

Takumi – “boss, head person”. This girl knows what she’s doing with the weapons!

Tsukasa – “ruler”

Yamato – this means “something unique to Japan”

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Japanese girl’s names that mean fire

In Japan, fire is used to remove grass from pastures so that new growth can occur. From this use , fire is seen as cleansing, purifying and powerful. If you love fire, here are some Japanese names you can name your little flame.


Karin – “wood the appearance of fire”

Homura – “fire”

Kouen – “red fire”

Touka – “small flame”

Japanese girl’s names that mean moon

The Japanese have long revered the moon. Time and again you will find it cropping up in ancient folklore due to the Shintin belief which sees gods in all aspects of nature. It’s a symbol of enlightenment and here are some names you can consider that are inspired by this celestial object.

Chuzuki – “live long enough to see the moon a thousand times”

Hizuki – “orange moon”

Hozuki -“wind from the moon”

Itsuki – “hoping that the child has a life that reflects the seasonal colours of the moon”

Katsuki – “moon like the fukujusou flower”. “Fukujusou” means happiness and long life which is what the parents are hoping their child has.

Mizuki -“moon like a twinkling pearl”

Mutsuki – “the moon has a big dream”

Ritsuki – “moon like furin”. Furin is a Japanese style wind chime that is relaxing to listen to. So this name means the parents hope their child is someone who can make other people relaxed.

Shizuki – “moon poem”. The parents hope their girl will be smart and can share their feelings poetically with others.

Tsukiha – “moon that is coloured like autumn”

Tsukihana – “flower moon”               

Tsukika – “song of the moon”           

Tsukina – “moon like a wave”

Tsukine – “quite moon”. The parents hope their child has a smooth life without waves.

Tsukiho – “moon from which one can imagine an ocean of wheat”. Implies a life that is strong and rebounds like wheat that is stepped on.

Tsukiko – “child of the moon”

Tsukino – “crescent moon” It seen as hope for a life that isn’t hard.

Tsukimi – “beautiful moon”

Tsukiyo – “given by the moon”

Uzuki – “moon like rain”

Celestial Japanese girl’s names

Carrying on with our out this world theme, we have compiled this wee list of girls names that are influenced by stars and other space objects.

Ginga – “Milky Way”

Hoshimi – “beautiful star”

Misora – “beautiful universe”

Ryusei – “shooting star”

Sora – “universe”

Sorachi – “knowledge of the universe”. If you feel like your little girl is going to be an astronomer, then this is a great name!

Sorane – “sound of the universe”

Subaru – “Pleiades”

Umi – “sky like the ocean”

Yuho – “person who is full of stars”

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Old Fashioned Japanese girl’s names

Japan surely loves its cultural heritage and there are some names that are more traditional. If you are a stickler for by-gone days, give your daughter one if these older style Japanese names.

Fumi – “intelligent person”

Futaba – “bud with two leaves”. Something small and adorable with a promising future.

Fuyou – a flower similar to the hibiscus

Hanako – “child from the flower”

Iroha – “hope for a versatile child”

Kaya – “incense, perfume”

Kaede – “lovely maple tree”

Kiku – “joy comes”

Kikuno – “chrysanthemum field”

Koharu – “small spring”

Koto – “Japanese harp”. The parents hope the child has a life that is rich and musical.


Kureha – “red leaf”



Miyabi – “elegance, grace”. Maybe your little girl wants to take up ballet.

Sayoko – “quite night”

Setsuka – “snow flower”


Tamao – “jewel like a pearl”

Tokiwa – “eternal, unchanging”. A girl whose nature is constant.

Tsubaki – a winter flower in Japan

Uta – “poem”

Yayoi – “March”

Yukino – “snow”

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Japanese girl’s names that mean color

Colors mean a lot in Japan. The traditional colors are red and white which convey happiness. However, white can also mean death as well as purity. Blue can mean cool or represent fidelity. If you enjoy colors, name your girl one of these:

Akane – “the colour of the sunset”

Ginko – “silver”

Haku – “amber”

Hisui – “jade”

Kohaku – “amber”

Mashiro – “white”

Midori – “green”

Moe – “green like the colour of new leaves”

Moegi – “green like the colour of new shoots”


Momiji – “maple”

Murasaki – “purple”

Ruri – “sea blue”

Sakura – “pink”

Shuri – “orange red”

Shuu – “orange red”

Sou – “blue”

Sumire – “violet”

Japanese girl’s names that means dark

Usually, in Japan, dark names are not given to children. It’s seen as inviting in bad luck and curses, as well as potential of your child being bullied or discriminated against.

However, if you want to risk the darkness, try one of these names.

Chia – “blood arrow”

Chihara – “blood field”

Kurotsuki – “black moon”

Mayo – “demon world”

Momeki – “devil with a hundred eyes”

Nakiri -“a hundred devils”

Tamaju – “cursed soul”

Tamamura – “ghost”

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Badass Japanese girl’s names

Japanese society, as a whole, respects group thinking. Individualism and independence are frowned upon, yet there are those in Japan that enjoy being a bit “badass”.

In the 1970s, the sukeban (girl boss) was a subculture made up of girl gangs that decided to make their mark by adding their own flair to the standard school uniform.

If your wee girl is showing a spark of a rebellion, you might want to give her one of these “badass” Japanese girls names.   









Kuroko – “chestnut



Miki – “beautiful princess”


Miyo -“beautiful voice”







Yume – “dream”

Rarest Japanese names for girls

Usually, with names, there are some that aren’t all that common. That doesn’t mean they are names to be avoided. If you want to be a bit unique, give your feminine bundle of joy a rare Japanese name.


Akari – “bright”

Ao – “blue”



Hikari – “light”

Inori – “play”



Kokoro – “heart”


Matsuri – “festival”



Shizuku – “drop of water”


Suzu – “bell”

Takara – “treasure”

Towa – “forever”

Tsukushi – “horsetail plant”

Umika – “window of ocean”

Usagi – “rabbit”

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Other Japanese girl’s names

Ai – “love, affection”   

Aki – if you love the season that comes between summer and winter, then this is a great name for your girl because it means “autumn”   

Ayame            – “Iris”  

Chihiro –  “a thousand questions”. Get used to being constantly asked “why” as your little girl grows up.




Izumi – “spring of water”. It’s something so refreshing and cool.


Kanon – “sound of flowers”

Kazuyo – “peaceful age”


Kyouka – “apricot flower”


Manami – “beautiful love”.




Mika – “to increase in beauty”

Narumi – “to bear fruit”

Saki – “to blossom”


Sayuri – “small lily”

Saya – “quiet night”

Shizuru – “quite flowing water”


Taka – “sublime and solitary”


Tomomi – “beautiful friend”

Yayoi – “March”

Yuriko – “lily”

Yuko – “the setting sun”

Yuki – “snow” So soft, gentle and beautiful.

Yukari – “bright light”

Yumi – “beautiful connection”            

So there you have it. Over 200 awesome Japanese names that you can choose from for your new baby girl.

Which one is your favorite?

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