Popular and Beautiful Two Syllable Girl Names

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Two-syllable girl names just sound pleasing to the ears, don’t you think? Perhaps this is the reason disyllabic names are still popular as ever.

They are easy to remember and often, easy to spell. Take this from someone who has two long and very hard to spell names!

Also, two-syllable names sound nice when paired with either long or short second names.

There are so many beautiful syllable girl names to choose from, whether you like popular ones, classic, or biblical names, they are some of the most loved names all over the world.

If you need help coming up with two-syllable names for your baby girl, I have listed down some of my favorites as well as their origin and meaning! Let me know which one you like best!

Popular Two Syllable Girl Names

Here are some of the most common two syllable girl names around the world. The great thing about giving your child a common name is that it leaves no room for confusion. Everyone is used to hearing these names.

Also, common, and popular names leave very little room for confusion especially during self-introduction in school. We have to think in advance because a name is something that well help define the personality of your child.

Alice – Of German origin which means “noble” or “of nobility”.

Autumn – Of Latin origin which means “harvest time”.

Ava – Latin origin which means “bird”.

Bella – Italian origin meaning “beautiful”.

Charlotte – French origin which means “small” or “petite”.

Chloe – Greek origin meaning “bloom” or “blooming”.

Eden – Of German origin meaning “completely”.

Elsa – Greek origin meaning “joyful”.

Hailey – English origin meaning “mown grass”.

Hannah – Hebrew origin which means “favor”.

Hazel – Hebrew origin meaning “God sees”.”.

Isla – Scottish origin meaning “island”.

Kayla– English origin meaning “keeper of keys”.

Lauren – Latin origin meaning the “bay or laurel plant”.

Lily – English origin meaning “innocence”.

Mary – Hebrew origin which means “beloved”.

Maya – Hebrew name meaning “water”.

Megan – Anglo-Saxon origin meaning “strong” or “capable

Nicole – Greek origin meaning “victory of the people”.

Olive – Latin origin, from “olive tree”.

Peyton – English origin meaning “fighting-man’s estate”.

Reagan – Old Norse origin meaning “judgment, decision

Ruby – Latin origin, a “red stone”.

Scarlett – English origin which means “one who sells red cloth.

Skylar – English origin meaning “scholar”.

Willow – English name meaning” beautiful”.

Zoey – Greek origin which means “Life”.

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    Old Fashioned and Classic Two Syllable Girl Names

    Love classic novels and looking for timeless and old-fashioned names? Classic names never go out of style and they just sound classy. Below are some of the most beautiful classic names for baby girls.

    Anna – Hebrew origin which means “graceful” or “full of grace”.

    Aubrey– English origin meaning “the ruler of the elves”.

    Bridgette – French origin meaning “exalted”.

    Clara– Latin origin meaning “bright” or “famous”.

    Cora – Of Greek origin which means “maid” or “maiden”.

    Edith – English origin meaning “prosperous in war”.

    Emma – Germanic origin meaning “whole” or “universal”.

    Eva – Hebrew origin meaning “living one”.

    Frances – French origin meaning “free one”

    Florence – French origin meaning “free one”.

    Helen – Greek origin meaning “shining light”.

    Irene – Greek origin meaning “peace”.

    Juliet – Of French origin which means “youthful”.

    Laura – Latin origin which means “laurel”.

    Lily – English origin meaning “pure”.

    Lucille – French origin meaning “light”.

    Mildred – Anglo-Saxon origin meaning “gentle strength”.

    Nora – Irish origin meaning “light”.

    Sadie – Hebrew origin meaning “princess”.

    Thelma – Greek origin meaning “volition” or “will”.

    Violet – Latin origin meaning “purple”.

    Yvette – French origin meaning “yew tree”.

    Wendy – English origin meaning “fair-skinned” or “blessed”.

    Zeta – Greek origin meaning “born last”.

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    Cute Two Syllable Girl Names

    Some of cutest baby girl names I have heard have two-syllables only. They always have a nice tune when said out loud. And since they are already easy to say, you do not need to worry about coming up with nicknames! Below are some of the cutest two-syllable girl names that you can choose from.

    Audra – Old English origin which means “noble strength”.

    Ava – Latin origin which means “life”.

    Angel – Greek origin meaning “messenger of God”.

    Autumn– La in origin meaning “fall”.

    Brooklyn – English origin meaning “broken land”.

    Cadence – Latin origin and means “rhyme”.

    Dara – Hebrew origin that means “pearls of wisdom”.

    Diane – Indo-European origin meaning “divine”.

    Dolly – English origin meaning “the gift of God”.

    Farah – Arabic origin that means “beautiful”.

    Gabby – Italian origin meaning “woman of God”.

    Hazel – Of Hebrew origin and means “dove”.

    Ira – Hebrew origin that means “watchful”.

    Kira – Irish origin meaning “black-haired”.

    Lola – Spanish origin meaning “lady of sorrow”.

    Mila – Slavic origin and means “gracious or dear”.

    Phoebe – Greek origin meaning “radiant, shining one”.

    Paris – Greek origin which means “someone from Paris”.

    Stella – Latin origin which means “star”.

    Thora – Norse origin which means “thunder goddess”.

    Willow– Middle English origin that means “gracefully slender and lithe”.

    Zephyr – Greek origin meaning “west wind or God of the west wind”.

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    Biblical Two Syllable Girl Names

    The Bible is a gold mine for great baby girl names. It contains some of the most beautiful names (and meanings!) I have ever heard. If you are looking for Biblical two-syllable girl names, here are some of the most beautiful names.

    Anna – The prophetess the Gospel of Luke. Hebrew origin which means “full of grace”.

    Apphia – wife of Philemon. Hebrew origin meaning “fruitful”.

    Ariel – Appeared in Isaiah 29:1, 29:2, and 29:7. Hebrew origin meaning “lion of God”.

    Bernice – The daughter of Herod Agrippa. Greek origin meaning “victory”

    Bethel – Mentioned in Genesis 12:8. Hebrew origin meaning “house of God”.

    Beulah – Appeared in the Book of Isaiah. Hebrew origin meaning “married”.

    Bilhah – Name of the handmade given by Rachel to her husband Jacob. Hebrew origin meaning “bashful”.

    Candace – Queen of the Ethiopians as mentioned in the Book of Acts. African origin meaning “queen mother”.

    Carmel – A city in Judah as mentioned in the Book of Samuel. Hebrew origin meaning “God’s Vineyard”.

    Dinah – Daughter of Jacob. Of Hebrew origin meaning “God will judge”.

    Dorcas – The disciple from Joppa in the New Testament. Of Greek origin meaning “famous bearer”.

    Esther – King Ahasuerus’ Jewish queen. Persian origin meaning “star”.

    Eunice – Mother of Timothy, the leader of the church in Ephesus.

    Hannah – Mother of Samuel. Hebrew origin meaning “favor” or “grace”.

    Helah – one of two of Asshur’s wives in the book of Chronicles. Hebrew origin meaning “rust”.

    Jahel – Mentioned in the Book of Judges as the woman who killed Sisera. Hebrew origin meaning “mountain goats”.

    Jescha – Mentioned in the Book of Genesis as the daughter of Haran. Hebrew origin meaning “foresight”.

    Judith – The woman from the town of Bethuliah mentioned in the Old Testament. Hebrew origin meaning “Jewish woman”.

    Julia – Mentioned as a Christian woman in Rome who was probably the wife of Philologus. Latin origin meaning “youthful”.

    Junia – Paul’s fellow prisoner mentioned in the Book of Romans. Greek origin meaning “born in June”.

    Keren– One of Job’s daughters. Hebrew origin meaning “glorious dignity”.

    Leah – First wife of Jacob in the Old Testament. Hebrew origin meaning “weary”.

    Mahlah – One of Zelophehad’s daughters. Hebrew origin meaning “weak” or “harp”.

    Mara – Mother-in-law of Ruth, formerly Naomi, took the name Mara after the death of her husband and sons. Hebrew origin meaning “bitter”.

    Martha – Sister of Lazarus and Mary, she witnessed how Jesus resurrected Lazarus from the dead. Aramaic origin meaning “the lady” or “the mistress”.

    Mary – The Jewish virgin who gave birth to Jesus. Hebrew origin meaning “beloved”.

    Milka – The wife of Abraham’s brother and the grandmother of Rebecca. German origin meaning “ruler”.

    Miriam – Sister of Aaron and Moses. Hebrew origin meaning “wished-for child”.

    Noa – A daughter of Zelophehad. Hebrew origin meaning “movement”.

    Orpah – Wife of Chilion and daughter-in-law of Naomi. Hebrew origin meaning “nape”.

    Persis – A Persian woman in Rome mentioned by Paul in the Book of Romans. Greek origin meaning “Persian woman”.

    Rachel – Jacob’s first wife. Hebrew origin meaning “ewe”.

    Sarah – Mother of Isaac and wife of Abraham. Hebrew origin meaning “princess”.

    Shiloh – An ancient city in Samaria and mentioned in the Old Testament. Hebrew origin meaning “he who has been sent”.

    Tamar – Daughter-in-law of Judah and mentioned in the Book of Genesis. Hebrew origin meaning date.

    Tirzah – ancient Canaanite city mentioned in the Book of Joshua. Hebrew origin meaning “palm tree”.

    Vashti – Mentioned in the Book of Esther as the first wife of Persian King Ahasuerus. Persian origin meaning “beautiful”.

    Yael – The heroine in the Book of Judges as the one who killed Sisera. Hebrew origin meaning “mountain goat”.

    Zibiah – From Beersheba, mother of King Jehoash of Judah. Hebrew origin meaning “doe”

    Zillah – Second wife of Lamech mentioned in the Book of Genesis. Hebrew origin meaning “shade”.

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    There you go. Over one hundred two-syllable names for girls. These are some of the most beautiful and cute two-syllable girl names that you will even come across with.

    Not only do they have a nice ring when uttered, they are also adorable and timeless. They never go out of fashion! Aside from these, what I love most about two-syllable names is the simplicity, yet it doesn’t take away the beauty of it.

    Did you find one that you love? Let us know!