Middle Names for Ava

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So you’ve finally decided on the ideal first name: Ava. But you’re having a hard time coming up with the right middle name. We’ve put up a list of some of our favorite middle names for Ava. But first, let’s take a look at what the name Ava signifies and how it came to be.

What Is the Meaning OF The Name Ava?

Ava is a Latin and Hebrew name that is said to have Germanic origins and dates back to the Middle Ages. It has the meaning of life because of its Latin and Hebrew sources.

It’s a new name, according to the Oxford Dictionary of First Names, and it’s thought to be a variation of Eva. However, it is thought to be a variation of Eve. Ava is the third most popular girl’s name right now.

High-profile personalities like Reese Witherspoon and Hugh Jackman picked Ava for their kids, contributing to her quick surge in popularity.

Check these Middle Names for Ava:

Ava Abigail

Ava Addison

Ava Adrianna

Ava Alexandre

Ava Alexis

Ava Allesandra

Ava Allison

Ava Amadeus

Ava Anita

Ava Anne

Ava Antoine

Ava Ariana

Ava Ariella

Ava Arthur

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Ava Aurelia

Ava Aurélien

Ava Aurelius

Ava Axel

Ava Baptiste

Ava Bartholomew

Ava Beatrice

Ava Belle

Ava Benson

Ava Bree

Ava Briana

Ava Callahan

Ava Cameron

Ava Cassandra

Ava Cate

Ava Catherine

Ava Celestine

Ava Charles

Ava Charlotte

Ava Christian

Ava Christina

Ava Christine

Ava Cindy

Ava Clara

Ava Clement

Ava Colette

Ava Coralie

Ava Corentin

Ava Dana

Ava Daniel

Ava Danielle

Ava Diana

Ava Dove

Ava Dylan

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Ava Eden

Ava Edith

Ava Elena

Ava Elis

Ava Elisabeth

Ava Elizabeth

Ava Elle

Ava Ellen

Ava Emilio

Ava Emily

Ava Emma

Ava Everly

Ava Fabian

Ava Faith

Ava Fay

Ava Felicity

Ava Feodora

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Ava Fiona

Ava Florence

Ava Florian

Ava Fox

Ava Frances

Ava Gabrielle

Ava George

Ava Grace

Ava Gray

Ava Grayson

Ava Gregory

Ava Guillaume

Ava Hamilton

Ava Harmonie

Ava Jacenta

Ava Jade

Ava Jake

Ava Jamie

Ava Jamison

Ava Janelle

Ava Janessa

Ava Janet

Ava Jarrett

Ava Jedidiah

Ava Jeremiah

Ava Jordan

Ava Judy

Ava Julien

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Ava June

Ava Kate

Ava Kevin

Ava Leaf

Ava Lee

Ava Léo

Ava Leonidas

Ava Liam

Ava Lincoln

Ava Louis

Ava Louise

Ava Lucas

Ava Luciano

Ava Lucy

Ava Luke

Ava Mae

Ava Margaret

Ava Marie

Ava Marion

Ava Matthieu

Ava Maxime

Ava May

Ava Morrison

Ava Naomi

Ava Nathan

Ava Nathaniel

Ava Nehemiah

Ava Nicolas

Ava Ophelia

Ava Paige

Ava Patricia

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Ava Pearl

Ava Penelope

Ava Pierre

Ava Quentin

Ava Quentin

Ava Reese

Ava Romain

Ava Rose

Ava Ruby

Ava Scarlett

Ava Sebastien

Ava Simon

Ava Sophia

Ava Stella

Ava Terry

Ava Thelonious

Ava Thibault

Ava Thomas

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Ava Tiberius

Ava Valentino

Ava Violet

Ava Willow

Ava Wyatt

Ava Zachariah

Ava Zamorah

Ava Zuriel

The name Ava is a fantastic option. You’ve already nailed the first step in naming a child. Adding a middle term to your newborn girl might now help to achieve a better balance or particular bond.

Cool, modern, classic, inspiring, or memorial middle names are all options. It’s entirely up to you to decide. In any case, it adds a little something more to your environment. It tells a narrative. In certain circumstances, it may even be able to assist baby Ava in obtaining employment.