100 Italian Girl Names with Meanings – Includes Popular and Vintage Italian Names!

Thinking of giving your baby girl and Italian name? Italians have this tradition of naming their children after patron saints or the grandparent’s names but whether you come from Italy, have Italian roots, or simply a fan of how Italian names sound, there are plenty of beautiful Italian names that you can choose from for your kids.

Italian names roll beautifully on the tongue and they always sound romantic, don’t you think? When I think of Italian girl names, pictures of strong, feisty, but loving women come to mind.

Here are over 100 of the most beautiful, popular, and classic girl names of Italian origin to help you get started. We have included the meanings to help you decide on the best one for your precious baby girl.

Beautiful Italian Girl Names Starting with A

Abriana– Feminine form of Abraham, it means “Mother of many nations.”

Ada– This name means “noble.”

Agnesa– This name means “pure” or “chaste.”

Aldiana– The name means “Joy of life”

Alessa– It means “defender” or “helper of mankind.”

Alessandra– The name means “defender” and “helper.”

Alessia– This means “defending warrior.”

Alicia– This means “noble one.”

Andriana– Feminine form of Andrew and it means “brave.”

Angelic– This means “angelic.”

Anna– It means “beautiful grace.”

Antea– The name means “from the Antonier family.”

Anzola– The name means “ball of earth.”

Arianna– The name means “chaste” or “holy.”

Armilla– It means “bracelet.”

Asia– Sunrise or east

Aulina– It means “ilex.”

Aurora– The name means “dawn.”

Aymelina– It means “eager work” or “sweet.”

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Cute Italian Girl Names Starting with B

Beatrice– The name means “she who makes merriment.”

Belaflore– It means “emotional,” “entertainer,” or ”strong.”

Bella– The name means “beautiful” or “pretty.”

Benedetta– The name means “blessed.”

Bianca– The name means “white” or “pure.”

Bria– It means “liveliness,” “animated,” or “vigorous.”

Traditional Italian Girl Names Starting with C

Cadenza– The Name Means “rhythmic.”

Calendre– This Means “lark.”

Calogera– The name means “beautiful elder.”

Calpurnia– This means “chalice” or “cup.”

Camelia– The name means “young.”

Cameo– This means “skin.”

Camilla– The name means “acolyte.”

Camilla– The name means “young ceremonial attendant.”

Cammeo– The name means “sculptured jewel.”

Candida– The name means “dazzling white.”

Cannelita– This name means “garden.”

Capitolina– This name means “big head.”

Caprice– This name can mean “fanciful” Or “unpredictable.”

Cara– This name means “dear” or “beloved.”

Careena– This means “dear Little one.”

Carina– This name means “friend.”

Carita– The name means “beloved.”

Carla– It means “little” and “womanly.”

Carlota– This name means “manly.”

Carmela– The name means “vineyard.”

Carmelina– The name means “garden.”

Carmella– This means “golden.”

Carola– This name means “strong.”

Carolina– This name means “little.”

Carra– This name means “dear one” or “friend.”

Caryn– The name means “pure.”

Cassandra– The name means “prophet of doom.”

Caterina– This name means “pure.”

Cecilia– The name means “blind to one’s own beauty.”

Celeste– This name means “heavenly” or “celestial.”

Chiara– This name means “bright” or “light.”

Corinna– The name means “maiden.”

Cornelia– This name means “strong-willed” or “wise.”

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Vintage Italian Girl Names Starting with D

Dafne– It means “laurel tree.”

Daria– Feminine of Darius and means “wealthy.”

Deanna- This can mean “fertile,” or “famous bearer.”

Debora– The name means “bee.”

Degna– This name can mean any of the following: “worthy,” “deserving,” “eligible,” “suitable,” “admirable,” “respectable”.

Delfina– This means “woman from Delphi.”

Delia– This means “person from Delos.”

Delinda– The name means “noble serpent.”

Delizia– The name can mean any of the following: “luxury,” “elegance,” “delight,” “pleasure,” “enjoyment,” or “joy.”

Demetria– It means “follower of Demeter.”

Deodata– This means “God-given,” or “given by God.”

Desdemona– The name means “misery” or “unlucky.”

Desiderata– The name means “things desired.”

Devota– The name means “devoted.”

Donata– It means “the giving one.”

Drusia– It means “subside before calm.”

Dulce– The name means “sweet.”

Lovely Italian Girl Names Starting with E

Elda– The name means “warrior.”

Elena– It means “shining light.”

Eleonora– The name means “shining light.”

Elisa– It means “God is my oath.”

Elisabetta– The name means “God is my oath.”

Emilia– The name means “rival.”

Emma– The name means “whole” or “universal.”

Esta– The name means “from the east.”

Eva– This means “life.”

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Unique Italian Girl Names Starting with F

Fabia– This name means “bean grower.”

Farfalla– This name means “butterfly.”   

Fausta– It means “fortunate” or “lucky.”

Faustine – The name means “lucky.”      

Fiametta– It means “little flame.”            

Fidelia– The name means “faithful.”       

Filomena– The name means “friend of strength.”             

Fiordelise– It means ”flower blossom.”   

Fiorella– This name means “little flower.”            

Fiorenza– The name means “flower.”     

Flavia– The name means “blonde” or “fair-haired.”             

Florenza– This means “blooming” or “flowering.”             

Fortuna – The name means “fortunate” or “lucky.”

Francesca– The name means “free one.”

Francesca– The name means “free” or “from France.”             

Fulvia– The name means “blonde.”

Vintage Italian Girl Names Starting with G

Gabriella– The name means “God is my strength.”

Gaia– The name means “earth.”

Galiana– It means “calm” or “healer.”

Galicia– It means from “bright,” or “radiant.” It can also be “someone from the kingdom of Galicia.”

Gaspara– It means “treasure.”

Gia– The name is short for Gianna/Giovanna and it means “God’s gracious gift.”

Giada– This means “jade.”

Ginevra. This is the Italian form of Jennifer and it means “fair one.”

Gioia– It means “jewel” or “precious object.”

Giorgia– This means “farmer.”

Giulia– This name means “youthful.”

Greta– This name means “pearl.”

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Unique Italian Girl Names Starting with I

Ilaria– It means “cheerful” and “happy.”

Ilina– The name means “My God is Yahweh.”

Imilia– This means “to strive” or “to excel.”

Iohanna– “Graced by God” or “God is gracious.”

Irene– The name means “peace.”

Ismerelda– It means “emerald.”

Isotta– The name means ”fair lady.”

Italian Girl Names Starting with J

Jovanna– This means “God is gracious.”

Juliana– It means “juvenile” or “youthful.”

Italian Girl Names Starting with L

Lanza– This means “noble” and “eager.”

Laura– It means “crowned with laurels” or “bay laurel plant.”

Leandra– It means “lion man.”

Leonora– It means “light.”

Letizia– The name means “joyful” or “glad.”

Lia– This means “bringer of good news.”

Liona– The name means “lioness.”

Livia– This name means “blue” or “envious.”

Lucia– This means “bringer of light.”

Luciana– The name means “illumination.”

Luisa– It means “famous warrior.”

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Traditional Italian Girl Names Starting with M

Madolina– This means “from Magdala.”

Manuela– The name means “God is with us.”

Mara– The name means “eternally beautiful.”

Margherita– This name means “daisy.”

Maria– The name Maria means “sea of sorrow.”

Mariabella– The name means “my beautiful Mary.”

Marsilia– This name can mean any of the following: “consecrated to the god mars,” “god of war,” or “dedicated to mars.”

Marta– The name means “the lady.”

Martina– The name can mean any of the following: “mars,” “servant of mars,” or “god of war.”

Martina– The name means “warlike.”

Massima– This name means “greatest.”

Matalia– The name means “extraordinary.”

Meliore– This name means “better.”

Melissa– The name means “bee.”

Melita– The name means “little bee.”

Mercede– The name means “mercy” or “merciful.”

Mia– This name means “mine” or “chosen one.”

Michaela– The name means “who is like God.”

Milia– The name means “of the Aemilius family” or “rival.”

Mirabella– This means “wondrous beauty.”

Miriam– The name means “sea of bitterness.”

Mita– This means “myth.”

Mona– This means peaceful.”

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Italian Girl Names Starting with N

Natalia– It means “born on Christmas day.”

Nera– The name means “candle.”

Nicia– It means “victory of the people.”

Nicola– This means “fem.”

Nicole– This means “victory of the people.”

Noemi-The name means “pleasantness.”

Nunzia– The name means “messenger.”

Italian Girl Names Starting with P

Paola– The name means “small.”

Patrizia– This means “noble” or “well born.”

Paxe– The name means “peace.”

Penina– The name means “pearl.”

Philippa– The name means “lover of horses.”

Pia– The name means “devout.”

Prima– The name means “first one.”

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Popular Italian Girl Names Starting with R

Rachelle– It means “innocence of a lamb.”

Rebecca– The name means “join” or “tie together.”

Renata– This means “reborn.”

Rigina– This means “regal.”

Romana– The name simple means “a Roman.”

Rosa– this means “rose.”

Rosamaria– This means “bitter.”

Rosana– It means ”graceful rose.”

Rufina-This means “red-haired.”

Ruth– This means “beautiful friend.”

Beautiful Italian Girl Names Starting with S

Santina– The name means “sacred.”

Sara– This m means “princess.”

Savia– The name can mean “discern,” “sage,” “cautious,” or “one who knows.”

Serena– The name means “tranquil,” or “serene.”

Sienna– It means orange-red. Also a name of an Italian city.

Sofia– The name means “wisdom and skill.”

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Italian Girl Names Starting with T

Teodora– This means “gift of God.”

Teresa– The name means “harvester.”

Tessa– Means “countess.”

Tiberia– The name means “of the Tiber river.”

Popular Italian Girl Names Starting with V

Valentina– This means “healthy and strong.”

Viola– This means “violet.”

Vittoria– The name means “victory.”

Italian Girl Names Starting with Y

Ysabella– This name means “God’s promise.”

Italian Girl Names Starting with Z

Zaneta– This name means “God is gracious.”

Zanobia– This name means “queen.”

Zeta– This can mean “born last” or “girl.”

Zola– The name means “piece of earth.”

Whether you wish to honor your Italian heritage, or you simply want to bring a piece of the country into your own world, choosing an Italian name for your baby girl is a great choice. Any of the names listed above would be a great choice for a baby girl’s name.

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