Names that mean Night

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If you are looking for some captivating names that mean night, then you have come to the right place. Names that mean night come from many languages and cultures. Night and Evening can also be used as names themselves.

The Japanese have a naming tradition where names such as Miyabi and Miyu are popular, as the common elements Yu and Ya mean “evening” and “night” respectively. Tinuviel was invented by the Lord of the Rings author J.R.R Tolkein and means “daughter of the twilight”.

Samir and Samira are also name counterparts that are familiar Arabic names with one of our all-time favorite meanings, “a friend to talk to in the evening.” Nox is also a nice Latin name meaning “night” that’s just as good for a girl as for a boy. Check out our list of some of the best names that translate to night.

What are some baby names that mean night?

When the sun sets, a world of mystery and magic takes over in the form of night. Many babies are often born deep into the night, and situations like this are the best places to find inspiration for your baby’s name.

We have taken inspiration from various cultures and languages. Some of them may be too old for our times, but we put them in there because they are pretty cool. Whether you are having a girl or a boy, here is a list of beautiful names that mean night, but with a deep meaning.

Unisex Names that Mean Night

If you are not yet sure whether you’re having a boy or a girl, you can still decide on a nice name for the child.

Anuranjita: Starry night; delighted and happy.

Arrats: The origin of this name is Basque. It is a unisex name meaning “dusk”.

Blake: This name comes from Old English. It means “dark”, although whether that means night time or refers to their hair is unclear.

Cricket: Resembling a chirping insect of the night.

Hunapo: This name has a Maori origin. This Polynesian name means “hidden darkness”, and is used for both girls and boys.

Indigo: This English name is the color of the night sky, a dark, inky blue.

Kishil: The name means night.

Kitkun: Kitkun, bird of the night.

Nadir: This beautiful Arabic name means the sun’s nadir, or lowest point, is also called solar midnight.

Nox: A short name meaning “night” that’s just as good for a girl as for a boy.

Samar: This name has an Arabic origin. This name means “evening conversation”.

Tinuviel: This name has a literary origin. It means ‘daughter of twilight, nightingale’.

Vesper: This name has an ancient Latin origin. Although it may be often used for girls because of the famous James Bond character, this Latin name that translates to evening has traditionally been used for both girls and boys.

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Boy Names that Mean Night

If you have a boy, here are some nice-sounding names that would make your son proud.

Aibek: This is a Turkish boy name. It means “master of the moon”.

Anama: A sweet singing bird called Nightingale.

Androwe: This name has an unknown origin but it translates to “a strong and masculine man of the Twelfth night”

Anjami: This name has an Indian origin. It means “the glorious one who is bright and nightless”.

Ank:  This name has an Indian origin. It means “The one who is an Eagle man; nightless and are strong, brave individuals.

Anwarulkarim: The glorious one who is bright and nightless.

Atiratra: Something which has been made over night.

Ayaz: Cool night breeze; a royal breeze.

Badrudduja: Full moon on a dark night.

Budde: This is an African, Ganda name meaning “night”.

Chandra: This name has an Indian origin. It refers to the moon god in Hindu mythology.

Chandraditya: Moonlit night.

Chanyana: Moonlight night; starry.

Ciaran: This is an Irish Gaelic name. It means “dark,” which can be night-related or it can refer to a dark-haired person.

Claec: Dark; not light; the shade of sky at night.

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Daegal: Night dweller.

Darcel: This name has a French-origin. It translates to the word “dark”.

Drewv: The mighty night star.

Dyrk: One who admires night time.

Gau: This is a Basque name, meaning “night”.

Hilo: First night after the new moon.

Izar: This is a Basque-origin name, meaning “star”.

Jiemba: This is a Wiradjuri Aboriginal name. It means “laughing star”, which is a name for Venus.

Jusaman: Nightingale.

Kalakant: A song bird, nightingale, name of Cuckoo.

Kalapi: Name of a poet. Peacock. Nightingale.

Kokil: Nightingale. Cuckoo. One who can sing sweetly.

Kshapesh: The moon. Lord of the night. Bright, Radiant and luminant moon.

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Luan: This is a Portuguese name. It means “moon”.

Nash: This is an English word for the name of a star in the constellation Sagittarius.

Nishant: This is a name that comes from Sanskrit. It means “end of night”.

Orion: This is a Greek name that used to mean “dweller on the mountain.” However, it’s usually associated with the constellation Orion.

Orpheus: This is an Ancient Greek name that was gotten from a musician and a poet that journeyed to the underworld to fetch the body of his deceased wife Eurydice. He managed to succeed, but only on the condition that he would not look back to see her face until he arrives at his destination. Before arriving at the surface world, however, he looked back and his wife was taken back to Hades. It means “the darkness of night”.

Otieno: This is an African (Luo) name meaning “born at night”.

Ponui: This is a Tahitian, Polynesian name meaning “the great night”.

Rajnish: This name comes from the Sanskrit language. It means “Lord of the night”, which is what the moon is called in Hindi.

Sterling: This is an Old English name. It means “little star.”

Tarek: This is an Arabic name meaning “morning star”.

Tynan: This is an Irish name. In Gaelic, it means “dark”.

Yiska: This is a Native American, Navajo name that is full of hope. It means “night is over”.

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Girl Names that Mean Night

Choosing a nice-sounding name for girls can be difficult, make sure to consider your choice carefully before deciding!

Abital: This name translates to “My father is the dew of the night”

Ajambo: This name has an African origin, gotten from the Luo people of Kenya. It means “born at night”.

Ajradah: This name’s main origin is Arabic. It belonged to a great worshiper who worshiped long in the night, sometimes worshiping straight into dawn.

Amaiah: Night rain; cheerful, responsible, satisfied, and affectionate.

Amaya: This name has a Japanese origin. It means “night rain”.

Amiyah: This name means “The beautiful night rain”

Amya: This name has both a Hebrew and Japanese origin. In Hebrew, it means “People of God”, while in Japanese it translates to “Night Rain”.

Anadil: A sweet bird called Nightingale.

Andalah: Nightingale’s song

Andalee: A sweet singing bird; Nightingale.

Andalib: A sweet singing bird called Nightingale.

Ankareeda: This is an Indian name meaning “night star”.

Annagret: The glorious one who is bright and nightless.

Anneis: The glorious one who is bright and nightless.

Annekatrin: The glorious one who is bright and nightless.

Anniki: This is a Finnish name. It refers to the the goddess of night in Finnish mythology.

Any: The radiant one who is bright and nightless.

Anya: Nightless; the one who is bright and shining.

Asra: This is an Arabic name. It means “travels at night”.

Atiena: Guardian of the night.

Atieno: One who was born at night.

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Awa: Night time; a beautiful angel.

Ayaneh: Like a long night.

Azlin: A night vision or a dream.

Balbala: Pashto term for nightingale.

Bibigul: This is a Kazakh name that means “nightingale”.

Chausiku: One who was born at night.

Chausiku: This is a Swahili name that means “born at night”.

Chiatri: A full moon night according to Hindu calendar.

Cicada: A type of insect that makes loud noise at night.

Cui: A Prince; advent of night.

Cynthia: This is a Greek name. It refers to the moon goddess, Artemis, in Greek mythology.

Danica: This name has a Slavic origin. It means “morning star”.

Estelle: This is a French name. It means “star”.

Esther: This is a Biblical name in Hebrew, meaning “star”, which is mostly seen at night.

Fhazaar: One who is like a nightingale.

Ghufayrah: A very pious woman who kept vigil in the night.

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Hanisha: Sweet as honey, beautiful night.

Hesper: This is a Greek name, meaning “evening star”.

Hoku: This is a name with a Hawaiian origin. It means “night of the full moon”.

Ilta: This is a Finnish name. It means “night”.

Indeela: Like a nightingale.

Jamini: The night.

Layla: This is an Arabic name. It originally comes from the Persian and Arabic stories of Layla and Majnun.

Luna: This is a Roman name. In Latin, it means “moon”.

Miyabi: This is a stunning Japanese name that means “elegance; beautiful night fire”.

Miyako: This is a Japanese name. Although it can mean different things, one of its meanings is “beautiful night child”.

Miyu:  This name is a sweet and short alternative to Mila, Maya, Mia, et cetera. It Is a Japanese name that means “beautiful evening”.

Nisha: This is a Sanskrit name, meaning “night”.

Nyx: This is a Greek name, meaning “night”.

Ratree: This is a Thai name, meaning “night jasmine”.

Rhiannon: This is a Welsh name. It refers to the goddess of the moon in Welsh mythology.

Selena: This is another Greek name that refers to the moon goddess Artemis.

Shirina: This is an Indian baby name. In Hindi, it means “night”.

Twyla: This is a modern American name, meaning “twilight”.

Yvaine: This is a Scottish name, meaning “evening star”.

Zorya: This is a Slavic name. It refers to the goddess of the night sky.

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Wrapping Up Names that Mean Night

We hope this list of names that mean night gave you inspiration to pick the right name for your little one. Feel free to get inspiration for your novel characters from this list. What were some of your favorite names from this list? Let us know by leaving a comment below.