Irish Names For Girls

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Many things carry the culture of a people; their language, their dance, festivals, and their names. Names are a very important signal to a people’s culture. When you meet an individual for the first time, you can guess their country just by their name.

For example, the name Vladimir is peculiar to the Russians, Henri to the French, Wellington to the English, and so on. This is the same with Irish names, they do not just carry the culture of the people from Ireland, they also give a hint of their origin.

As names are cultural pools, they are also gender markers. It would be unusual for a female have the name John, or Kingsley. This is because these names are male-specific. In Irish culture, there are names peculiar to the females and that is what we would be looking at in this article.

What Is The Most Popular Irish Girl Names

Every country has names that are very popular to a particular gender. In England, Elizabeth and Mary are arguably the most popular female names. In Ireland also, some names are popular with females.

These names are household names and they are so popular as almost every house has them. One of such names is Fiona. This name loosely translates to be beautiful or to be bright. It is a traditional name that originates from the Gaelic dialect in Ireland.

The male compatible of this name is Fionn. So if you have a set of twins of both genders, you could name them Fiona and Fionn. So, when searching for a beautiful name for your beautiful daughter, Fiona is a ready name for her.

Another popular girl name in the Irish tradition is Blathnaid. This name is my personal favorite as it carries everything beautiful, cultural, and traditional about Ireland. Its uniqueness is one of the things that make the name stand out for me. However, it is extremely popular and carries the strength of Irish culture.

The name means blossoming Flower or a flower in bloom. Blathnaid is one of the most lovely names in the whole of Irish tradition and will suit your baby girl just fine.

You can also categorize Chloe as another popular Irish name. This name is now everywhere, in the US, UK, French, etc. However, the name is Irish and it means blooming or fertility. If you are looking for a name for your baby girl, a very popular one at that, you can settle for the name Chloe.

All the names discussed above are popular female Irish names. These names are so popular that 9 out of ten Irish homes have a daughter with the name. The names are traditional and they carry the innate love of the Irish for nature and its many components. That they are popular proves how fond of the name Irish parents are.

What Is The Rarest Irish Girl Name

We have looked at the most popular girl names, now let us look at that name you don’t hear often except in an extremely traditional Irish home.

Now, I would have said Blathnaid is that name, but in recent times, Blathnaid has become popular among all and sundry females in Ireland.

Dorine is one very rare name. You don’t hear it everywhere, although you may hear the English version of it, which is Dorothy. The name means the sullen, and it is given to female children that are said to have been quiet even at birth.

This name is so special, you only hear it in extremely traditional households. One of the fundamental reasons this name is not as popular as it ought to be is because the English equivalent has taken its place, and also because of the dwindling cultural space.

Dorene is a beautiful name, even so, because it is rare and is given to very special baby girls. Now, every child is special, but some children defy thoughts, like children who come out of their mothers smiling, or quiet, or just plain aloof.

The name Dorien is given to children who were sullen at birth, hence its meaning the sullen and why it is very rare.

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What Are The Top 10 Prettiest Girl Names

Parents desire names for their girl children that are not only pretty but appeal to the personality of the child, not that the child has developed a personality at birth, but you would not want a child to grow up hating the name you gave her, would you? You are looking for pretty names for your children, with very beautiful meanings attached to them? Let us help you with ten very beautiful names, that your children will grow up loving you for.Autumn: this is a beautiful name derived from the calmness that autumn brings.

Ava – this name is the Irish version of the Biblical name Eve. It also means bird-like.

Avery – this name reminds one of the elves in Tolkien’s epic masterpiece. It means ruler of the elves

Blair – this name means plain field

Dawn – Dawn is got from the beauty of the rising sun

Emma – an abridged version of the full name Emmanuella, Emma is one of the most popular Irish names and it means grace and hope.

Evelyn – this name means a child that was wished for. It is given to a child that came at the nick of time.

Ivy – this name means vine and is derived from the ivy plant.

Lucy – lucky is a very special name with a very special meaning. The name means, one who brings light.

Sophia – This name means wise. It is the Irish name for wisdom.

We have helped you with ten very cute names for your baby girl. You could also check out the meanings of these names, but I bet you the meanings are also as beautiful as the names are.

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What Are Rare Irish Names

Irish names are not only popular with the Irish people alone, like the name Chole, or the name Fiona. But some names are only very rare. These names can only be found within really traditional Irish folk. Let me give you 10 examples of these names.Brogan: This is an Irish name that means rigid shoes

Conlan – Conlan is Irish for Hero

Ailill – This name is Irish for beauty. It is a masculine name.

Doran – This name means a stranger.

Lunn – another very rare name, it means strong or warrior

Lorcan – Lorcan means fierce or brave.

Rogan – Rogan means redheaded.

Seamus – the famous wrestler. This name is the Irish version of the James

Riordan – this means Bard

Tor – it means a Craggy hilltop.

Above are names that are not heard daily. This is because these names are traditional and are only borne by highly traditional Irish.

What Name Means Queen In Irish

Every language has the equivalent of a particular name. For example, the Russian word for king is Korol, the German name for the queen is Konigin. So also do the Irish have their names for different people or posts, Queen in Irish is the word banrion.

What Is A Good Irish Nickname

Many nicknames are peculiar to the Irish, some of which are derogatory. Below are five Irish nicknames that you could give to your child, friend, or anybody.Micks: well, this name came about as a result of the prefix Mc or Mac that Irish names won’t to start with. As time progressed, this name became a derogatory term used in describing Irish folks.

Paddy – another insulting name that should not be used to describe Irish folks. The name is used principally by the British.

Bridges – this is a nice thing that came about as a result of the odd jobs early Irish immigrants were accustomed to doing. Bridget became the nickname for Irish females that work in domestic capacity.

Cat-Lick – another derogatory nickname.

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Traditional Irish Girl Names

The Irish people are very traditional, even with the dwindling state of their culture, certain names cannot go into extinction. These names carry their traditional outlook and their theories and as such are names that would remain relevant to the highly traditional Irish folk. Below are ten traditional Irish names for girls:Aoife: this name originates from the Gaelic tradition and it means beauty

Ciara – Ciara is given to a child with certain black features, like black hair,  eyes,  etc. 

Niamh – this is the Irish name for bright. That is a very fair child. 

Caoimhe – This is one very special name,  not just because of its meaning,  but because it is given to children that are highly cherished by their parents. Caoimhe means beautifully precious. 

Saoirse – this name means freedom

Roisin – Roisin is an Irish name for little Rose.

Cara – Cara means Friendship

Clodagh – this is the female name of an Irish river. And loosely translates as pure. 

Aisling: this is the Irish name for dream or vision

Eabha: eabha is an Irish female name that means life. 

Modern Irish Girl Names

With the influence of other cultures, the Irish names have modernized. Not that they have lost their traditional meaning, but they have evolved in morphology and phonology. Below are ten modern Irish girl names:Caitlin: This name has been modernized to be Catherine. You must have heard it pronounced as Cait, Katelyn,  etc.

Sinead – this is the Irish form of Jane/Jeanette

Aoife – this means beauty and is one of the modern Irish names for girls


Niamh – This is the Irish name for bright. That is a very fair child


Ciara – Ciara is given to a child with certain black features, like black hair,  eyes,  etc. 



Saoirse – this name means freedom

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Unique Irish Girl Names

There are many unique and amazing Irish names for girls. These cute names give flare and grace to your girl child. Below are twenty unique Irish Girl names:Grace








Lucy – lucy is a very special name with a very special meaning. The name means, one who brings light

Mia – Mia means darling. And it is given more like a pet name. 

Olivia – Olivia is derived from the olive tree and is given to a female child from a Catholic home. 

Lily – the name lily means or signifies purity. 

Ellie: Ellie is a very special name. It means shinning light.








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Irish Girl Names And Meanings

There are beautiful Irish girl names with equally very beautiful meanings. Below are 10 of these names:

Aoife – This name means beautiful, pleasant,  happy.

Caoimhe – it means Precious

Saoirse – Saoirse means liberty

Ciara – The name means Dark.  Given to children with dark attributes like hair or eyes.

Niamh – Niamh means radiance or light

Roisin – this name means little rose

Cara – Cara means Friend.

Clodagh – This name is the most pristine of the names, this is because it is related to a female goddess.

Aisling – This means Vision.

Eabha – The name means Life. 

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Irish American Girl Names

Looking for an Irish American name for your child?  Below are 10 Irish American names. 











Top 20 Irish Girl Names

Below are the top 20 Irish girl names:




















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What Are Some Pretty Unique Girl Names

Some unique and pretty girl names with their pronunciation include:Aine (awn-ye)

Aoibhinn – (ee-van)

Caoimhe – (kwee-va)

Clodagh – (cloda)

Dearbhla – (durv-la)

Eimear – (ee-mur)

Fionnuala – (fi-noola)

Niamh – (neev)

Laoise – (lee-sha)

Mairead – (mi-rade)

Muireann – (mweer-in)

Orla – (or-la)

Oonagh – (una)

Roisin – (ro-sheen)

Sadhbh – (sive)