100+ Adorable Middle Names for Amelia

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Are you having a baby soon?

Now that you’ve figured out the first name, the fun part is choosing the middle name.

You’ll love this collection of middle names that we’ve collected for your pretty little angel. Making this decision for your baby might be thrilling, but it can also be stressful. With so many options, you might be wondering which middle name best compliments your daughter’s name.

That’s why we’ve created a long list of beautiful and adorable middle names that will have a nice ring to Amelia. All you need is a little inspiration, and the search will be over.

We’ve compiled these from baby name various databases, parenting forums, and other sources then fashioned them down to the ones we believe will suit your needs.

What’s the story behind the name ‘Amelia’?

In recent years, the vintage name Amelia has grown increasingly popular. And, it became even more popular when it was used in 18th century Europe when King George II and III named their daughters’ Amelia‘.

Amelia is a cute, beautiful, and feminine name that is often confused with Emilia and Amalia. Looking at its Germanic and Latin origin, the word amal means ‘work,’ which connotes “hardworking” and “striving.” More so, this name in the Urdu language means princess.

For decades, the name Amelia has been one of the chic and trendiest names for a girl. It breathes new life to previously popular ones like Amy and Emily or Emilie. And in 2020, there were 12,705 babies born named Amelia.

So, if you want your daughter to grow up into a hardworking, diligent and independent woman, then the name Amelia is the right name for your little angel.

Some of the Name Variations Around the World

Amelia is a beautiful and feminine name, and countries worldwide have their unique way of spelling Amelia or even a whole different version. Here are some variants of the name Amelia for you:

  • Amalia (Czech and Hungarian)
  • Delia (Greek)
  • Amalie (French)
  • Amelie (French and German)
  • Amélie (French)
  • Malsci (Hungarian)
  • Amelita (Italian)
  • Ama (Polish)
  • Melia (Polish)
  • Milica (Slavic)
  • Nuela (Spanish)

Choosing the Middle Name for Amelia

Are middle names necessary? They are not 100% legally needed, but they give a flair and extra flavor to the child’s name. And a slight sense of history.

Some families tend to take a more traditional route and base their decision on a relative’s name to honor or show gratitude.  Some even make their middle names a family heirloom to preserve family legacies. But, use caution when determining your child’s middle name as it may either bring pride or embarrassment. So, make sure to keep this in mind when deciding.

Here are some of the famous middle names for Amelia:

  • Amelia Bedelia, the title character in the Peggy Parish books
  • Amelia Bones, a character in the ‘Harry Potter’ series
  • Amelia Earhart, American aviator
  • Amelia Lily, English singer
  • Amelia Minnie Driver, English actress
  • Amelia’ Princess Mia’ Thermopolis, the main character in “The Princess Diaries.”
  • Amelia Vega, Dominican model

Top 10 Best Middle Names for Amelia

Here are some of the top middle names for Amelia to get you started:

  1. Amelia Anne/Ann
  2. Amelia Beth
  3. Amelia Christine
  4. Amelia Daisy
  5. Amelia Elise
  6. Amelia Faith
  7. Amelia Grace
  8. Amelia Hope
  9. Amelia Ruth

List of Middle Names for Amelia

These are the long list of middle names for Amelia that will surely make your angel’s name adorable and one-of-a-kind:


Name: Abigail

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Father’s rejoiced

Name: Ada

Origin: English

Meaning: Decency, generosity, nobility

Name: Adara

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Beautiful pure noble

Name: Adina

Origin: Israel

Meaning: Breathtakingly beautiful

Name: Aida

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Helpful, wealthy

Name: Alaina

Origin: Irish

Meaning: Beautiful, attractive

Name: Alanis

Origin: German

Meaning: Handsome, Cheerful, precious

Name: Alfrida

Origin: English

Meaning: Wise counselor

Name: Alicia

Origin: English

Meaning: Truthful, noble one

Name: Alwine

Origin: German

Meaning: Little elf friend

Name: Alyse

Origin: English

Meaning: Truthful,noble kind

Name: Amanda

Origin: English

Meaning: Love deserving, lovable, worthy to be loved

Name: Amara

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Stylish and attractive

Name: Amari

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Immortal, strength

Name: Amia

Origin: French

Meaning: Dear one, beloved

Name: Amity

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Friendly, friendship

Name: Anabella

Origin: Irish

Meaning: Gracious beautiful

Name: Aoife

Origin: Irish

Meaning: Beauty, radiance

Name: Arabella

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Bella means understatedly pretty

Name: Ariel

Origin: Spanish

Meaning: Lion of god

Name: Astrid

Origin: Old Norse

Meaning: Goddess of beauty

Name: Aubree

Origin: French

Meaning: Supernatural, power

Name: Aurelia

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Golden one, precious

Name: Ava

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Birds, living one

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Name: Bai

Origin: Chinese

Meaning: White, pure,

Name: Bambi

Origin: Italian

Meaning: Little child, young girl

Name: Bella

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Beautiful, pretty

Name: Bonita

Origin: Spanish

Meaning: Pretty little one

Name: Bonnie

Origin: Scottish

Meaning: Attractive

Name: Breena

Origin: Irish

Meaning: Fairytale related

Name: Brielle

Origin: French

Meaning: God is my strength


Name: Cailin

Origin: Irish

Meaning: Lass

Name: Cairi

Origin: Japanese

Meaning: True hearted, loyal

Name: Calista

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Most gorgeous, The one who is the most beautiful

Name: Candace

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Purest of the pure, shining

Name: Carla

Origin: English

Meaning: Peasant, little, womanly

Name: Carrie

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Loved

Name: Caryl

Origin: English

Meaning: Joyous melody, song of joy

Name: Cassidy

Origin: Irish

Meaning: Clever

Name: Cathi

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Pure, saintly

Name: Charlotte

Origin: British

Meaning: Strong

Name: Chole

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Blooming, Young green Shoot

Name: Claire

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Bright, feminine

Name: Claribel

Origin: British

Meaning: Bright and pretty

Name: Clementine

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Merciful

Name: Colette

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Victorious, Victory of the people

Name: Cyndi

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Moon, goddess

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Name: Daanya

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Beautiful girl, Vibrant, Gift of God

Name: Dafina

Origin: Kenya

Meaning: Worthy

Name: Daisy

Origin: English

Meaning: A kind of flower

Name: Dakota

Origin: Siouan

Meaning: Friend

Name: Daniela

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: God is my judge

Name: Dawn

Origin: English

Meaning: Daybreak or sunrise

Name: Delaney

Origin: Irish

Meaning: Dark challenger

Name: Delight

Origin: English

Meaning: Happiness, one who gives pleasure

Name: Diana

Origin: Indo European

Meaning: Divine,Goddess of Moon

Name: Donatella

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Beautiful present


Name: Eleta

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Unique, Chosen one

Name: Ellen

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Beautiful lady

Name: Elspeth

Origin: Scottish

Meaning: God is my oath

Name: Emma

Origin: German

Meaning: Qhole, Universal

Name: Esperanza

Origin: Spanish

Meaning: Hope

Name: Evelyn

Origin: English

Meaning: Related to Eve the first woman

Name: Evie

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Life


Name: Fable

Origin: English

Meaning: Enchanted tale telling, Story

Name: Florence

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Blossoming , flourishing, prosperous

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Name: Gardenia

Origin: English

Meaning: The flower, floworet,blossom

Name: Gemma

Origin: Italian

Meaning: Gem, Jewel, precious stone

Name: Genevieve

Origin: French

Meaning: White color wave

Name: Grace

Origin: Latin

Meaning: God’s grace,goodness and generosity

Name: Graciela

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Grace of God

Name: Guleen

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: One with a beautiful smile


Name: Hadleigh

Origin: English

Meaning: Field of heathers

Name: Hana

Origin: Hebrew, Japanese

Meaning: Flower or blossom, hope, happiness

Name: Harmony

Origin: American

Meaning: Concord

Name: Harper

Origin: English

Meaning: Who plays harp

Name: Hazel

Origin: English

Meaning: Name of a tree, commander

Name: Heather

Origin: English

Meaning: Evergreen flowering plant

Name: Heidi

Origin: American

Meaning: Nobility

Name: Helen

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Most beautiful woman

Name: Hilary

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Cheerful, merry, happy

Name: Honey

Origin: English

Meaning: Sweet, sweetness

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Name: Ife

Origin: Egyptian

Meaning: Love, lovable

Name: Ivanna

Origin: Russian

Meaning: Gift from God

Name: Ivy

Origin: English

Meaning: Fidelity, an evergreen shrub

Name: Izzy

Origin: Spanish

Meaning: Related to Elizabeth


Name: Jade

Origin: Spanish

Meaning: Gem, Jewel

Name: Jaina

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Gift of God, victory

Name: Jane

Origin: English

Meaning: God is gracious

Name: Janie

Origin: English

Meaning: Well born, God is gracious, noble

Name: Janine

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: God’s gift

Name: Jaylah

Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning: Victory

Name: Jemma

Origin: Italian

Meaning: Gem

Name: Jeneen

Origin: English

Meaning: Full of high inspirations, benevolent, white wave

Name: Jessa

Origin: English

Meaning: God enlightens, God makes, beholding God and wealthy

Name: Jillian

Origin: English

Meaning: Child of God

Name: Jolie

Origin: French

Meaning: Pretty

Name: Josephine

Origin: English French

Meaning: Give increase

Name: Joyce

Origin: English

Meaning: Sparkling, cheerful, merry

Name: Jurnee

Origin: English

Meaning: Adventure loving, leader


Name: Kaipo

Origin: Hawaii

Meaning: Loved one, sweetheart

Name: Kara

Origin: Italian

Meaning: Dearest friend, beloved one

Name: Kayla

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Keeper of the keys, Pure of heart, honest

Name: Kylie

Origin: Australian

Meaning: Beautiful spirit in Hawaiian

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Name: Lace

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Cheerful

Name: Lagina

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Queen, sovereign

Name: Lara

Origin: English

Meaning: Famous, Cheerful, happy

Name: Leila

Origin: Persian

Meaning: Dark beauty

Name: Lily

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Innocence, delicate flower, purity, shyness

Name: Linda

Origin: Spanish

Meaning: Pretty

Name: Liz

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Talented, smart

Name: London

Origin: British

Meaning: Wild or Bold

Name: Lucinda

Origin: Spanish

Meaning: Light

Name: Luna

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Moon goddess


Name: Mabel

Origin: English Latin

Meaning: Lovable

Name: Mable

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Beautiful, Loving, lovable

Name: Mackenzie

Origin: Scottish

Meaning: Born of fire, good looking, fair

Name: Maeve

Origin: Latin, Irish

Meaning: Cause of great joy, goddess, she who intoxicates

Name: Maeve

Origin: Irish

Meaning: She who intoxicates

Name: Maire

Origin: Irish

Meaning: Version of Mary

Name: Matilda

Origin: English

Meaning: Mighty

Name: Meara

Origin: Irish

Meaning: Sea

Name: Mia

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Mine

Name: Micah

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Who is like God

Name: Millie

Origin: German

Meaning: Determination

Name: Molly

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Rebel

Name: Monserrat

Origin: Catalan Meaning: Edgy Mountain

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Name: Nadine

Origin: French

Meaning: Aspiration, hope, desire

Name: Nancey

Origin: English

Meaning: Favor, full of grace, gracious

Name: Nedra

Origin: English

Meaning: Below the earth, prosperous guardian

Name: Nereida

Origin: Spanish

Meaning: Goddess, mermaid, deity

Name: Nevaeh

Origin: American

Meaning: Heaven spelled backwards

Name: Nia

Origin: Swahili

Meaning: Purpose

Name: Nicolette

Origin: Greek Meaning: Victory of the people


Name: Oaklynn

Origin: American

Meaning: Strengthful beauty

Name: Odelia

Origin: French

Meaning: Rich, wealthy, prosperous

Name: Olivia

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Related to olive tree, elf army

Name: Orva

Origin: French

Meaning: Worth gold, expensive


Name: Paige

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Young helper

Name: Paloma

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Holy spirit Dove, symbol of peace, beautiful, pretty

Name: Pamela

Origin: English

Meaning: Honey, all sweet

Name: Payton

Origin: Irish

Meaning: Noble

Name: Peach

Origin: Latin and Old French

Meaning: Exceptionally attractive person

Name: Phoebe

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Bright sunshine

Name: Pipere

Origin: English

Meaning: Piper, whistler

Name: Poppy

Origin: English

Meaning: Name of a flower

Name: Presley

Origin: English

Meaning: Priest’s meadow

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Name: Quiana

Origin: French

Meaning: Living with grace, heavenly. Soft, silky, smooth flowing

Name: Quinn

Origin: Irish

Meaning: Intelligence


Name: Robin

Origin: English

Meaning: Shining, bright fame

Name: Romina

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Land of Christian’s

Name: Rose

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Fragrant flower, most delicate, delightful flowers to ever grow in enchanted gardens

Name: Ruby

Origin: Latin

Meaning: A jewel


Name: Sally

Origin: English

Meaning: Princess, tycoon, executive

Name: Samantha

Origin: Aramaic, Greek

Meaning: Listener, flower

Name: Sara

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Noble lady, princess

Name: Savannah

Origin: Spanish

Meaning: Flat land

Name: Scarlett

Origin: English

Meaning: Bright Red, vibrant

Name: Shayna

Origin: Yiddish

Meaning: Beautiful

Name: Shea

Origin: Irish

Meaning: Fortunate, fairy place

Name: Shirley

Origin: English

Meaning: Bright wood, shining meadow

Name: Simon

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Thr listener, who hears

Name: Sophia

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Holy wisdom, skill

Name: Spring

Origin: English

Meaning: Spring time, to burst forth

Name: Sue

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Spiritually intense, Lily

Name: Summer

Origin: English

Meaning: Summer season, bright and cheerful

Name: Sunny

Origin: English

Meaning: Bright, Cheerful, sunny

Name: Suzzy

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Graceful Lilly


Name: Tait

Origin: English

Meaning: Cheerful, pleasant, bright

Name: Talia

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Dew of God

Name: Tatum

Origin: English

Meaning: Bringer of joy, light hearted

Name: Tia

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Goddess, godly, happiness

Name: Trinity

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Three in one (holy)


Name: Ursula

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Little female bear


Name: Valencia

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Healthy, brave, strong

Name: Venus

Origin: Old English

Meaning: Goddess of beauty and love

Name: Vida

Origin: French

Meaning: Victory and life

Name: Violet

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Purple (Vibrant flowers that bloom in late winters and early spring)

Name: Violet

Origin: English

Meaning: A flower

Name: Viveca

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Place of refuge, lively, full of life


Name: Willow

Origin: English

Meaning: Graceful, free spirit, freedom


Name: Xana

Origin: Austria

Meaning: Divinity

Name: Xenia

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Guest, welcoming, hospitality

Name: Ximena

Origin: Portuguese

Meaning: Listener, female of Simon


Name: Yarina

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Peace loving

Name: Yulia

Origin: Russian Meaning: Young, youthful


Name: Zaylee

Origin: Australian

Meaning: Heavenly woman

Name: Zipporah

Origin: Hebrew, French, Greek

Meaning: The Beautiful wife of Moses

Name: Zoe

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Eve