Best Baby Shower Gifts Under $10

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When it comes to searching for the perfect baby shower gift, it might be confusing for you if you don’t have a baby yourself, or if you don’t know whether to get for baby or mom.

However, we’re here to help. We have made a list of some baby shower gifts for both baby and mom.

It might be easier if mom has a registry set up, but if they haven’t, then you’re left to fend for yourself. 

In all honesty, the new parents will want something that is useful to them. Otherwise, they aren’t going to be too bothered, and might even ask for a gift receipt.

Whether you’re shopping for an expectant mom or you’re looking for some suggestions for your baby registry, then look no further. 

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Best Baby Shower Gifts 

TYRY.HU Pacifier Clip Boys Girls Silicone Teething Beads 


One of the best things about this gift is that they’re handy, and they look great. They come in a wide variety of colors to suit the mom and the baby.

The baby will be able to have their pacifier near them, and if it ends up out of their mouth, you don’t have to worry about losing another one. 

Pacifiers are well known to be lost, and you could go through multiple in a week. Whether they end up somewhere around the house or lost whilst in the push-chair, they can be a pain.

As your baby becomes nearer to teething, they will also have something great to use and something that will give instant teething relief and gum massage. They have a universal design and are compatible to fit any pacifier, teether toy, soothies, nuks, MAMs, teething toys, car seats, play gyms, drool bibs, clothes, strollers and blankets. 

These are easy to wash by hand, using soapy water with a wet cloth, and then air dry them before using them again or putting them into storage. These pacifier clips are suitable for babies 3+ months and are the perfect baby shower gift. 


  • Multiple functions
  • Various colors 
  • Universal design 


– Might be too heavy for smaller babies 

Baby Infant Rattle Socks Toys 


If you’re looking for something a bit more unique when looking for baby shower gifts, then these might be for you. A scientific study has suggested that these foot finder socks and wrist rattles promote healthy development.

These are the perfect gift for moms that are interested in enhancing sensory development for their baby. 

This gift will also help with the baby’s hand, foot and eye coordination. They’re perfect for keeping their attention because of their bright and fascinating colors.

You don’t have to worry about the sizing either as they are one size fits most. 


  • Bright and colorful 
  • Helps with hand, foot and eye coordination 
  • Good quality 


– Wrist wraps might be not fit size 

Tiny Ideas Baby’s First Year Picture Frame 


If you’re looking for a keepsake gift then this is perfect. It’s great for documenting and cherishing your baby’s monthly growth through the first year of their life.

This frame is silver and includes 12 small photo inserts, so you can look back and see how much they’ve grown. 

If you’re unsure of the baby’s gender then this gift is gender-neutral and sure to be in the center of the nursery or lounge. It is also a great way of showing the baby as they grow up what their personality was like when they were younger. 


  • Gender-neutral 
  • 12 photo inserts
  • A great way of documenting 


– Only one color/style is available 

2 Pieces Fun New Parents Decision Coin 


This gift is more for the new parents-to-be and can make making decisions a bit easier for the family. There is no need to fight over who has to change the diaper or do the midnight feed.

This coin is engraved on both sides to “daddy’s turn” on one side and “mummy’s turn” on the other. 

As you become new parents, it can cause conflict and arguments when you’re trying to decide who should be doing what. This coin will take all of that away and make it easier for new parents.

The package comes with 2 pieces of new parent decision coins, one silver and one black. They are 1.18 inches in diameter and they each have an exclusive box for your preservation or collection. 


  • Great for decision making
  • Prevents conflict 
  • Nice design 


– Only one design is available 

Johnson’s Baby Care Essentials Gift Set


A perfect gift for a new baby. This essentials kit is TSA-approved and travel-sized, which is great for overnight bags or traveling.

Johnson’s is formulated especially for a baby’s delicate skin. Included in this package are Head-to-Toe 2-in-1 baby body wash and shampoo which washes away 99% of dirt and germs from the baby’s skin. 

The tear-free formula cleanses whilst maintaining the baby’s natural skin moisture barrier. Also included is 3.4 fluid ounces of Johnson’s baby body lotion which is enriched with coconut oil and provides 24 hours of dry skin relief.

They are hypoallergenic and free from parabens, phthalates and dyes. The cream also provides barrier protection for up to 12 hours. 


  • Moisturizing 
  • Travel-sized 
  • Free from parabens 


– Might be too small for some parents 

Baby Pacifier – Set of 2 


These pacifiers have a very cute design and come in a selection of different colors. They alleviate discomfort and soothe aching gums as it works for a teething aid.

Within the pack, you get a set of 2 pacifiers that have a 2 in 1 design. 

It comes with soft nipples that not only feel great for your baby’s mouth but also aid their palate development. The pacifiers are made from highly durable material with food-grade silicone that can withstand constant chewing and biting.

Soft silicone is free from any harmful additives such as BPA, latex or PVC. They have a collapsable handle and come with two air holes for added safety, giving you peace of mind.

These pacifiers are easy to clean, reducing the amount of dust and particles that can collect. 


  • Lovely design 
  • 2-in-1 pacifier and teether
  • Free from BPA, latex or PVC 


– Limited colors to choose from 

Nursing Carseat Canopy Breastfeeding Cover 


This multipurpose nursing car seat canopy is the perfect baby shower gift. It can be used as a breastfeeding car seat cover, car seat canopy, stroller cover, infinity breastfeeding scarf or shawl and a changing cover.

You will get full coverage from this cover, giving breastfeeding moms the privacy they require. 

The canopy is very soft, breathable and has stretchy premium quality fabric which is designed specifically to provide maximum airflow. There is 360-degree protection which makes it the perfect practical gift for new moms.

It comes in zipper bag packaging, has a neutral design and color, and is suitable for both boys and girls. 


  • Discrete 
  • Nice design 
  • Multiple uses 


– Limited color options 

Burt’s Bees Baby Washcloths 


These lovely wash clothes are 100% cotton and come in a set of 3. They are soft and absorbent being smooth on one side and loop on the other.

It is neatly finished with a 100% organic cotton trim. This gift is perfect for moms who is looking for something simple but useful. 


  • 100% cotton
  • Soft material 
  • Absorbent 


  • Thinner material 

Baby Bib for Boys and Girls 


These baby bibs have a hook and loop with button closure, making it easy to get on and off. You’re able to machine wash the bibs at 40 degrees and either hang dry or tumble dry on low.

This bib is waterproof, ensuring that any accidents don’t seep through onto the baby’s clothes and are comfortable to wear. 

We understand that some baby’s like to grab hold of their bibs and throw them around, however, with the velcro combined with button closure, it’s almost impossible for this to happen. It fits seamlessly into a diaper bag so you can take it everywhere with you.

It is made from recycled waterproof polyester which dramatically lowers environmental impact. The fabric has no potentially harmful chemicals and is BPA-free, PVC-free, lead-free and phthalates free. 


  • Lovely design 
  • Machine washable 
  • BPA-free 


– Only one design is available 

Letters to my Daughters As I Watch you Grow Up 


If the mom-to-be is having a baby daughter, then this book is the best personal gift. It has a nice design and will be something wonderful to give their daughter when they grow older.

It has a soft matte cover for a real luxurious feel and has 128 pages of journal paper ready to be written on. It has blank pages so you can take full control of what you write. 


  • Quality paper
  • Personal gift 
  • 128 pages 


  • No prompts which might be nice for some moms 

9 Inch Giraffe Rattle 


This baby rattle and soft toy are perfect for a new baby. It is of great quality and has perfect sizing.

The rattle is subtle and sure to keep the baby interested and entertained. The arms and legs are really easy for the baby to hold on to as well.

A great little gift for a baby shower. 


  • The colors are nice
  • Lovely soft toy 
  • Rattle 


– Not available in other colors

Burt’s Bees Gift Set 


This baby shower gift is more for mom-to-be. It is travel size so mom is able to take it everywhere with her.

It includes 5 Burt’s Bees favorites including; soap bark and chamomile deep cleansing cream, hand salve, milk and honey body lotion, coconut foot cream and beeswax lip balm. Giving mom the full works. 

Skin will be pampered and moisturized, which is needed during the first few weeks of pregnancy. These products will leave the skin feeling restored and soothed.

They are made with all-natural ingredients and are formulated to condition and hydrate skin. 


  • Great for mom 
  • 5 products included
  • All-natural ingredients 


– Some might want bigger sizes 

Johnson’s First Touch Baby Gift Set 


This set contains a selection of gentle products to cleanse, moisturize and take care of your baby’s delicate skin and hair. It’s a great baby shower gift and includes baby wash, baby shampoo, baby lotion, diaper rash cream, plus a reusable bath caddy with a handle. 

Each product is 100% gentle and free of dyes, parabens and phthalates. They are also pediatrician-tested. And specially designed for a baby’s delicate skin. 


  • Complete set 
  • Great for baby’s skin 
  • Free of parabens


– Not suitable for sensitive skin 

Baby Muslin Washcloths 


These baby muslins are made from 100% muslin cotton and are completely safe for babies. There are no hazardous chemicals involved and they are extra soft and reusable.

Each washcloth measures a stretched size of 12×12 inches and is machine washable. 

There are 6 layers of ultra-absorbent and soft washcloths. It is a comfortable washing experience for cradle cap and baby acne.

They can be used from newborn to toddler and even into adulthood to get the most use out of them. There are colors available for both boys and girls. 


  • 100% cotton
  • No hazardous chemicals
  • Lots of colors available 


  • Might be big for some parents to use 

Baby Elefun Teething Ring 


Babies go through teething, and when they do, it can be a struggle for parents to find something that can help. However, the Baby Elefun teething ring has 5 different textures and bristles that will simulate the baby’s gums whilst also working as a first stage toothbrush. 

The lightweight easy-grip shape is easy for the baby’s small hands to grasp and chew. It can also help in improving hand-eye coordination.

It is free from BPA, PVS, phthalates, cadmium, lead and other heavy metals to give you complete peace of mind. The silicone design is 100% food-grade which is safe for babies.

You can wash it in the dishwasher or by hand. 


  • Multiple color choices 
  • Safe for babies 
  • Easy to clean 


  • Unable to put in the freezer for extra soothing 

The Dreidel Company Assortment Rubber Duck Toy


This baby shower gift would be perfect for babies as they grow older and pay more attention to colors and shapes. These ducks come in an assortment of different colors, styles and shapes, always keeping the attention close. 

These ducks are made from vinyl which was last longer and is completely safe for babies and children. There are 10 different colors; red, pink, orange, black, yellow, white, green, blue, purple and aqua.

They also come in packs of 10, 12, 20 and 25, so you’ll never have a shortage. 


  • Lots of different colors and styles 
  • Assortment of pack sizes 
  • Keeps babies entertained 


– Unable to choose the ones you want 

Swaddle Cocoon 


Babies have been known to settle and sleep better when swaddled. This is because they form a closeness and tightness as they would in the womb, creating a settled feeling.

These swaddle sacks are made from premium polyester which is soft and stretchy. They come in unique prints that you could match with a beanie or headband. 

The fit is perfect for babies 0-3 months of age and there are no zippers, snaps or Velcro attached to protect your baby from any potential risks. The quality is high and there are different patterns to choose from.

You are able to hand wash or put these in the washing machine. 


  • Made from high-quality materials 
  • Unique prints 
  • Perfect for newborns 


– Might be big for some babies 

Pink Baby Taggies Blanket 


Some babies benefit from a comforter when they’re born, especially if it smells of mom. This is a unique baby shower gift and has cotton knitted fabric and velvet, making it super soft for your baby.

As they get a bit older, they can use it as a stimulator with the tags around the edge, keeping them entertained. 

You are able to machine wash this blanket, making it really easy to look after. There are two designs to choose from which are really nice and you can be sure that you and your baby will love them. 


  • Soft 
  • Comforting 
  • Machine washable 


– Only two designs 

Bearington Baby Lil’ Spout Plush Stuffed Animal


This little elephant will keep your baby entertained with the rattle on it. It is small enough for them to hold as it stands at just 5” tall.

The rattle is a perfect sensory stimulator for babies and the satin ears and foot pads are soft to touch. 

It is made with luxuriously soft gray velour plush material, silk ears and embroidered safety eyes with a satin chevron bow. 


  • Very cute 
  • Easy for babies to hold 
  • Rattle for entertainment 


– Might be loud for some parents 


Of course, baby shower gifts for mom and baby depends on their style and what they need or want. There are times when baby shower gifts are sent straight back to the shops, and other times, they’re exactly what’s needed.

It’s a bit like Russian roulette with what you choose. However, it’ll be much easier if mom has a baby registry with items.

If she doesn’t, then you just have to try your best. We hope we have helped you in choosing a great baby shower gift.