Best Travel Toys for 1 Year Olds

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Journeys can be tedious for babies which may add some stress to the trip. Mothers and fathers are typically patient, yet there are times when you just need to have your child distracted as they travel.

Here we provide you with some amazing toys that will keep your 1-year-old happily engaged and playing while you make your way to your destination. However, it’s not only about playing, the products also encourage the development of skills that growing children need. 

Provide your little one with fun via these toys that will make travel time so much easier and enjoyable for everyone.

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Jurns Quiet Book

8 pages of sensory enjoyment that will have your child entertained as you take that long road trip. It teaches real-life skills which enhance fine motor development, logical thinking and so much more. 

Each page is carefully designed so as not to be overwhelming for your wee one as the zip, tie, touch, and play.

Busy Board

This board has so much to play with. Zips, buckles, buttons, and laces will help your toddler learn how to dress themselves. 

The clock encourages both number learning and time. That’s a 2-in-1 deal there. 

Durable felt, securely fixed to the board means that everything is safe and there are no sharp pieces that could harm your wee one as they play.

When it’s time to put the board away, it’s simply a matter of slipping it into its carry bag where it can sleep until next time. 

VTech Light-Up Baby Touch Tablet

Kids and technology. That’s the world we live in and this tablet from V-Tech will have your toddler giggling and playing with delight to the sights and sounds it contains. 

There are over 160 songs, melodies, sounds, and phrases that will help your child develop their vocabulary and singing skills. 

They also will learn their ABCs, shapes, numbers, and even the weather!

Your wee one can swipe through the screens like a real tablet and interact with Cody, V-Techs Smart Cub, which helps develop social skills. 

That’s one amazing travel toy for a toddler!

YowellGo Silicone Fidget Toy

5 vibrantly colored rubber bubbles will certainly garner your toddler’s attention.

Your wee one can press, grab, poke and play, delighting themselves in the sensory world this fidget toy offers. 

It’s able to slip into a pocket which makes it so portable. 

COVTOY Baby Busy Cube

Set your curious child on the road of learning and discovery with this incredible cube. 

Made from wood, the edges are smooth and the items are firmly attached for safe play. 

The moving parts encourage the development of fine motor skills while satisfying your wee one’s interest. Let him or her twist, turn, tie and pull on the multiple activities which are designed to enhance cognitive ability and life skills. 

A small cube that packs so much. 

Bizzy Square Buckle Toy

A cute little pillow that can double up as a soft toy to comfort your toddler has a nap in the car or at home.

The colorful buckles help promote hand and eye coordination, while the numbers let your child learn their 1,2,3s. Hidden under the number flaps are 5 adorable animals which you can play peek-a-boo with.

There is a handy zipper on the side that allows for storage within the pillow. A great travel companion for kids aged 1 to 4.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn 123 Schoolbook

While out on the road with your wee one, you can prepare them for their first day of school with this awesome toy from Fisher-Price.

Resembling a real notebook, there are loads of activities that teach the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and more.

Three stages of learning develop your toddler’s creativity as well as logical thinking. 

The phrases and sounds mean that your wee one becomes phonetically aware, setting them up for their first day at elementary school

Ideal for little ones aged 6 months to 3 years old. 

VTech Turn and Learn Driver

Let your child become a backseat driver ( in a good way!) thanks to VTech. 

This toy provides so many different learning experiences. Colors and sounds provide sensual stimulation while the indicator lever and gear shift teach children about opposites. 

There are three modes to choose to allow your toddler to learn about animals, vehicles, and sounds. 

The horn and color lights offer the opportunity to learn safety on the road. 

A great way to satisfy 6-month-old to 3 years old drivers! 

SKYFIELD Carrot Harvest Game

It’s time to visit the farm. 

This wooden toy consists of durable pine so that it can handle any knocks or drops as your kid lovingly carries it around with them. 

The brightly colored carrots provide visual stimulation and are of different sizes. That enables your child to learn hand-eye coordination, differences, and similarities.

The different games you can play with this toy are only limited by you and your child’s imagination. 

A great way to keep 1 to 3-year-olds engaged. 

BrainUp Toys Busy Activity Cube

Babies and young toddlers are tactile learners, so this cure will certainly cater to their curiosity. 

5 different activities are specifically designed to develop the motor and cognitive ability of children. The shape sorter teaches how to distinguish various shapes, the clock introduces numbers 1-12 while the beads on the top can be used to learn about opposite sides. 

When it’s time to put the cube away, everything stores neatly inside. So clean and tidy.

Be watchful

Toys offer the parents a chance to relax and rest while their child actively plays (kids are always so full of seemingly inexhaustible energy). Yet, as a great parent, you know that playtime isn’t simply a matter of giving your child something to entertain themselves with while you go and do something else. 

Always keep a careful eye on your baby and ensure that playtime is a safe time. Oh, and enjoy your journey!