As a mom of 5 beautiful children you can probably imagine the sheer number of toys that come into our home as gifts.

We have on occasions ended up with doubles and triples of the same toy which shows how popular they are.

I have written an article about the top 30 toys that have stood the test of time here which you may find interesting.

There are so many toys available to choose from that it can be overwhelming to decide what to go for.

This can especially be the case if you are someone who doesn’t have children or has very little experience of buying gifts for kids.

I’m here to take the stress out and share with you my 30 Best gifts for 1 year olds.  

Some of the toys mentioned are also award-winning toys for 1 year olds which makes them even more popular.

There is something in this list for every budget.  I once received a book called baby’s first 100 words from a dear friend.

When she handed over the present to my son, she apologized that it wasn’t very expensive as they were going through a difficult time.

That book is still being used with my fifth child although slightly battered it has helped develop speech in my kids and they have all absolutely loved it.

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The ultimate guide to unique gifts for a 1 year old.

My Top 10 Recommendations:

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  • removable floor, working horn, high seat and storage to the rear
  • Includes ignition switch and working horn.
  • Cozy rolls on rugged, durable tyres and its front wheels spin 360 degrees for easy steering.
  • BALANCE, NEST, SPIN, AND STACK THEM in gravity-defying angles; ideal for busy, curious children
  • Made of high quality ABS plastic; safety tested; sturdy design
  • GREAT FOR SENSORY EXPLORATION, motor skills, coordination, spatial reasoning, imaginative thinking
  • Includes 6 dual-colored spheres and a base to stack them on
  • 1920’s era retro race car speedster.
  • Beautiful ride-on for toddlers.
  • Gross motor skill development
  • Safety Rated for ages 18 months plus
  • Vilac has been the maker of high quality, award winning toys since 1911

The List of Best Toys for one-year-olds

01. Cozy coupe

This is one of the best ride-on toy cars for a toddler available, and the smile when the child sees it just says it all!

The cozy coupe has been one of the most sought after toys in my house even my 6-year-old is trying to get into the car when I’m not looking. A real hit that won’t disappoint.

02. First words books

As mentioned above these books are a great gift for a 1-year-old. This book is bright, vibrant and has lovely clear pictures.

These books are perfect for encouraging speech, pointing and joint attention with an adult.

The books are hardback and sturdy and you won’t need to worry when the toddler is throwing it around.

03. Radio flyer

The radio flyer ride on toy always gets so much attention when people spot it in my home.

Its classic look is so distinctive that it is an absolute must have gift for the parents who have everything.

04. Sound puzzles

These are a modern twist on an old classic, although chunky, wooden and hard-wearing they make the sound of the noise when the relevant piece is slotted in.

These wonderful wooden puzzles make sounds and noises and are really interactive. My children have all loved playing with these and it’s a fantastic independent toy for a 1 year old and will make a great gift.

05. Pots and pans

If you have kids then you will know how much kids love to bang pots and pans with a wooden spoon, so what could be better then buying them a set of metal pots and pans that resemble the ones you use in the kitchen!

Unfortunately, the plastic ones won’t cut it here as they just don’t give the same sound not annoy the parents as much as the metal ones do! This is definitely a unique gift for a 1 year old toddler.

06. Magna doodle table

You have probably seen Magna doodles or etch a sketch toy but have you ever seen a Magna doodle on a table.

This is a fantastic gift for a 1-year-old who is learning or has learned to walk. At this age, kids do not want to sit at all so it satisfies more than one purpose.

Not only is it a great gross motor skill builder but it helps get the baby using their fine motor skills and develop hand-eye coordination.

07. Fat brain toys tobbles Neo

A new twist on a classic stacking cup idea, these stacking toys are not only beautiful to look at, but they also have weight to them, rubberized bottoms and different textures.

They are really easy to stack and my one-year-old found them far less frustrating then stacking cups. This fat brain stacker Is definitely one toy that you can see the kids playing with for a few years.

08. Aqua doodle

One-year-old kids absolutely love to scribble, unfortunately, many of us have seen the effects of this either on freshly painted walls or on a cream leather couch.

It is entirely for this reason alone I asked a friend to buy the Aqua doodle for my 1-year-old baby as a gift.

He absolutely loves it and has spent hours scribbling on the provided mat and the great thing is if you lose the pen you can easily just order more!

09. Mega bloks

This is one of the best developmental toys for a 1-year-old. All 5 of my kids love mega blocks!

The mega bloks are larger in size then Duplo and in my opinion much better suited to toddlers.

Being larger in size means that my toddler who is still developing hand dexterity and coordination can manipulate these bloks and start building simple structures.

It’s a fun activity for the whole family to get involved in.

These bloks are bright, come in various shapes, sizes, are made of plastic and have no foul odor.

They come in a sturdy bag with strong handles and a zip where the children can learn to zip it up for themselves. 

10. Vintage Ride on Car

This is a super cool toy for a one-year-old and definitely one for the parents who have everything.

I bought this for my second son when he was 1 year old and his brother was nearly 2.

They literally spent hours playing and chasing each other on it. It really is a stunning car with its retro look.

It’s made of metal so hard wearing. This is one toddler ride-on toy that the steering does coincide with the wheels so they actually feel like they are driving!

I would thoroughly recommend it as it is a unique gift.

11. Wooden race track ramp

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    This wooden race track ramp is bright, sturdy and hard wearing.

    I love the addition of the parking box so that you can store the cars.

    Its fast and furious and makes this one of the best small car toys available.

    12. Balance bike

    Its never too early to get your little one learning to ride a bike and the best way to do this is with a small balance bike.

    This ride on toy is a brilliant toddler bike.

    13. Piano playmat

    This is a fantastic gift for the toddler that has started to walk or is still crawling.

    The cause and effect nature of the mat makes it a super hit with the little ones.

    14. Vacuum fisher price

    Kids love to imitate adults and what better way to start them doing the chores then a toy hoover!

    15. Sit to stand dancing tower

    A fantastic way of encouraging a toddler to stand is to give them a reason to do so and what better way than this wonderful music center.

    Parents, however, may need to invest in some earplugs (or you could pop some in this 1-year-old gift as a joke!)

    16. Garden pool pit

    A fun toddler outdoor toy is a garden pool pit. Kids absolutely love them it’s a great way of keeping the children occupied for absolutely ages.

    The kids even enjoy picking up the balls and cleaning up which turns into another fun activity.

    17. Mower

    If your one year old is anything like mine he loves to get in the way when I am trying to mow the lawn.

    He is so incredibly curious at this age so we bought him this fantastic little mower.

    Every time I’m mowing the lawn now it comes out and my little man feels he is helping and it keeps him out of the way so I can get it done sharpish.

    I think this is wonderful example of an outdoor toy gift for a toddler that will last a few years.

    18. Garden see saw

    Everyone loves a see saw and this one is a great outdoor toddler toy that can be enjoyed by up to 3 people.

    The nifty design means that the child can also enjoy playing on the sea saw alone by sitting in the middle seat.

    This would make an amazing gift for a 1 year old.

    19. Indoor trampoline

    A must for an active toddler is an indoor toddler trampoline especially if you live in an apartment or a place with no access to a park.

    This trampoline is sturdy and hardwearing.

    It’s a great toy for a 1 year old If you need to tire them out to encourage sleeping.

    I have even taken our ‘indoor trampoline’ outside on occasions.

    20. Sand and water tray

    As I have said previously kids absolutely love water play, coupled with sand it gives them a wonderful sensory experience and hours of fun in the garden

    21. Splash mat for the garden

    Another great outdoor gift idea for a 1 year old is a splash mat.

    It is so incredibly easy to set up just by attaching the hose.

    It can easily take 2-4 small kids and provides hours of outdoor fun in the sun.

    22. Scuttle bug

    A great first ride on toy for a toddler is the scuttlebug, it works as a ride on scooter and kids can get fast pretty quick so parents will need to watch out for that!

    The scuttlebug conveniently folds up and is easy to transport.

    It comes in lots of colors but my absolute fave is the scuttlebug beetle which is unisex.

    23. Rocking horse/ squirrel

    This squirrel rocking horse or rocking squirrel I should probably say is an award-winning toy for a 1 year old.

    It is a fabulous take on a classic and can provide hours of enjoyment for a young child.

    The rocking motion can be extremely calming and soothing for a young child. This toy can also be used as an outside toy.

    Although it comes with a harness your child must be supervised at all times when they are rocking as some kids actually fall asleep on it!

    24. Leapfrog spin and sing alphabet zoo

    A great educational gift for a 1 year old is this spin and sing alphabet zoo toy.

    Its features include hearing letter names and sounds, explores the zoo in animal mode, lights up and has a few different songs.


    These books are hugely educational for a toddler and can help teach them numbers, colors, animal sounds and phonics.

    I found these books amazing and would love to receive them as a gift for my toddler.


    Here is another great outdoor toy that can also be used inside, hours of independent fun follows when your toddler is developing their independence and gross motor skills.

    It’s made from plastic which means its easily washed or wiped and will last absolutely ages.

    27. Fat brain dimpl duo sensory toy

    This is the best sensory educational toy for a 1 year old that I have seen. It has shapes, colors, words and gives wonderful sensory feedback.

    The shapes are embossed and labelled in English and Braille. This toy is double sided so when flipped over there are more buttons for the child to press and enjoy.

    It has the appearance of a tablet which kids love and is a great toy to take with you on long car journeys, restaurants and on holiday.

    28. Infant to toddler swing

    This swing makes an amazing gift for a 1 year old. They will love it so much that the only real issue will be how to get them off it!

    29. Toy shopping cart

    A toy shopping cart can make a great gift for a 1 year old toddler. Kids love to imitate their parents and what better way to push around a shopping cart.

    This one is easy to push, wont scratch your floor, holds plenty of toys and is fantastic for early walkers.

    30. Pop up tent

    This pop-up tent can be used both indoors and outdoors, it is literally hours of fun and the best thing about it is it folds flat.

    Mine lives under the couch ready to be used when my toddler needs an activity.

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    1. May 8, 2019 / 12:38 pm

      There are all such stunning ideas. That ramp was such a hit in our home, a really great toy. And the sound puzzle is loads of fun.

    2. May 9, 2019 / 11:14 am

      These are all great options. My girls have several of these. The one gift that all three of them loved at this age was the V-Tech Walker. You can lock it for standing + so they can pull themselves up or unlock it for when they are ready to walk. My 1-year-old (third one) still tools around with it 🙂

    3. May 9, 2019 / 6:18 pm

      These are all great! Someone also brought my son a ball for his first birthday and it was BY FAR his favorite gift!