Best Beach Bags for Moms and Kids

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A family day at the beach is always filled with fun, memories, as well as a lot of organizing as you decide what to take.

Beach bags make packing for a time by the sea so convenient as you pack in the essentials. However, when you find you have a limited amount of room available and so many things to carry, you can have an “uh-oh” moment.

The beach bags on our list are roomy and have plenty of storage space so that you may end up taking more than you need. But then it’s better to be safe than sorry! 

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OZCHIN Beach Bag

When it comes to that outing to the beach, you want to take the essentials and a little extra. 

This bag comes in a generous size that allows you to pack in a blanket, towels, things for your wee one, and items for yourself. The 5 pockets will enable you to store away your cell phone or that snack when your child gets peckish. 

The 25” rope handles make this bag so comfortable to carry and the metal rivets are reinforced, making this a bag that will last you for many summers visiting the sand and surf.

A zip along the top keeps the contents safe and dry. 

Savvy Outdoors Beach Bag Tote Set

This bag is made by a woman for women, so you’re surely going to love this. 

The polyester fabric will stand up to some rough treatment (but that doesn’t give you a free ride to not be careful!)

Inside is a removable cooler bag in which you can put in some cans or lunch.

Attachable microfibres towels save you the hassle of having to pack in extra towels, which gives you more space to take extra essentials to the beach. Pockets provide you with additional storage.

A great bag for the beach or pool. 

KEHO Fashion Beach Bag

If you’re one of those people that take a little more than is needed to the beach (after all it’s good to be ready for those unexpected events), then this bag is a great choice.

The large size inner compartment provides plenty of room for you to pack all that you need. Also, the bag has plenty of pockets for you to stash and store those smaller items.

A lightweight design means, that even though this bag is one of the biggest available, it’s still easy to carry around without your shoulder and you becoming tired.

Mesh Beach Bag

Tired of poking through your bag trying to find what you need when you’re at the beach? This mesh bag makes life so much easier with its see-through fabric.

It’s big enough to fit in 6 beach towels and more. Velcro enclosures mean there are no weighty zippers, so this bag is such a joy to carry.

If the breeze picks up and starts to gently blow sand around, you needn’t worry about the contents in your bag getting covered in sand because it passes through the mesh. That keeps everything safe and clean. 

Pockets on the side allow for convenience as you grab for that sunscreen or your sunglasses without having to open the bag.

A great traveling companion for those lazy sunny days by the sea.

QOGiR Neoprene Multipurpose Beach Bag

If you love style, this bag offers you three different options in one. That’s a bargain.

The inside bottom of the bag is removable, which provides for some extra storage space when you are packing all the essentials for a day at the beach with the family. 

Pockets within the bag let you safely store your valuables away while enjoying the sun. The waterproof lining ensures the items within the pockets stay nice and dry. 

Available in two different sizes and a range of colors, your only problem is deciding which style looks more fashionable on the beach.

Beach Tote Bag

A funky design that doesn’t scream out “Beach Bag” if you want to keep things a bit more low-key with fashion.

The detachable cooler adds freedom to carry your drinks, lunch, or picnic so that you can have cold refreshments while basking in glorious sunshine. 

6 outer pockets allow you to keep the most necessary items within easy reach while the rest of the contents stay safe and dry thanks to the sand-proof as well as waterproof material. 

When it comes to cleaning just pop it into your washing machine (except for the cooler bag which isn’t machine washable). 

Waterproof Large Travel Shoulder Bag

If you’re a minimalist when it comes to packing for the beach, then this bag is for you. 

It’s still a decent enough size inside to take the most important items with you, while two outer pockets let you stash away your sunscreen, sunglasses, or water bottle

The simple design keeps everything in a neutral tone yet still comes across as fashionable.

Nurse Bag and Utility Tote

With 14 outer pockets and 7 more inside, there are plenty of places to squirrel away what you need for your time at the beach. If that still isn’t enough room the space within the bag offers more than enough.

For those people who may like to do a bit of work time while relaxing, the bag has a laptop sleeve that can easily hold up to 16” computers. 

The adjustable handles give you the option of a traditional carry bag or lengthening the handles and draping it over your shoulder.

A bag that will serve you well as you head to the sea for some R & R.

YELAIYEHAO Extra Large Storage Tote

Okay. Technically this isn’t a beach bag, but you can definitely use it as one. 

The top is designed so that things can be easily placed within the bag and the generous size allows you to pack towels, swimsuits, beach shoes, sandals, or whatever else you want to take to the beach. 

The square design makes it a cinch to store in your car as you head for the waves. 

If black isn’t your thing, you have the option of light blue or pink.

ToteSak Waterproof Tote Beach Bag

A bag that looks stylish yet plain in design. But don’t let the look deceive you. This tote packs a punch.

The inner compartment can easily store all that you need for your trip to the ocean, while the two outside pockets offer you more storage options.

With a TPU coating, the only thing that is going to get wet is you (and the outside of the bag). 

And if you accidentally drop it in the water, it floats. 

Clever stuff. 

Enjoy yourself

So there you have a range of different beach bags to choose from. 

Which one you decide to go with all depends on how fashionable you want to be, the practicality of the bag and the size of your family. Oh, and if you want to keep your contents dry and free from sand.

Have a great time, and don’t forget to put on your sunscreen and keep an eye on the kids.