Rain On Your Baby Shower: What Does It Mean?

By admin

The day of your baby shower arrives and the weather forecast says things aren’t looking too good.

It’s going to be raining. That might not be so bad if you’re having it inside. Maybe you see it as a sign sent from above about your upcoming birth.

Does rain on the day of your baby shower have some higher meaning? Or is it just that the weather decided to dampen the event?

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So much for the outdoor plan

On the morning of the baby shower, you look at the window. It’s pouring down with rain and the wet weather isn’t going to stop any time soon. Your heart sinks as the whole day revolves around having a BBQ.

But, there is hope. 

Go indoors

You can always rescue the day by revising your plans. You’ll just have to use the oven instead of the BBQ. 

You may have to cook everything before the guests come (unless you want to be busy in the kitchen during the baby shower). If you’re just having snacks and juice, there no problem.

Maybe you have a smallish house and there are a lot of guests coming, then things could get crowded if everyone is inside. If you have a gazebo with pull-down walls, then that will be useful (unless there are strong winds).

Or you could move the event into your garage if it’s a decent size.

There is also the issue of people traveling from a distance to attend the shower. If the rain isn’t so bad, then it may be safe for them to come.

But if it’s severe weather, then it’s a matter of them staying home. That means very few people, if anyone, comes.

raining window rainbow

Postpone the shower 

You could always reschedule the baby shower. Look at the weather forecast and choose another day when the weather is going to be beautiful.

However, by changing the day you run the risk of having the baby before the shower. That’s nothing to get concerned about. 

Of course, the shower can still go on if you wish. It may mean that you miss it as you’re in the hospital. It could also lead to you bringing the baby to the shower. 

Changing the date of the shower could reduce the number of guests coming. That is because maybe some people who could originally come now can’t due to their schedules.

Again, fewer people coming to the party isn’t a big issue.

Canceling the shower

If it looks like it’s not possible to have the shower anymore, then you can cancel it. That might seem like a drastic action after the effort that has gone into planning it. 

Yet, if it is too much of a hassle to reorganize the shower, then canning it can be the only option available. 

As mentioned with the postponement option, people’s schedules may make it impossible for them to come now. So, if no one can come, why not cancel?

Also, if it’s likely that your baby is due before the date of the shower, you may be too busy to want to have a shower. 

It’s up to you

With the options of holding the shower indoors, postponing it, or canceling it altogether, you make the final call. 

The decision you make depends on the severity of the weather. Rain on the day of the baby shower may have you feeling like it’s a disaster. Some people will tell you that things aren’t so bad. 

For the more superstitious individuals, rain may be seen as a portent omen. That has you wondering, is there some higher meaning behind the rain? Especially on the day of the baby shower

What does rain mean on the day of the shower?

People who see things from a natural perspective will say that the rain is simply a case of bad timing. They will offer you their condolences as you expressed your disappointment about the weather. 

Yet others may interpret the rain as a sign. If that’s the case, what does rain symbolize?

Rebirth and renewal 

Without water, things won’t survive. We need water to refresh us. Animals also need water to live. Plants, trees, and flowers are the same: no water means they can’t blossom and grow.

So, rain is taken as a symbol of rebirth and renewal. If this baby is your first, then you will have an exciting new life ahead of you (renewal).

If it’s not your first, then you have a feeling of having done this before but it’s slightly different this time (rebirth). 

rain on plants

Good luck and new beginnings 

Some consider rain as a symbol of good luck in regards to a life change. That’s because rain is seen to be transformative.

Bringing a child into this world does create a different lifestyle! 

Water washes away the old so that room is made for the new. There is a fresh start.

New growth can occur through the regenerative power of rain. Bad weather on the day of your baby shower can indicate that your old life has gone and a fresh one is sprouting. 


Have you ever paused in an outdoor shower of rain and allowed it to wash over you? The gentle drops seem to soothe away your worries and you feel refreshed.

It’s like all the gunk has been cleansed from your inner being. Because of this effect, rain has been taken as a sign of cleansing.

When there is a soft rain on the day of your baby shower, see it as a message that you need to do some introspection. Wash away the negatives from your life and look forward to having a new addition to the family.

There isn’t any superstition

Pregnancy, like a lot of other things, has its bunch of superstitions: don’t let a stranger touch your baby bump or it will attract evil spirits; wearing keys wards off the moon’s cleft palate creating beams; using bad language can bring curses upon your baby. 

What about when it rains on the day for your baby shower? Well, there are supernatural beliefs about that.

No old wives tales. Nothing superstitious. Just a case of the weather being less than appealing

Read what you will into the situation

Wet weather on the day of your baby shower can be a downer. Especially if it’s a torrential downpour.

If you planned to have the event outdoors, well,  it’s time to reconsider your options.

You may think that it’s a case of bad luck. But the more optimistic amongst you may take it as a sign.

An indication that someone from above is letting you know that you are facing a fortuitous time marked with renewal and cleansing.

There may not be a belief built around bad weather and baby showers. That doesn’t mean that you can’t start one.

It allows you to see the good from a less-than-ideal situation.

So, go out there and spread the word: It’s good luck if it rains on your baby shower!