Best Teas to help Increase Fertility

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You’ve probably heard of fertility tea if you’re trying to improve your chances of conceiving and fertility. Fertility tea is a type of tea that is commonly marketed by tea brands.

It helps to increase fertility and support your reproductive health.

They are also used in traditional Chinese medicine to help boost the chances of pregnancy. 

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These teas are supposed to contain powerful antioxidants, vitamin A and C, along with folic acid to provide nutritional support, promote female hormonal balance, and aid in the entire reproductive system.

We are here to discuss what herbs you should be looking for for your tea and which fertility problems each tea is ideal for helping with. 

Even though no tea is capable of forcing ovulation, the teas below are great for improving your overall health before pregnancy begins.

You can expect to be provided with minerals and nutrients that you may be deficient in (and not even know about it), as well as give a balance to your hormones. 

Which nutrients do fertility teas offer? 

  • Vitamin A 
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin K 
  • Amino Acids 
  • Calcium 
  • Fatty Acids 
  • Folic Acid
  • Iron 
  • Magnesium 
  • Phosphorous 
  • Polyphenols
  • Potassium 
  • Sodium 
  • Zinc 

It all depends on your own personal needs as to which tea would work best for you. That’s why we’re here, to help you in finding that.

We will discuss each of the best teas in detail, including who they’ll benefit from and why. 

Best Overall Tea for Fertility 

Mama Of Five #1 Choice: Traditional Medicinals Organic Healthy Cycle Tea 

This is great for women with painful period cramps and its main ingredients include raspberry leaf and stinging nettle leaf. It has a unique and citrusy flavor, with also some lemongrass and lemon verbena in the mix.

It also has ginger and spearmint leaf, so you can imagine the taste being incredible. 

You get 96 tea bags in one order, and this equates to 3-6 months worth of tea. It can regulate your period if you’re finding that you’re not and aid cramping during those times too.

This tea is non-GMO verified, all ingredients are certified organic, kosher, fair wild certified, and caffeine-free. The taste is pleasantly herbal with hints of citrus and mint. 

  • Lovely flavor 
  • 96 bags in one order
  • Aids cramping
  • Regulates period 
  • Non-GMO verified 
  • Caffeine free 

We have given Traditional Medicinals Organic Healthy Cycle Tea the spot of our #1 choice because it has been recommended by many soon-to-be moms who began with this tea.

It has helped moms during pregnancy and labor.

Follow on below for more tea that helps with fertility. 

Fairhaven Health FertiliTea, 60 Servings, Organic Fertility Tea for Women to Boost Reproductive Health, Prenatal Herbal Tea to Support Menstrual Cycle & Hormone Balance, Contains Vitex, Mint Flavor
Fairhaven Health FertiliTea, 60 Servings, Organic Fertility Tea for Women to Boost Reproductive Health, Prenatal Herbal Tea to Support Menstrual Cycle & Hormone Balance, Contains Vitex, Mint Flavor
Organic Fertility Tea, 30 Teabags, 2.12 oz
Organic Fertility Tea, 30 Teabags, 2.12 oz
Organic peppermint, organic red raspberry, organic red clover, organic nettles; Each pouch contains 30 tea bags- convenient + chlorine free

#2 Fairhaven Health FertiliTea 

This tea is great for women who have irregular periods, imbalanced hormones, or need to strengthen the uterus. The main ingredients include Vitex, green tea, nettle leaf, lady’s mantle, and red raspberry leaf.

It is completely organic with no sweetness and has a mint leaf flavor. It does contain a tiny amount of caffeine but it is safe. 

You can drink it hot or cold and it is recommended to drink twice a day. The pack includes 60 servings, which would equate to a month’s worth of tea.

It is recommended to stop drinking the tea between ovulation and the start of your next period. 


  • Balances periods and hormones 
  • No sweeteners 
  • Can drink hot or cold 


  • Tea is fine so can escape through infuser 

#3 Pink Stork Fertility Tea 

The Pink Stork Fertility Tea is great for any woman trying to conceive. Its main ingredients are Vitex, red raspberry leaf, and lady’s mantle.

It comes in three varieties; mint, sweet mind, and sweet mint iced tea. Each tea bag can make 2 teas, and the iced tea sachets can make a quarter at a time. 

There are 15 servings in each packet, but this would make 2 teas per day, which is the recommended amount. Pink Stork uses peppermint leaf as flavoring and it tastes pretty good.

This tea naturally supports your fertility, conception, hormones, and cycle. 


  • Three varieties to choose from 
  • 15 servings 
  • Regulates periods 


  • Shouldn’t drink if you already have regular periods 

#4 Yogi Women’s Raspberry Leaf Tea 

This tea is good for women with painful periods or women looking to strengthen their uterus health overall. The only ingredient used is a raspberry leaf.

It is a simple packaged fertility tea and it’s already portioned into single-serving bags that you can take on the go without measuring. 

The package contains 6 boxes, which gives a total of 96 bags! Even drinking two cups per day, is still 48 days worth of bags.

If you drink one bag, then it should still last you 3 months. 


  • Reduces period cramping
  • Strengthens uterus
  • 96 bags included in one box 


  • Not a very strong taste 

#5 Blue Stork Male Fertility Tea 

The Blue Stork Male Fertility Tea is great for men that are trying to increase their libido or sperm count and mobility. Its main ingredients are Maca root, fenugreek, and green tea.

It is a premium tea with lots of herbs. Aside from the ingredients above, it also includes peppermint, ginkgo blob, turmeric, ginseng, and more. It is a hot tea and each sachet makes 2 teas. 

There is a sweetened version you can buy if the taste isn’t for you, or you could add some honey or sugar. 


  • Increases libido
  • Great ingredients 
  • One sachet makes two teas 


  • Not very sweet 

#6 Secrets of Tea: Get Pregnant Fertility Tea 

If you have imbalanced hormones or irregular periods, then this tea is for you. It has the main ingredients of Vitex, red raspberry leaf, lady’s mantle, and nettle leaf.

You can enjoy this tea hot or cold and stevia is a natural sweetener included. 

It also has peppermint leaf and licorice root for extra flavor. Most of the ingredients are the exact ones that are commonly used for treating infertility. 


  • Great taste 
  • Works for irregular periods 
  • Organic and caffeine free 


  • Bags are thinner than average 

#7 Female Rituals Natural Peppermint Tea 

This tea has a careful selection of organic herbs, Chaste berries, nettle leaf, passionflower, lady’s mantle, and relaxing peppermint leaf.

It helps to rejuvenate and restore your mind and body, so it’s great for women who are looking to conceive and relax at the same time. 

The pack contains 15 sachets which will brew up to 30 cups, just simply pour your water over one sachet and steep. This tea has no gluten, dairy, soy, nut, and non-GMO.

It is formulated with potent and high-quality organic herbs. 


  • Great tasting 
  • One tea bag can be used twice
  • Amazing ingredients 


  • Shouldn’t drink if you have already regular periods 

#8 Moontime Tea Organic Fertility Tea 

This 100% Certified Organic Fertility Tea is naturally caffein-free and packed in convenient chlorine-free tea bags. This tea supports reproductive health due to the replenishing blend of organic herbal teas. 

You can choose between 3 flavors; raspberry, cinnamon, and ginger. The main ingredients are peppermint, red raspberry, red clover, and nettles.

This tea is best for women who are looking to settle their periods and overall reproductive health.

Each pouch contains 30 tea bags and to have the best flavoring and effect, steep one bag into 8oz of freshly boiled water for 3-7 minutes. 


  • 100% certified organic tea 
  • Caffeine free 
  • 3 flavours available 


  • For those with a bigger budget 

#9 Fertility Tea by Purely Plants 

This tea is organically grown which helps to promote women’s fertility, supports a healthy cycle, and provides an overall boost in women’s health.

It is made with the finest herbal ingredients and is naturally caffeine-free, organic, dairy-free, and plant-based. Fertility Tea contains herbs that provide vital support to hormone health. 

One herb included within this tea is Dong Quai which promotes blood flow to the uterus and supports a thick uterine lining, which is ideal for conception.

Other herbs included at Oatstraw, Chasteberry, Red Clover, Spearmint, Nettle Leaf, and Raspberry Leaf.

These herbs combined boost ovulation, improve cervical conditions, help maintain normal cycles, and promote uterine health, amongst other health benefits. 


  • Organically grown 
  • Finest herb ingredients 
  • Plant based 


  • Fragile tea bags 

#10 Birds & Bees Teas – Organic Fertility Tea & Pre Conception 

This tea is designed for use in women and men fertility. It was specially formulated for pregnant moms but is grounded for everyone.

Even children can drink this tea. It is non-GMO, gluten-free, 100% caffeine-free, and organic. 

The all natural proprietary blend includes ingredients such as red raspberry leaf, nettle leaf, reships and Hawthorne berry. It tastes amazing with the blends of different herbs.

It also works great by toning your uterus and preparing it for pregnancy.


  • Designed for the whole family in mind 
  • Organic
  • Tastes amazing 


  • Suits bigger budgets 

#11 Herb Lore Raspberry Leaf Tea 

This tea is great for women who are looking to tone their uterus prior to pregnancy, women seeking an increase in cervical mucus, and women who are trying to relax and reduce stress whilst trying to conceive.

The main ingredients are simply red raspberry leaf and nettle leaf. 

You can drink this tea hot, or cool. You can also refrigerate it for a couple of days. A loose-leaf blend is used, so you’ll need to use a tea infuser or strain your tea after steeping.

This tea also includes red clover, dandelion, and alfalfa. No sweeteners are used, but peppermint leaf is added for flavor.

2-3 cups per day are recommended. 


  • Tones the uterus 
  • Increases cervical mucus 
  • Able to refrigerate for a couple of days 


  • Tea infuser needed 

What is fertility tea? 

Fertility Tea is a blend of herbal tea which is designed to support reproductive health and increase your chances of conception.

These teas have been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine which has been helped to boost the chances of pregnancy and promote hormonal balance. 

How does each tea ingredient help? 

Red Raspberry Leaf 

Red Raspberry contains phyto-progesterone properties. This helps in the increase of progesterone levels. This may, in turn, enhance fertility.

Red raspberry has also been shown to reduce inflammation and strengthen the uterine lining. Raspberry leaf has also been known to help individuals suffering from PCOS. 

Nettle Leaf 

Nettle Leaf is made by infusing the leaves of the stinging nettle plant in hot water. Thankfully, the heat and water deactivate the stinging qualities of the nettle.

The tea has an earthy flavor but it can be bitter. Nettle leaf tea offers post-birth support for female balance and women’s health.

It also helps to increase their flow of breast milk after birth. 

Green Tea 

There are many health benefits of green tea. It has shown potential to help lower the risk of heart disease, boost weight loss results and may even aid in the treatment of cancer.

In terms of fertility, it may help to boost overall health and ease medical conditions which could be preventing conception.

Green Tea also improves hydration which can increase cervical mucus, allowing the journey of sperm to be easier. 

Red Clover 

This herb has been used by midwives to boost fertility and improve women’s overall health. It contains natural plant estrogen known as isoflavones or phytoestrogen.

The plant contains high amounts of nutrients that are essential for human health and may create better conditions for conception. 

Peppermint Leaf 

Of course, peppermint is known mainly for its flavor. Especially when steeping in hot cup of water. However, it is also known to improve all fertility and hormones, as well as women’s general overall health. 

We hope you’ve found the right tea for you, and that you have your BFP very soon.

Each tea has its benefits and there aren’t any major negatives, which is a bonus. Good luck!