Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box

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Congratulations on your upcoming addition! Now that you are just a few months away from birth, it is time to start to prepare for the arrival of your baby.

While making your birth plan and packing your hospital bag may be part of your planning, you may also be creating a baby registry for an upcoming baby shower.

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If you are using the Amazon Baby Registry and Amazon Prime, you may be eligible for a free Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box.

What is an Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box? An Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box is a box available on Amazon which contains samples of products for mother and baby. By following a few guidelines, the box will be free and is available once you have completed your baby registry.

An Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box is a box on Amazon that is sent to new parents who have an active baby registry on Amazon.

The box is shipped and received in 2-5 days and contains a mixture of small samples from different baby brands.

Sometimes there is a lotion, baby oil, creams, bottles and more. The welcome box is meant to congratulate new parents but also help them in their quest to find which products they will be using with their baby.

Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box

The Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box is available to Amazon Prime customers who have a completed baby registry using “Checklist” and have at least $10 in purchases off of the baby registry.

When the box is first added to your shopping cart, it will show a balance of $35, but an Amazon credit will be applied to your cart, and it will be free.

The welcome box contains mostly small samples of various baby and parenting products, which you may want to try. There are many different things that can come in the box, but some of them are:

  • A Philips Avent Bottle
  • Sample of Pampers diapers
  • Sample of Seventh Generation diapers
  • A swaddle blanket from Swaddle Designs
  • A sample of Aveeno lotion
  • A sample of Seventh Generation coconut lotion
  • A 56-pack of wipes from Huggies
  • A sample of Baby Dove Tip to Toe Wash
  • A sample of La Roche-Posay multipurpose balm cream
  • A sample of Munchkin Miracle Nursing Pads
  • A sample tube of Triple Oxygen Energizing Mask

The contents of the box are meant to introduce you to some of Amazon’s available products. If you use these products and find that you like them, then you can just go on Amazon and order more.


How Do I Become Eligible For Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box?

While the welcome box is free, there are a few requirements that you must satisfy before becoming eligible for a free box. These requirements are:

1. You must be an Amazon Prime member and part of an Amazon Household. You must be the primary account holder.

2. You must create and complete an Amazon baby registry. Each category should be completed before the list will be eligible.

3. A minimum of $10 in purchases must be made off of the registry, from either the customer or their guests.

4. The box is available for purchase for $35 if you do not qualify for a free box. The box is shipped with standard shipping and is typically received in 2-5 days.

5. The box can only be sent to the continental United States and not to APO boxes. The exterior of the box will say “Amazon Baby Registry” on it.


How Do I Order Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box?

There are a few steps that you must complete before you can order your free Amazon Baby Registry Welcome box. These steps are:

Sign up for an Amazon Prime membership and Amazon Household account. Be sure that you are the primary account holder.

Create and complete an Amazon Baby Registry list. Each category should be marked as “complete” before the list will register as complete.

Make a $10 purchase (or more) off of the registry list, or wait for a guest to do so. It has to be at least $10 before taxes and shipping. Prime memberships and gift cards do not count towards this amount.

Add the Welcome Box to your shopping cart.

The box will show a balance of $35, but don’t worry; it’s free.

Once you reach the last page of your shopping cart, it should show an Amazon “credit” of $35, which should make the box completely free.

Wait 2-5 days for your box to arrive.

Try out the samples and see what works best for your family.


Who Else Offers A Baby Registry Box?

Several companies that offer a similar sample box comparable to the Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box. These companies are:

Walmart: They provide a similar sample box. First, you must register, then you have to fill out this form. The sample box items can include:

Pampers Diapers samples

Dr. Brown’s bottles

Aveeno Baby


Johnson’s Baby

Target: A sample box is offered, which includes over $100 in coupons. This box will need to be picked up from your local Target store. To get this box, you must create a baby registry either in-store on online.

Seventh Generation: This baby brand offers a sample box to new parents who can allow you to test their products and see if they are a good fit for you. You have to sign up here.

Medela: This breastfeeding company offers samples of their milk collection bangs, among other things. To sign up, go here

Similac: They offer samples which can use to feed your baby and test their reaction before buying a full-size can. Go here to sign up.


What Are The Basic Baby Essentials?

When you are preparing for your baby, you will want to purchase products that can help you take care of them.

These can include anything from diaper rash cream to formula. It is a good idea to purchase these items in advance, so you will have them available when you need them.

It is a good idea to use samples of these items so you can test your baby’s reaction before buying a large amount. Basic baby essentials that should be purchased are:

Diaper rash cream: Try to get multiple samples of this so you can test your baby’s reaction.

Formula: Some babies are sensitive and require more a sensitive formula, so it’s a good idea to have samples of different types of formula to see which works best for your family.

Diapers: There are many styles of diapers, and they can all vary in styles. Having different samples of diapers will allow you to test them on your baby and see what works best.

Breast pads: When buying breast pads, be sure to buy those that have a waterproof plastic backing. 

Swaddle blankets: Swaddling, or wrapping a baby tightly in a blanket, can be a source of comfort for your baby. It will be worth it to buy a few swaddle blankets in preparation for your new baby.

Wipes: Your baby may negatively react to different brands of wipes, so it’s a good idea to have a few brands to start with, to see which one works the best.

Breastmilk bags: You will probably start pumping soon after birth, so you may want to experiment with different breastmilk collection bags. Many baby welcome boxes include samples of breastmilk collection bags. If you are going to be pumping full time, you will want to get a good breastmilk collection bag.

Nipple cream: You will likely experience cracked and dry nipples, so it’s a good idea to have nipple cream in advance. There are different brands of nipple cream, and some baby boxes have samples that can help guide you to which brand you should use.

Body wash/soap: Many different brands of baby soap can be used during bath time. Your baby may have an allergic reaction, so it’s a good idea to test out different brands and choose the one that is the mildest for your baby’s skin.



Having a baby can be stressful, but baby welcome boxes can help guide you in choosing which brands of products you will be using with your baby.

Many companies offer baby welcome boxes, including the Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box, which is free and offers samples of Amazon products.

Some steps need to be followed to qualify for a baby box, but it is worth it to follow the steps and receive a box.

Having a sample box to use to sample products can help you decide which brands to use when taking care of your baby.

You will need to decide on a brand for diapers, formula, wipes, diaper rash, cream, lotion, body wash, and more.

Having samples of these products will allow you to test your baby’s reaction, as some babies will have an allergic reaction.

Several companies offer sample boxes, and you should try to get as many as you can so you can prepare for your new baby.