100 Sweet and Popular Southern Boy Names

Southern names will always be my favorite. Are they yours’ too? There is just something about southern and country names that make you fall in love with them as soon as you hear the name uttered, don’t you think?

They roll of the tongue so easily and they are just so pleasing to ones’ ears. Not only do they sound cute and adorable though, southern names, especially southern boy names evoke feelings of trust and dependability.

Nothing quite like a strong cowboy who loves his momma, right? I will always love names that remind me of the open field, the prairie, and wonderful people. What’s not to love about that?

Southerners are very well known for being respectful and hospitable to everyone. They are also very hard working and reliable when it comes to almost anything!

So, it is no wonder why a lot of moms would love to give their baby boys southern names. Who does not want his son to grow up and become a respectful individual and someone who is always willing to lend a hand, right?

If you came to this page looking for a name for your baby boy? Why don’t you consider country and southern baby boy names!

Take a look at some of the most popular and sweetest southern names for boys below. I have added their origins and meanings to help you decide well on your child’s name.

You need to choose carefully though because your kid will be stuck with that name for many years to come.

Popular Southern Boy Names

Southern names will always be popular in my opinion. What with the many artists and celebrities who bear southern names and keeping the southern flame alive? They continue to inspire people with their passion and skills.

And as a result, keeping these rustic and ruggedly adorable names on trend and in fashion. Here are some of the most popular and well-loved southern boy names of all times.

Aston – Of Old English Origin and means “ash tree settlement” or “east town”.

Beau– French origin which means “handsome” or “beautiful”.

Chance– Of English origin meaning “good fortune”.

Dawson – Anglo-Saxon origin which means “son of David”.

Elliott – Greek origin meaning “my God is Jehovah”.

Finch – English origin which means ‘to swindle”.

Garth – English origin meaning “garden keeper”.

Harper – Of English origin which means “a harp player”.

Ingram – German origin which means “angel-raven”.

Jackson – Sottish origin which means “son of Jack”.

Kody – British origin meaning “helpful”.

Lee – Middle English origin which means “clearing in the woods”.

Mason – English origin which means “stone worker”.

Nash – American origin which means “dweller by the ash tree”.

Oscar – English origin meaning “champion warrior”.

Peyton – Old English which means “fighting man’s estate”.

Quaid – Celtic Gaelic origin which means “son of Uad”.

Riley – Irish origin which means “courageous”.

Ryan – Of Irish origin which means “illustrious”.

Sawyer – English origin which means “wood cutter”.

Tucker – Of English origin which means “softener of cloth”.

Vernon – Of English origin meaning “place of alders”.

Walker – Anglo-Saxon origin which means “to walk” or “a fuller of cloth”.

Yates – Old English origin which means “gate”.

Zachariah – Of Hebrew origin which means “Yahweh remembers”.

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    Traditional Southern Boy Names

    When you hear the term “traditional southern names”, you automatically think of warm hospitality, respectful people, and strong family ties.

    Behaviors and traits that we also want to see in our own families. This is mostly the reasons why a lot of parents choose traditional southern boy names for their sons because by giving them such names, we hope that they grow up embodying these wonderful characteristics.

    Interested in naming you son with a traditional southern name? Below are some of the most beautiful names that have been passed down from generation to generation.

    Amos – Hebrew origin which means “carried by God”.

    Avery – Old English origin which means “elf king”.

    Barrett – Of German origin which means “bear strength”.

    Benjamin – Hebrew name meaning “son of the south”.

    Cash – English origin meaning “wealthy man”.

    Dallas – Scottish origin meaning “from the meadow dwelling”.

    Everett – Old English origin which means “wild as a boar”.

    Earl – English origin meaning “warrior” or “nobleman”

    Fenton – English origin meaning “marsh town”.

    Grady – Of Irish origin meaning “noble” or “nobility”.

    Harrison – English origin which means “son of Harris” or “son of Harry”.

    Ignatius – Latin origin meaning “fiery one”.

    Jameson – Hebrew origin which means “at the heel”.

    Kade – English origin which means “from the wetlands”

    Lance – English origin meaning Land.

    Monroe – Scots Gaelic origin meaning “from the mouth of the river”.

    Nolan – Gaelic origin which means “champion” or chariot fighter”.

    Orson – Latin origin which means “bear cub”.

    Patterson – Of Latin origin which means “noble man”.

    Quinlan – Irish origin meaning “shapely” or “strong”.

    Remington – Of English origin which means place on a riverbank”.

    Samuel – Of Hebrew origin which means “name of God” or “God has heard”.

    Taylor – Of Latin origin which means “tailor” or “a cutter of cloth”.

    Wayne – English origin which means “wagon-wright” or “craftsman”.

    Yale – Of English origin which means “from the fertile upland”.

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    Timeless Southern Boy Names

    Not that big of a deal but we do want our children’s names to be considered beautiful through the years. What if it by any chance, something will happen and make people consider that it’s suddenly a not-so-great name?

    To be honest, I don’t think that’s ever going to happen with southern names simply because they are timeless. Worried about your kid’s name going out of fashion soon? Don’t worry, here’s a list of southern boy names that will never go out of style.

    Angus – Scottish Gaelic origin which means “one strength” or “exceptionally strong”.

    Atticus – Of Latin origin meaning “someone from Attica”.

    Augustus – Latin origin meaning “”majestic,” “venerable,” or “the increaser”.

    Bedford– Of English origin meaning “Bede’ ford”.

    Billy – English origin meaning” resolute protection”.

    Calvin – Of Latin origin which means “without hair,” “bald,” or “hairless”

    Dallas – Scottish origin which means “someone from Dallas”.

    Duke – French origin meaning “leader” “or “one who leads”.

    Earl – Of English origin which means “pledge,” or “nobleman”.

    Granger – Of French origin which means “farm bailiff,” or “one who kept a grange or granary”.

    Hampton – Anglo-Saxon origin meaning “homestead farm”.

    Hank – American origin which means “ruler of the home”.

    Jedidiah – Hebrew origin which means “friend of God”.

    Jefferson – English origin which means “God’s peace”.

    Keaton – Old English origin meaning “place of hawks”.

    Knox – Scottish origin which means “hillock” or a “hump”.

    Landry – French origin meaning “ruler”.

    Leroy – French origin which means “the king”.

    Nathan – Hebrew origin which means “he gave”.

    Patterson – Scottish origin which means “son of Pate”.

    Percy – French origin meaning “pierce valley”.

    Quinn– Gaelic origin meaning “wisdom” or “intelligence”.

    Stetson – Old English origin meaning “wild, young person”

    Thaddeus – Greek origin meaning “a heart” or “a courageous heart”.

    Wesley – Old English meaning “dweller near the western woods”.

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    Sweet Southern Boy Names

    Southern names are some of the preppiest and sweetest names you will ever hear. They all have this nice ring when said out loud.

    They are just simply adorable! I guess it also helps that southern names roll off the tongue beautifully that makes you want to say them over and over. Below are some of the sweetest southern names you can choose from for your young boy.

    Abbott – Scottish origin meaning “priest”.

    Alden – English origin which means a “old, wise friend”.

    Bailey – Old English origin which means “berry clearing”.

    Brock – English origin meaning “badger”.

    Colby – Old Norse origin meaning “coal” or “dark”.

    Deacon – Greek origin meaning “dusty” or servant”.

    Emmett – Hebrew origin meaning “universal”.

    Fenton – Of English origin which means “marsh town”

    Grady – Irish origin meaning “of nobility”.

    Graham – Of English origin meaning “gravel”.

    Harrison – Of English origin which means “son of Harry”.

    Jareth – English origin which means “bled of jar”.

    Jody – Hebrew origin which means “of Judea; praiseworthy”

    Kasey – Irish origin which means “alert” or “vigorous”.

    Landon – Of English origin meaning “long hill”

    Memphis – Of Greek origin meaning “established and beautiful”.

    Nathan – Of Hebrew origin which means “he gave”.

    Percy – French origin meaning “pierce valley”.

    Reed – English origin meaning “someone with red-hair”.

    Shannon – Irish origin meaning “wise river”.

    Tyrell – Old French origin which means “one who pulls on the reins”.

    Tuck – Old Norse origin which means “The son of Toke”.

    Weston – Old English origin meaning “from the western town”.

    Wilson – English origin which means “desire” or “helmet”.

    Yale – Welsh origin meaning “heights” or “upland”

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    There you go! One hundred of the most trendy and popular, traditional, classic, timeless, and sweetest southern boy names for you to choose from. 

    Don’t forget to write down your favorites! My tip is to say your chosen names out loud over and over and see it feels and sounds right. Imagine calling your son after an afternoon of playing with friends in the yard.

    Whatever feels “the most right” will be your best choice. I know that choosing a name for your kid can be hard and confusing, so I hope this list helps a bit! Happy naming!

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